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Google tells Apple to 'fix text messaging' in bid to promote RCS protocol


RCS is a failure

I've tried to use RCS. To use RCS I had to register my phone number with Google server and if I did that too many times the registration failed. I had to re-register every time I rebooted my mobile phone and there's a limit on that on the Google servers. This should not how you design a message protocol. Both SMS and MMS have their failure, because of when they where designed but they at least work as expected and do not require me to register my phone number every time I reboot my phone.

New message system is needed, one that works over 4G and 5G and WiFi. RCS is not that message system. I've turned RCS off on my phone.

This malware gang plants incriminating evidence on PCs, gets victims arrested


Re: So NSO.

Governments that use NSO aren't nice. That's the default here and it can't be changed.

How to get banned from social media without posting a thing


Social media is not effective for marketing of anything

After having dealing with social media for my website (about earthquakes and volcano activity in Iceland). I've come to conclusion that social media platform of any type is not effective in advertising anything of any type for any reason. Its easier just to get an advertisement in the local paper and use that. Its also more effective anyway for any business to do that then to use internet advertisement on social media.

Social media is the most over-hyped and good stuff turned bad that has existed in modern world so far. The idea is good in theory but it doesn't properly account for human nature and that is going to remain its failure. Time of social media is going to end, because of nature of the human race and how things are possibly going to develop in the future.

Shut off 3G by 2033? How about 2023, asks Vodafone UK


Re: Rural coverage

There also is a GSM-450 standard but it was never used. I don't know why that happened. I don't think this is a problem with the antenna design since the antennas can be designed to deal with this frequency, even on modern smartphone.


Re: Rural coverage

Both 4G and 5G* can work on 700Mhz and that is good for rural coverage. Both 2G and 3G are limited to 900Mhz/2100Mhz frequencies and 2G is limited to 900Mhz/1800Mhz.This are the frequencies allowed in Europe.

Both standards are today insecure and easily hacked. That just invites problems.

*4G can also work on 450Mhz and 5G is soon going to be adjusted for that frequency but its not in the standard yet. The problem is that there are no phones on the market that work on 450Mhz frequency. There is some special hardware that can use 4G on 450Mhz.

**4G on 450Mhz is used in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany. There might be more countries that use this standard without me knowing about it.

Munich mk2? Germany's Schleswig-Holstein plans to switch 25,000 PCs to LibreOffice


Linux userspace

The main problem with Linux distros is the problem with user space. Its not in any standard and that is a problem across distros. I hope that Linux distros create a standard for use space, but I don't expect that to happen soon. In house standards in a single distro exist but it doesn't work everywhere and that creates problem for the program creators.

There are Enterprise solutions that Schleswig-Holstein can use today, that might not have existed in today's form 10 years ago. I only know of Red Hat Enterprise Linux but others that take care of the user space issue and other problems in normal Linux distros. I think Red Hat also solves the problem with user space problems in common Linux distros.


What happened in Munich was that Microsoft made a deal offering a 90% discount of their licence and moved their headquarters into the city. Best I can read is that when this happen, the Linux solution that Munich was using was working close to perfectly. I don't think Munich was using an Enterprise Linux solution though.

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what


Re: Windows 10 last version used

The years are 2000's, early 2010's. There are not many newer games that I play. I have few newer games, but I plan on having a special Windows 10 game computer for newer games. The few that I have.


Windows 10 last version used

It is clear that Microsoft is slowly pushing Windows users to subscription model (more locked down operating system). I guess Windows 12 is going to be subscription only. This is also against EU laws. I don't think Microsoft is going to get away with this for a long time. Just few years or 10 to 20 years at most (because slow process of justice in this).

I wonder if I can run the only few games I play on Debian Linux with Wine (32 bit since I am playing mostly old games).

Hibernating instrument on Hubble roused as engineers ponder message problem


Re: Use the backup

NSA built few for them self. That one in orbit is pointed at Earth and has a resolution about 30cm to 1 meter. How good it is remains a guess work because its classified on the technical specifications.

NSA donated the two remaining to NASA in 2012.


Reg reader returns Samsung TV after finding giant ads splattered everywhere


Don't opt into allowing advertisement and other information collection

I have a Samsung television and I had to avoid allowing the Samsung to display ads on my television when I did set it up. I didn't agree to the EULA that would have allowed advertisement. At least I think that is the case, I am located in a market that has few advertisers for most things (Iceland as a country is ignored by most international companies).

On Samsung television the advertisement enabled "feature" can be found under "Terms and Privacy -> Interest-Based Advertisement Service Privacy Notice". It has to be enabled to allow for advertisement to happen. I have it disabled. I also don't allow Samsung to collect information from my television.

I hope from next year that I can go away from streaming and just go back to normal dvd, blu-ray and blu-ray 4K. Since there is no possible way that I can watch everything on streaming services anyway. I just want to finish Star Trek and the Expanse before I make that step. Once that is done there is no reason for my television to be connected to the internet. Software updates can be done with a USB stick.

'No peeing towards Russia' sign appears on country's Arctic border with Norway


International borders are a serious matter

The river is the border (unless the river changes it self, then the border is on land where the river used to be). Since Russia is a non-EU/EEA/EFTA country the border is as strict as it can be. This is no better in Finland with its border with Russia. The border appears clearly on Google Earth in both countries (Norway and Finland). Getting a good street view of the border with Russia is difficult for that same security reason.

Naughty karaoke is China's next tech crackdown target


Everything is risk to national security

It is clear that everything is a risk to national security in China. But this micro-management of a nation can only end one way. Its rather bloody and ends up in a civil war style war. This purity policy brought in by the current totalitarian dictator and whining loser in China is not going to result in anything good for people of China that currently have to live in this jail that has been constructed around them.

BT to phase out 3G in UK by 2023 for EE, Plusnet, BT Mobile subscribers


Re: Not that simple - some 4G/5G devices and/or SIMs currently use 3G and 2G for voice!

That is called 5GVoice (Vo5G/VoNR) and that standard is not yet ready for use. That means all 5G networks are going to be data only for a while. Currently there is also no support for 5GVoice in any mobile phones on the market that I know of (it might be built in but not enabled).

VoLTE and Vo5G are both build on IPv6 network connections.





Re: Hmm...

Both 4G and 5G can use lower spectrum than 2G and 3G. The limitation is the following.

4G (band by frequency in Europe).


5G (band by frequency in Europe as of 2021).

700Mhz/800Mhz*/900Mhz/1800Mhz/2100Mhz/2600Mhz/3500Mhz/3700Mhz/26.50Ghz - 29.50Ghz*

*Not supported by every 5G phone on the market as of 2021 in Europe.

3G (band frequencies in Europe)


2G (band frequencies in Europe)


Lower spectrum use allows for better coverage but at lower speed. This is the same for 4G and 5G.

There are more frequencies that can be used but have not seen any use in 4G or 5G as of 2021 or allocation by regulators* and those frequencies are not supported by mobile phones either. Most phones support more frequencies then are used in any market for reasons of travel between Europe, North-America (ITU region 2) and ITU region 3 (Asia, Australia and more).

*The reason for this is that spectrum is being used by something else. Military, government, private communication by companies and so on. Fixed links communication and more.




Dozens of Iranian media websites devoured by the Great Satan, apparently


Faking the takeover

This looks fake. As this is how the standard takeover message (see announcement from 2020 for actual takeover of domains used by Iran) of a domain looks like from the United States government. They don't write text in Arabic. It just doesn't happen.


Edit: Update, the takeover has been confirmed. But they are doing it differently now it seems.

Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)


Windows 11 - Subscription only

The first thing I want to point out is that the main reason why Linux is not on Desktop computers is just because of companies and marketing. Most of the Linux distros don't have any marketing. Few do but that is just minor compared to what Microsoft spends on marketing Windows and other programs they make.

There are now clues that I am seeing that Windows 11 is going to be subscription only based on early requirement (among them is TPM 2.0). I don't know what other requirements are going to be for Windows 11 since this is just what I've found online so far. I guess TPM 2.0 is going to be added to all PC soon from TPM 1.2 (current) and it might not be possible to turn it off. The requirement of TPM 2.0 is what I consider the main clue on that Windows 11 is going to be a subscription only as it allows for hard drive encryption (enabled by default) and prevents hard drives from being moved between computers.

I guess that Windows 11 is going to be a hard pass or if required to use it from Windows 10. The cheapest option of Windows 11 that I can find (or closer to Windows 10 Pro if possible).

Everything else is going to be moved back to Debian or Gentoo Linux when I get me a new computer for that. I am only going to use Windows for games in the future. Its not suitable for desktop work anyway.

Bill to protect UK against harmful foreign investment becomes law


UK gets more irrelevant

This type of laws always result in one thing. UK becomes a place where no foreign investment happens. Unless the government begs for it. This is continued path of failure that current UK government has been following in recent months. Brexit being the largest of all failures in history.

JavaScript developers left in the dark after DroidScript software shut down by Google over ad fraud allegations


Nobody works at Google anymore

Nobody works at Google that handle this type of problems. The company is today just people that run stuff and nothing else. The rest is just stupid A.I bots that have two functions. Approve and ban in most cases.

Sucks to be you, any aliens living anywhere near Proxima Centauri's record-smashing solar flare


Re: Red dwarf systems are always dead

The owner of the study refuses to release the data for everyone to look at (I've not read anything suggesting the data is pubic for now). The signal was detected in a study funded by a billionaire and I think he might be Russian or something. The project is called Breakthrough Listen Initiative. Here is their website, https://breakthroughinitiatives.org | The Wikipedia page, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakthrough_Listen

I wish I would be able afford several 30 meters radio telescopes around the world. But I am nothing but a poor man so that is never going to happen.


Red dwarf systems are always dead

Red Dwarf systems are always dead because they are too cold. However there is possibly life around one or both stars in the Alpha Centauri A/B systems based on the mysterious and unexplained signal from the direction of Proxima Centauri at 982.002Mhz (known as BLC1). There have been no other explanation that point to the radio signal to be Earth created since it didn't move as any nearby object would have moved. Scientists are as always busying denying that this might even be a slight possibility that this signal is not from Earth. The radio signal was detected several times over a time period of 30 hours. While confirmation is good it is a bit difficult to get that with random signals that are detected on Earth by random chance.

Its going to be a long while until we accept the fact that the human race is not a lone in the universe. This is true even if claims otherwise are being told in the media and by scientists.

Microsoft issues emergency fix for Wi-Fi foul-up delivered hot and fresh on Patch Tuesday


Windows Update Catalog

There is always possible to download all of Windows updates in a offline file.

The update mentioned in the news above can be downloaded from here.


UK on track to miss even its slashed full-fibre gigabit coverage goals, warn MPs


England soon going to be slower than Germany

At current level of incompetent England is going to be slower than Germany when it comes to internet speeds, 4G speeds there won't be any useful 5G in England for a long while.

HP bows to pressure, reinstates free monthly ink plan... for existing customers


Never buying HP printer

This makes that clear that I am never going to buy a HP printer. This is just blackmail the buyer of the hardware to their subscription service. This needs to be made illegal.

Google Cloud (over)Run: How a free trial experiment ended with a $72,000 bill overnight


Re: The cloud is a scam

@SecretSonOfHG Depending on the hosting provider you either have unlimited traffic or you have traffic limit in the TB's of data. Last dedicated server I was hosting on had 25TB data limit.


The cloud is a scam

There isn't much more to it than the cloud is a scam. Just get a dedicated server with a monthly fixed price and never have to deal with this type of problem again.

Cops raid home of ousted data scientist who created her own Florida COVID-19 dashboard


Made up charges

When this whole thing is over it is going to come to light that the whole thing is based on fabricated evidence and bad actors in Florida government. Those alert systems in the United States have also been proven to be widely insecure in the past based on news reports and I don't think that has changed in recent years because of Republican incompetence. The government and the police of Florida need to be sued over this case.

Nokstalgia: HMD Global introduces yet another homage to the past – a 4G rework of the Nokia 6300


2G and 3G are going offline for good

Everyone using 2G and 3G phone today is soon going to find them without any signal. Plans are different between countries but 2G and 3G are going to be gone by 2030. The upgrade of simple mobile phones to 4G and 5G is going to happen because the mobile networks are getting permanent upgrade.

Around 2030 the new standard of 6G is going to be released to the market and then it is going to be 4G and 5G that is going to be turned off.

Yes, we have a 5G iPhone now. But that doesn't mean 5G has arrived


Re: Bad coverage limited to UK?

If you have not been in Iceland since the late 1998 or about that time then I understand why you think Iceland still have bad coverage.

I live outside of Reykjavík and I have for most of my life. The future plan in Iceland is the closing of 2G and 3G networks in next few years to make space for 4G and 5G networks and start of 6G around 2030's.


Bad coverage limited to UK?

It seems to me that bad coverage is a rather UK specific problem. I've not been having 4G coverage problems in Iceland, Denmark or Germany. In Germany I have a speed problem with 4G because that's a country wide problem. Currently the change now is that in the Nordic countries and Germany they have started to shut down the old 3G networks and replacing them with 4G network and 5G networks.

I don't know how well UK is doing in this.

NASA hires Nokia to build first 4G network on the Moon as part of plan to boldly go back to lunar surface by 2024


Re: No risk of signal detection on Earth from the Moon

When I was writing the comment it was meant as FM and VHF/UHF signals from Earth to the Moon. I don't think however that such station would be able to be picked up on Earth if it was broadcasting on the Moon. But radio armatures have been doing signal bouncing off the Moon for few decades, it works but not without a lot of problems and signal pathway problems.

NASA won't have any problems getting signal from the Moon since they can get a signal from beyond Pluto from a 12W transmitter that New Horizon uses at 8 - 12Ghz.


No risk of signal detection on Earth from the Moon

At the distance of 384.400 km on average there is little to no risk of signal interference from Earth or towards the Moon with my best knowledge. With no frequency plan for the Moon, NASA is going to have a wide range of frequency to use. I am guessing NASA is going to use something that is used in the United States already or is going to be used by 2024 and has high data ability for 4G network and that is up to 1Gbps speeds locally.

There are some clues that FM and Television signals might be usable on the Moon. But looking for an answer for that question didn't give me a clear answer for that question.

Brexit travel permits designed to avoid 7,000-lorry jams come January depend on software that won't be finished till April


Re: Scaremongering

This is not scaremongering. If you live in the UK prepare your self for the fact that food costs is going to increase. If you travel abroad (after covid-19 has ended), you are going to be required to fill out forms and pay travel visa costs.

Enjoy your Brexit, as it is self imposed lock-in into England. Scotland is leaving England soon to rejoin EU.

Backup a sec – is hard drive reliability improving? Annual failure rate from Backblaze comes in at its lowest yet


I doubt the story above

I have to doubt the story above because best I can see on Backblaze website there is no form to add an address. Just the zip code and region in my part of Northern Europe. I recently started to use them again after a time period of extreme being broke. That might still not be over because of incompetent politicians in Iceland. But that is outside of this topic.

I also find it strange that you can't provide a case number since most people today use email services that store email for what amount to forever in most cases unless manually deleted from the inbox.

-- I got a title too long error message when I replayed to the above comment. I don't know why that happened since other people have been using that same title without any problems.

Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future


Re: Depends on your definition of North

You can use your old VHF antenna on your house to get DAB/DAB+ signals. It has better reception than indoor antenna any day. The old VHF (channels 5 - 13, only ch 3 to 12 where used for analogue television) are now used for DAB/DAB+ radio. It looks like that the bandwidth for DAB/DAB+ in Mhz is just 1,712Mhz and that is why there are so few and poor quality in both DAB and DAB+ channels. Normal DVB-T and DVB-T2 channel is 8Mhz and supports several HD channels or one 4K channel.

I don't know if DAB3 standard is on the way. I doubt it though since IP radio is making its way in the world.


Signal strength in the UK on DAB and DAB+

According to German radio people the reason why people in the UK get bad signal is that the transmitters are at low power compared to elsewhere. For London as an example the largest transmitter I can find on this list is 10kW and some are even as low as 0,003kW in transmission power.


Compared to Berlin where the largest transmitter is 25kW and the smallest is 1kW.



Re: The future is behind you ....

That is what you think. With a modern computer and a good SDR it is easy to create a DAB Mux and DAB+ mux and broadcast on the VHF channels for anyone.

Forget about those pesky closures, Windows 10 has an important message for you


Windows is not for anyone

I don't know when it happened but Windows is a disaster and has been for some time. Forget running a older version of Windows even if it is EOL because now Microsoft has turned off activation for anything older than Windows 7. I run software that doesn't work so well with Windows 10 just because and I have been using older versions until they just stopped working. I was able to move the software to Debian Linux and use Wine to run the windows programs that I am using. Turns out that works better than using Windows (even older versions).

I don't think stores like IKEA and many others don't bother with updates on the machines that have their only job is at running one thing forever. They would be better to use Linux for such a task.

Eggheads have crunched the numbers and the results are in: It's not just your dignity you lose with e-scooters, life and limb are in peril, too


One death in UK because of electric scooter

There has been one death in UK because of electric scooter. The YouTube person Emily Hartridge died in July 2019 in a electric scooter accident with a car. I think the problem here are the cars not the people on e-scooters but they should have some type of clear marking to make the noticeable (light or such).

I don't know if there have been any more deaths with e-scooters in recent months when it comes to e-scooters.

Huawei 5G kit in Faroe Islands: Chinese ambassador 'linked Huawei contract to ... trade deal' – report


Re: Can anyone explain ...

Faroe Islands are not part of the EU. As they are independent nation in the Kingdom of Denmark they have some chose in the deals they make with other countries.

UK Home Office primes Brexit spam cannon for a million texts reminding folk to check passports


Re: Visiting multiple Schengen countries

You can be dismissed at the border of an other Schengen country inside the Schengen area.

"[...] If you intend to visit several Schengen States and the stays will be of equal length, you must apply at the Consulate of the country whose external borders you will cross first when entering the Schengen area. [...]"

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/borders-and-visas/visa-policy/how_to_apply_en

"[....] Your short-stay visa does not automatically entitle you to enter the Schengen area. At border or during other controls you may, for instance, have to provide information on your means of support, how long you intend to stay in the Schengen State, and why you are visiting the Schengen State.

In some cases, such checks may result in a refusal for the visa holder to enter the Schengen State or the Schengen area. [...]"

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/borders-and-visas/visa-policy/schengen_area_en

Equally. Visa permit is going to be required for EU citizen to enter UK from 1st November 2019. I don't know what the visa policy of the UK is going to be for people from EU/EEA. If they have any visa policy. I am not sure they have a visa policy.


Re: First problem, right here ...

Schengen is part of EU. It is a EU law.

As explained here on EU websites.



Since UK was never part of the Schengen area it never took part in its polices and laws related to the Schengen area.


Re: First problem, right here ...

I have few corrections for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Entry into Schengen area for a country without an active agreement with EU on visa free access means that visa is required for entry into Schengen area. You have to apply at minimum fifteen days before arriving to the consulate in the country where you are going to. If you are travelling to many countries in Schengen you have to apply for an visa for each country within the Schengen area.

This is all public information on EU website, https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/borders-and-visas/visa-policy/how_to_apply_en

Now on Amazon Prime: The Amazing Shrinking UK Tax Burden


Tired of tax avoiders in form of a company

I am really tired of tax avoiders in form of a tax company. This is costing the public a lot of money and this needs to change.

Microsoft takes ExpressRoute to orbit to sling Azure services at backwaters via satellite


Data over satellite

They must be using Ka band for data. It is on 26,5 to 40Ghz and is only used for data transfers. I don't know how much coverage they have or if this band is in use in the United States. This band is used in Europe for data transfers over satellite.


Can't bear to part with that well-worn copy of Windows 7? Microsoft might let you keep it updated an extra year


Re: The cost of Win10 is far too high.

Then you have to install some type of Linux or a *BSD to stay secure and private at the same time. Added benefits include no licence headache and related issues.

Dear hackers: If you try to pwn a website for phishing, make sure it's not the personal domain of a senior Akamai security researcher


Re: Informative blog link

No problem for me. I am not using proxy, vpn or anything of that to access the internet.

Low Barr: Don't give me that crap about security, just put the backdoors in the encryption, roars US Attorney General


Other countries

Just watch other countries not give a dam about what happens in the U.S. This stupid ignorant people are just about to ruin current dominance of U.S Technical companies and that means competition is going to appear rapidly and it's going to be encrypted*.

* Unless you happen to live in the following countries.

- Any country with a dictator.

Out of Steam? Wine draining away? Ubuntu's 64-bit-only x86 decision is causing migraines



Steam can always support ReactOS and help them to get out of their current beta status.


It works more or less like Windows 2000 today.

Shameless Facebook treats its poor human moderators like absolute dirt. But y'know what it does treat right? Robots


Re: advance its goal "to develop embodied AI systems..."

"Skynet" was here five years ago. You don't keep up with what is going on. The end of the world just hasn't happen. Since all that skynet has to do is to wait until humans extinct them self. That's far more efficient than to start a war that creates resistance, uses resources and all that stuff.

Three planets and two stars adds up to one research team made very happy by Kepler's unique discovery


Good chance for Alpha Centauri planets

There is a good chance that Alpha Centauri has plants based on this discovery even if none has been found today.




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