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Re: Due Diligence & Changing the World

Re - Changing the World:

To be fair, conversations of "changing the world" held in this thread are purely theoretical, because pragmatically speaking, what and who's vision can unilaterally address each and every one of our greatest grievances across the board? I've yet to see one. Any leader, whether philanthropic, political, technological or otherwise needs to necessarily focus on an area they want to impact, and then perform due diligence by consulting extensively with those within that space to ensure a) that this is a workable solution; b) this is not stepping on anyone's toes; c) it has not been done before; and d) all stakeholders are considered. Anything else is purely an academic exercise and will likely fail.

I say this based on experience. My start-up came from a challenge to positively impact "1 Billion people in 10 years using accelerating technologies." Broad, to say the least, and definitely a challenge that runs the risk of becoming an "airy-fairy" solution without merit. Our team addressed this by 1) zeroing in on a particular problem space; 2) constructing a solution; 3) performing extensive consultation with those in the field; 4) field testing it extensively (as opposed to running scientific/academic studies, as Trevor suggested, which, as I can say as someone who comes from years of being in academia, is more to pad one's own resume rather than enact any type of useful solution).

In summation - when it comes to "changing the world" (or even trying something new) due diligence is necessary, absolutely, but following an archaic model of merely holding intellectual/academic discusssions/studies around it is absolutely useless without practical application.

PS: Rainbow is certainly not a gentlemen's club! I say this as a female resident of Rainbow. :)


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