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You'll find Yoda at the back of every IT conference


Preaching to the Godless?

" they are absolutely convinced that they could do it better and aren’t shy in letting everyone else know. The thing is, we bleedin’ Yodas talk the talk but, given the opportunity, we’d fumble the stumble. Sports fans? Nah, my little ball of hairy Jedi snot – we’re hooligans."

Dearest Dabbsy:

Love your stuff, but isn't the above EXACTLY what we do here, day in and day out?

Cunning Reg reader cracks LOHAN hot coupling condundrum


Why not use...

... pogo pins, as per any test fixture.

first thing that popped in my head

Look, pal, it’s YOUR password so it’s YOUR fault that it's gone AWOL


Amen brudder!

... that is all!

Blighty goes retro with 12-sided pound coin

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MH370 airliner MYSTERY: The El Reg Pub/Dinner-party Guide


Here's more sensible analysis...


Big Beardie's watching: Gaze into the screen... it shall gaze also into you


Freaked out ...

... by the last sentence in this article. Today is my first wearing my new chukka boots. Wondering now if everybody else that reads this article gets a different last line, courtesy of his scruffily bearded lordship.

Ten classic electronic calculators from the 1970s and 1980s


Classic HP clones still available



they are a good bit smaller than the originals, identical functionality, plus some minor additions, USB upgradeable.

Disclaimer . I have no connection, but I do use their DM16 daily.


unfortunately, [enter]

in RPN [enter]

I only think! [+][+]

Plastic ingredient FOUND ON MOON of Saturn


Good news...

.. it means we can recycle Titan's atmosphere. Now if the probe can detect hydrocarbons then the yanks can go and liberate them Titaniums.

Doctor Who and the Unsatisfactory Five Hole Tape Punch

Thumb Up

"Ho yus!"

loved that!

El Reg in email address blunder


who were the chosen few ?

I understand that the 46000 subs were those, like me who have opted in to stuff, but who are the 3500 recipients tha the email was sent to, and how were they 'chosen'

Verity's secret shame revealed


Another phonetic alpha-item...

... would be F for vescence

California Mrs cuffed in drugged-hubby todger slash case


"Aggravated Mayhem"

Their first album was OK, the rest were pants.

Scottish iSchool goes 100% iPad



Lets try reading the first line of the TFA again. It's a Scottish INDEPENDENT school. Not a state school. Ergo it'll be the parents who are paying to have their spawn educated in the ways of christian excellence that'll be pissing their money against this wall, not the taxpayers.

Not that i'm against letting mere facts get in the way of a good rant, mind you!


Are plasma TVs killing radio?


Another beardie...

..voting for R4 over anything on telly...

I gave up on the plasma when it started interfering with my hammer drill.

Watchdog rules on Hull Daily Mail 'porncoder' exposé


re: @paulf

The Theiving Gypsy Bastards....

They were a great band back in the day, although admittedly there may have been drink taken!

Brits trump Ruskies with flying horse


Reminds me of one of my father's stories..

.. he was a lorry driver and picking up a load from tilbury docks,when at the same time they were using a crane to unload a circus from a ship further up the dock. All went fine until they put the hemp sling into the hold and it emerged with an elephant slung from it. Much noise and all sorts of pachydermal fluids being shot in all directions. He swore it was the only time he ever saw dockers running!


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