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Infosys fires employee who Facebooked 'let's hold hands and share coronavirus'

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These are the times and discussions where I truly miss Amanfrommars. He would have the wisdom and guidance to lead us forward through this pandemic.

Chipzilla or Chipzooky? If Intel's server CPU sales keep on shrinking, El Reg will have to update the branding

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All that....

And you can actually get your bag of chips. Next year.... if you're lucky.

Icahn smell money! Corporate raider grabs $1.2bn of HP stock to push for Xerox merger

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Re: activist investor

Looks like Icahn has found another victim and has his financial rape kit packed and ready.

Scotiabank slammed for 'muppet-grade security' after internal source code and credentials spill onto open internet

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Re: Flabbergasting level of incompetence

Perhaps a financial Darwin award is in order here?

Capital One gets Capital Done: Hacker swipes personal info on 106 million US, Canadian credit card applicants

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What's in your Wallet?

Errrr.... Nothing now....

Collective noun search for security vulns moves into beta testing

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I think maybe we should call them Obama's. Between Iran and "Obama" care I don't think there is any better nomer as opposed as misnomer for this class of flaw.

Unless we want to call it a Trump. What could Trump that?

Just sayin...

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose

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It's a connectivity device to communicate with Amanfrommars. Tinfoil hat not included.

YARR! Pirates walk the plank: DMCA magnets sink in Google results

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I wonder if.....

You Tube will also be included in this.... just saying...

Cicada 3301: The web's toughest and most creepy crypto-puzzle is BACK

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Think it's a........

Job interview for the NSA...

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!

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Re: It just costs money


Another thought that might help would be to send some torte lawyers in to inspect and research whether it's safe or not for humans to chnage those systems. After all.. we want everything to be contracted and legal - correct?

Panasonic talks up TV for the blind

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If they can make TV for the blind, I guess the next thing will be Mime troops performing at blind conventions.

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music

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Perhaps they should restrict that domain access to only coalition members. That should cut down on piracy and serve their purpose. Better yet, maybe they can band together and build their own internet so none of those beastly sharers and pirates can get to legitimate music.

Serves em right!

Google rejigs search bar (again)

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I'm just not hip or current enough.. but why the *uck is this even news? Yes, it will indeed change my life, as will the fact that the weather turned a little cooler here today.

Nothing like a free press release for the boys driving the Hershey Highway to the chocolate factory... yay!!!! Made my day.

Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos

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OMG.. what a whine bag

I am sure the Kindle Fire will not become a complete failure due to your whining. I can see the biggest lines for Black Friday will be all those at Best Buy returning their Kindle.

Get a life.. read a book.

Google offers opt-out from Wi-Fi router location database

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Simply Stated

Google (and anyone else collecting this without permission) should be forced to remove all information collected without permission, and start over.

Any type of data collection that involves this level of information that was collected by a private citizen would be grounds for a stalking complaint in many localities.

Why are they different? Not that anything will change, but this really sucks.

Big Blue's Big Sam gets $10bn for bonus stock boost

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Have to agree

At one time - IBM was the business model every aspired to. Hell I built my career on mainframes and as/400, iseries, i5, system i or whatever the hell it's called rthis week.

Their thinking seems to be build a better mousetrap - then don't use it because now what do we do with all that leftover cheese? and how the hell do we justify keeping the cats around? and God help the pest control business.

They went from a company that stood for excellence and execution to one with pockets of competence with short-sighted leadership - ship of fools if you will. Just hope they figure out a means to stay relevant for awhile... still polishing up some other skill sets that show some dynamic thinking for the future.

Google boss turns Wave demise into success of sorts

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To the last comment from Our esteemed Google Leader


Google patents search that tracks your mouse moves

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My Patent

I am awaiting approval on my patent that will randomly drag the pointer at full speed randomly across the screen when on any google search page.

I think it is great fun. Freeware for all. varoooooommmmmmmmmmm

Software for those who suffer from Google ADD.

38 states grill Google on three-year Wi-Fi slurp

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Punishment to fit the crime?

Perhaps.... the best punishment of all would be to force Google to expunge all data it collected under the Street View program and start over again. That way, there would be no question about what is being collected, where and how, and would probably be more of a real punishment than anything else.

It'll never happen but it is an entertaining thought.