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Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app


Re: Not all bad

You go to directions > get directions > direction list/route list something like that > menu option route options > avoid m fucking 1

Snake slides back onto Nokia smartphones


Because microsoft set the price... numpty

Kids should be making software, not just using it - Gove


I did software engineering at university but skipped GCSE ICT

As title, I talked to the ICT teacher about the content and where I was heading and he said basically it would be irrelevant and pointless for me to do it, the worst thing about teaching students how to use excel etc is that it is repeated year after year. You learn how to make one then are taught the same thing again and again and again.

No wonder its boring

High Court: TVCatchup reproduces copyrighted films ... in buffers

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Outlaw wrong again?

As with the first ruling, TVCatchup are putting a different spin than this article from outlaw. As do their lawyers: http://www.hamlins.co.uk/site/firmnews/Catchup_With_Broadcasting_in_the_Internet_Age

If I recall correctly outlaw also redacted their original article on the first ruling due to it being inaccurate? Either way I have no doubt TVCatchup will be around for a long time yet, I will trust their word over the spin this ruling gets as it was incorrect last time :)

Microsoft’s Mango update falls from tech tree


I own neither iOS or WP7 but I am sure iOS now gives you the ability to set your own ring tone. Mango does allow you to set your own ringtone but you need a 40 second max length audio file (have to crop a song yourself)

Gran Turismo 5


Well done for reading

"I have no idea how you can relate forza or any other racer in graphical terms to the premium cars in GT5?"

Well thats probably why the review said those cars were next gen standards but the others weren't.

The Wrath of Jobs' latest victim: Motorola

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Can they do that?

I'm absolutely stunned at that apple smartphone antenna performance page not only is it quite hilarious and stinks of desperation, I didn't think anything like that would be legal!

Bring back external unscrewable antennas that made you look cool