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Bring Your Own Disks: The Synology DS214 network storage box

alex 39

Re: Regret buying one

Congratulations, you just learned that RAID does not equal backup

'Sacrifice another goat!: iCloud is Apple's biggest failure before Google

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You're complaining because iCloud synced songs to your device, that your son bought, with your AppleID on his device, how is Apple meant to now that your son's device isn't yours, since he's using your apple ID. Sounds like its working as described to me.

Maybe your son needs to buy his pop songs with his own Apple ID.

You could argue that a shared family account would be nice for iTunes, but Apple hasn't offered that, you're just trying to shoe horn that by using one ID between multiple people's devices.

Ten... tablet survival accessories

alex 39

Don't know how old your car is, but most people's cars have alternators not dynamos

Sony PlayStation Vita

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Thumb Up

Don't give a damn really about the console, sort of thing I might buy on an impulse at the airport and use twice afterwards. I always like the idea more than the reality.

However, the vulture in the pic is awesome and should be a staple photo by which all cameras are tested on el Reg, much better than the red postbox standard pic.

Apple CEO: 'Amazon Fire didn't dent our sales'

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Don't really think your metaphor means anything in actual reality, so here's another version...

If you're not leading then your view is always of other dogs/horses arses; that doesn't change either!

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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Great loss, great legacy.

"Sent from my iPad"

Apple confirms iPhone event on 4 October

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I think that's indicating the meeting location nothing more, as the other icons are time and date.

Date, Time, Place, Subject.

RIM share price nosedives following stinky numbers

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Keep telling yourself that while you type on your Dell notebook, with the keyboard moving underneath your fingers like a sponge.

Then kick back and relax with a game or some video from the wide range available on the app/media stores on your playbook .... oh wait.

Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8

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IT Angle

I personally like the multi-language message in OS X telling you to reboot, and just in case you're not sure what a power button looks like, they show a big picture of one. It also nicely dims the screen, which somehow makes you want to forgive it.

Santander blames Firefox 4 for website fail

alex 39

MacBook, then you're ok

If you have a MacBook you have an intel CPU so no worries

Apple sued over hot iPad shutdowns

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Just take it back if you don't iLike it

This need to sue because a product slightly pisses you off drives me up the wall! As the youtube song says "if you don't like, it bring it back". The law already protects your consumer rights in this regard, why the need to sue?

I haven't tried using my iPad outside, but i would imagine you can't see the screen in the sort of bright sunshine that gives rise to 35 degC anyway.


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