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VMware execs shake fists at Amazon Web Services cloud


Re: VMware's stalling sales shouldnt be a surprise

Even some VMware shops are starting to look at, and even implement an alternative stack. VMware might have the most features, but the pricing model is starting to hurt them, especially with MS pitching Hyper-V very aggressively alongside SCCM.

Virtualisation seems to be losing some of its sheen, especially with the software vendors screwing customers with archaic and complex licencing models. It's here, and it's becoming a commodity, but it isn't always the silver bullet that promised 7 years ago.

Nokia pumps up Lumia browsing with Xpress


I realise showing any sort of enthusiasm or support for a Microsoft product is considered an act of high treason around here, but I'm beginning to think that the new WP8 platform on Nokia hardware bundled with some truly useful Nokia apps and services could be a compelling product.

Zuckerberg blew $1bn on Instagram 'without telling Facebook board'


The bubble is about to burst. It will be spectacular.

Las Vegas EMC Confidential


Dante's vision of hell?

In Las Vegas. Talking to sales reps from EMC.

I'd rather go landmine searching in Laos.

HDS boss submits to Infosmack grilling


RSS feed.

Is there a way of subscribing to this podcast using a RSS feed? Being a prol, I've only got a Nokia phone, and would love to use the stone age podcast software to listen to this as I change the SDLT tapes on the company DEC VAX.

Google is hiring 1,000 in Europe



Are these going to be in their European headquarters in Dublin? There was a rumour that they were looking for more office space there, close to where they are currently located.

Which storage technologies and vendors will fly in 2011?

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Mystic Meg

Netapp continue to grow, despite the issues developing when you stress the array with too much random I/O when the capacity reaches above approx 70%. Barry Burke to getting increasingly angry at this.

Brocade to be bought by HP or maybe an outside shot at EMC - buying back some of the IP they sold when getting rid of McData. Storage, networking, virtualization, middle-ware.

HDS to continue selling, with no fuss, and with terrible software.

EMC to release ControlCentre without host agents, and using SMC for all configuration changes. Still Java, still too bloated.

I won't make an attempt at XIV. Does it sell, is it selling, is it going to be axed, does it do what it says it does, would IBM sell a dud?

Brocade: Vertically integrated IT stacks are dying


Driven to drink

I have great time for Brocade, they release brilliant products (I recently saw a Silkworm 12000 that had an uptime of 8 and a half years), and it is always good to see an industry giant like Cisco fail to dominate an area which they think they should.

But I'd have to agree with JustaKOS. All this cloud stuff is doing my nut in, it's just another way of selling storage, servers, networking, OS and middleware. Same as it has ever been. EMC's "journey to the private cloud"? I've seen one, it's called a data centre.

Cloudfather withdraws after Isilon blows it


Takeover rumours.

So I now own Netapp shares as they are going to be taken over by IBM, I own Brocade shares as they are going to be taken over by HP/IBM, and I own Compellent shares as they are going to be taken over by someone.

Thanks' El Reg for all the tips!

Hitachi flashes updated top end VSP



They appear to have made big improvements on the software side of things, always something they managed to fall down spectacularly on. I never thought I'd see anything as bloated and clunky as EMC ControlCentre - until I had to work with Hitachi Command Suite.

The hardware is never less than spectacular, solid as a rock. Wouldn't get much more than the door of the cabinet for $234,000.

Hitachi Data Systems buys ParaScale



As mentioned, seems likes an astute move. Still waiting on any announcement on the new USP, not a word as of yet, unlike some of the other storage vendors who will always drip feed information under NDA.

Dell shakes up storage array game with 3PAR buy


Special relationship

I can't see how the Dell/EMC reseller relationship is going to last much longer. They are now competing against them in block and file based storage. Is the Dell rep going to push ultra-expensive Symmetrix, when they can push their own merely very expensive 3PAR kit?

Simplest Ethernet storage validated



I ignore all ESG "independent reports". All the storage vendors use them to write puff-pieces.

Mozy users caught in repeat backup hell


Good to see

Good to see Regular Joe experience the joys of EMC support! Tis not a bug, tis a feature.