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ForeverMap 2.1

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Great idea

Sounds great if you, like me, do lots of travelling with work (or socially), I'm typically in a city/country for a couple of days, before moving on to the next. Purchasing a lonely planet app for each place could get pretty costly, not as much as roaming charges granted, but costly nonetheless.

Apple coughs to time zone problems



Just set your alarm to repeat everyday, worked for me.

Probably best to remember to cancel it tomorrow and then reconfigure on Sunday

iPhone 5 sir? Ram it!!!

Apple reminds Aussies they can buy iPhone 4s on Friday


I for one........

..............am looking forward to walking down past the Apple Store on George St Sydney in a few minutes and take some pictures (with my iPhone 4) of the desperate antipodean fanbois already queuing to get their sweaty mits on one - Flaming gallahs!!!