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Phages: The powerful new bio-ammo in superbug war


They have also been used in video game story arcs -

in Mass Effect - a popular Xbox360/PC game from the middle of the last decade one of the back stories about a space faring race (spoiler from here) is about something called the genophage, which was used in the genocide of unborn children and hence crippling said race - geno(cide)phage?!

Thats my nerdy side served for the day!

Amazon buys Lovefilm

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I have never had a scratched disc - and only ever had one disc go missing from the post. I agree their priority system doesn't seem to work well ... but aside from that I don't have any complaints - if Amazon can improve for the same price then great!

Broadband advertising speed gap widens



I am with VM, and although I dislike dealing with them as a company, I wouldn't go anywhere else because I like the speeds and consitency of speed with my connection.

The fair use policy is the only bit I do not like, I accept that throttling *may* be required during peak hours, but 1.5 gig between the hours of 4-9 is a little unreasonable if you ask me. Especially considering that I am usually only in during 4-9 :/

It has to be said that the throttling has improved, but they should bump the cap (for 10meg) up to 3gig, and also scrap the day time cap...

They used to also throttle you for 5 hours even if you hit the cap at 8:59 - don't know if this is still the case though....