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China's 'stealth fighter' flies – brown trouser time, or not?


Value for money?

Surely the Chinese get more value for money on what they spend on the military? I mean, it's not like they are going to be paying the same mark up to private companies that USA and Europe do. A quarter of expenditure may very well mean the same amount of development.

Twitter joke martyr loses appeal



"The words in the message speak for themselves and they were sent at a time when the security threat to this country was substantial," Judge Davies said, The Guardian reports.

Unless his tweet started @DoncasterAirport then it wasn't *sent*.

NASA Mars rover leaves moist skidmarks in boggy struggle

Black Helicopters

What a trooper

We should keep a watchful eye on it, so when the time comes we can beam it back to take pride of place in the Mars museum.

Americans whisk up 106 software jobs in Northern Ireland



Like most other places then. Companies don't create 100 jobs without assistance these days, anywhere. I also think the fact the parent company is based in the same place helped...

PARIS furnished with engorgement


Rui is a legend

That is all.

PARIS unveils impressive box


Minor heat sources

The cameras and other electronics should provide a little heat, I think this was mentioned in one of the past articles.

French operator pooh-poohs iOS4


Same here

Same thing happened to me when launching RunKeeper. Force killing mail and safari sorts it though.

Apple coughs to iPhone 3G IOS 4 upgrade problems

Jobs Horns

Force kill apps

Force killing safari and mail when not using them helps a lot, it's a memory thing (while in the app hold power till the swipe screen comes on, then hold the home button till you are back to the menu). Still crap though, and I agree feels like it's a deliberate thing.

Withings Wi-Fi bathroom scales



....a mistake, yes. Still a tenner isn't bad either. Anyway you used the wrong 'your'. You meant 'you're'. Good this, isn't it!

Paris Hilton

Review fail

Couple of minor comments: - You obviously aren't the target audience, since you didn't even figure out that is also plots lean vs fat mass (very useful when you are working towards a target of getting fit without actually reducing weight or BMI). You don't stand on one leg in the delightful manner you hint at, just shift weight slightly to one side to move an indicator. The batteries it comes with are shocking, and last less than 2 weeks (normal decent batteries last for months), more evidence that you didn't really use it for long. Flicking the switch for kg/stone may be annoying, but you only need to do it once, and individual accounts can set up their own preferences.

Overall it is ideal as part of a concerted drive to change lean vs fat mass, or reduce weight as part of a new regime, and really, how often do you change your scales? Once a decade? A smidge over a quid per year isn't too bad.

(Paris - even she could figure them out.