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Sky dishes up iPlayer-style service for Xbox 360

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That actually looks pretty good. Now if only they would could develop it as an add in for Media Center for us HTPC users.

Software update nobbles Sky+ boxes


@ Henry Wertz

Because the firmware updates are forced on us and remotely sent to our box's, we have no control over the updates and no access to the old firmware versions or any way to manually install them even if we could get hold of them.


Problem occurs when box goes into standby

The reported fix will only work until you place the box into standby mode which will then promptly bugger up again resulting in the 'please wait' message when you next power up and attempt to access the planner. Whilst the box is in this state any hard disk activity will fail meaning that all scheduled recordings will also fail.

The only fix for now is to disable the auto standby features, switch the box off at the wall for a minute or so, power it back up and keep hitting the Sky button until the menu comes up, check you can access the planner and then leave the box switched on - do NOT put the box into standby or allow the automatic standby feature to do so otherwise it will simply become borked again.

Two UK web hosts go down

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Re Paul Thomas..

It was Virgin at fault - they were blocking the response from the 1and1 routers, perhaps if you learnt how to read a Trace Route properly you wouldnt make yourself look such an idiot the next time you post.

Mobiles can upset hospital equipment, after all


Which begs the question...

why isn't such sensitive and critical equipment adequately shielded from inteference in the first place?

PlusNet blasts email into blackhole (again)


It's rocket science I tell you!

"As previously announced, we encounter problems following the installation of a new spam appliance on the mail platform yesterday morning. This caused some email sent to customers' accounts to queue on the spam appliance before being delivered to our mail servers.

The decision was taken to roll back the changes late afternoon at which point new email should have been getting delivered immediately and older email should have been in the process of getting dequeued."

H'mm lets see, messages are queued on the new spam appliance, said appliance is then taken offline because it's causing problems and I wonder where the queued mail went - sheesh!

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong


It looks like..

..Bart Simpson getting a blow job, no seriously it does, bart being the little dude on the left and the character on the right bending down - oh come on use your imagination!

Tiscali locks down contracts after email disaster


Presumably Tiscali dont block port 25 then...

"We provide a quality email service...it is free and they are not obliged to use it." unless Tiscali happen to be one of the many ISP's that block port 25!

Now I don't know if Tiscali actually do block port 25 but assuming they do does this not make their claim a little absurd?


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