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Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal

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hmmm, and now to see how long it takes them to find out just how free "free" software really is....

don't get me wrong, if they have good and affordable support in place it may work, but i highly doubt that's the case.

on top of that, their migration is going to be hell, i wouldn't be in charge of that one for sure

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

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your opinion

okay Lee, i'll take up the discussion.

how's about the fact that most people downloading wouldn't consider buying the product even if they couldn't download? how about all those people that will buy a product after downloading it because they like it?

Piracy has been around for many many years, but only in the last 5-10 years has the recording industry claimed to be hurt by it, we had internet before that time and we all downloaded stuff, what changed?

even musicians are turning their backs to the recording industry because they think they're being treated unfairy, the products they make are WAY too expensive.

to top it of, what will this ruling really mean? even if the Swedish supreme court finds them guilty, will that change anything?

and what about gaming? an industry that has long been plagued by piracy, they're doing great, why is that?

BOFH: Defiling the profile

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a return to form

though i definitely enjoyed most of last year's episodes, this year is turning out even better. if this is a sample of what we're going to get this year, then it'll be a fantastic year for sure.

go Simon!

Metallica's Lars Ulrich illegally downloads own album



with his action, he has now technically made it legal to download and upload the album, since he used a P2P client, he was sharing the album the second he started downloading it. i may be mistaken, but if the owner of an album shares it in public, then anyone can legally get a free copy.

yeah i know, probably a bridge too far, but a funny thought nonetheless.

Irish ISP Eircom in 'three strike' filesharer crackdown

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legal action

surely anyone disconnected by Eircom is going to go to court to have their connection reinstated. it's a bit funny if you ask me, US companies trying to enforce US laws in foreign countries.

BOFH: Fine detective work

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WAY too obvious buildup, could see it coming from miles away, yet still tears are rolling from my eyes from laughing so hard.

another work of brilliance.

Prof: 'Taser-proof vests put cops in danger'

Paris Hilton

water is not conductive

just for the record, in the article you state our bodies are good conductors because we're mostly made out of water. that's both correct and incorrect. water in itself is actually one of the worst conductors in existence, but the minerals in our bodies that pollute it are actually making it conductive, hence it is not the water in our bodies that make us conductive, it's the minerals.

also, how is this news? you can't tell me nobody thought of running copper/aluminium wires through clothes? hell, I'VE thought of that before and 'm not THAT smart.....

Paris because even she could've invented this.

BOFH: Back in the saddle

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good old days

ahhhhh, reminds me of the old stories, nothing strikes fear into a handful of insurgents like the threat of an overnight stay in the elevator (or a permanent stay in the airtight tapesafe for that matter).

BOFH: Lock and reload

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thumbs up

well, that sure took it's time to be written, good form though, i laughed my arse of.

Hacker unearths young Chinese gymnast scam


so what?

i really don't see what the problem is, who cares if they where too young? they are the best, they won gold and that's that.

why are kids under 16 disallowed from competing in the first place? shouldn't the best competitor win?

Dutch unlocked iPhone site takes €700,000 then goes offline

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serves my fellow countrymen and women right for falling for this obvious trick.

what was that saying again? there's a fool born every second wasn't it?

BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters

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F*cking brilliant

title says it all.

Why Microhoo! is like, so, totally dead

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this article is just what my failing to start mind needs :)

thanks for the anti-wakeup, it'll take hours before my mind gets over this one.

Pro-Tibet rootkit Trojan poses as cartoon

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anyone stupid enough to open such executables, deserves a virus, too bad normal, responsible users will also be affected by it in the long run.

Why is Microsoft dancing with Danger?

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someone please remind me again

what the apeal of the IPhone is? somehow half the world population seem to think it's the nest best thing since sliced toast, yet i am unable to grasp what it is that makes this phone so much better then any other (specially with the hefty price tag it has). i have a Samsung U900, which i bought from a friend, it does everything i need.

i don't know if it's my unnatural aversion against apple, but i just cannot understand what the big deal is.

Microsoft ruling may not bolster Europe's new case, warns lawyer



@Albert Stienstra

go back to sleep sir, this topic is obviously WAY over your head.


i agree with you about that horrible itunes thingy, which is one of the reasons i chose not to use it. although i have little problems with Microsoft software, it's quite clear to me people don't really have that choice when it comes to picking an OS.

Remembering the Commodore SX-64



my first luggable was a Compaq 286, it looked 99% the same as the SX64. it died many, many years ago, but i still have fond memories of playing monochrome, single screen games on it.

Junkie sues pusher over heart attack



ok, so now i can find a dealer, get addicted to whatever i want and when i want to kick the habbit, i can sue my dealer?

this is a dream come true for any druggie!

Nintendo Wii said to 'attract cockroaches'

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attract whatever

i don't care if they can attract wild boars (there seems to be a surplus here in Holland), i'm still getting a Wii

BOFH: Balancing the budget...


ah yes

should've seen that one coming, but didn't...

Guess i'm not very sharp today, oh well.

BOFH: Xmas party: Get a wriggle on

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i love every new BOFH, but this one does seem to be above avarge if you ask me :)

Greenpeace slams Apple Nintendo over eco-credentials



nothing but a bunch of eco-terorrists if you ask me (ha, nobody's asking anyway). I'll also take a Wii over a PS3 anyday.

Babbling net software sparks international incident


babelfish works quite well

i've had many a conversation with a person who's language i didn't speak with the help from Babelfish. just be sure to use complete words and carefully check the grammar and you'll be just fine (try and translate "you'll" to Dutch, it wont give you a proper respone. "You will" however, will translate just fine).

there's several alternatives nowadays though, most perform much better (can't seem to remember which ones though).

Surge in encrypted torrents blindsides record biz

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"When encryption is used to cloak torrent traffic it tends to be to hide something, and attracts greater attention for that reason. If certain ISPs are experiencing disproportionately high volumes of encrypted torrent traffic we expect it is partly in response to a combination of effective ISP abuse teams the enforcement efforts of the police and industry."

This is pretty funny in itself, are we back at the "if you look suspicious, you're probably guilty" way of going about things? if the data's encrypted, they can raise their attention as much as they want, i believe they're not even legally allowed to try and decrypt the packages anyway.

KPN completes Getronics takeover

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ex-Getronics employee

being an ex employee, i couldn't help but laugh out loud when i read the company finally hit rock bottom. i worked for them for 6 years, which was a complete waste of time. management was horrible back then and if they keep going the way they did, they'll kill themselves once again. i feel justice is served :D

Pennsylvania woman in legal doo-doo for lav profanities


am i mistaken?


Scranton's director of public safety Ray Hayes disagreed, saying that these things are not always "as cut and dry as they originally appear. Freedom of speech is not an unfettered right"

now call me stupid, but isn't America usually making a point that freedom of speech *is* an unfettered right?

The Pirate Bay absconds with domain name of its nemesis

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Smell your own finger

@Smell my finger.

Do you have any clue as to what it takes to hijack a domain name? the domain is *registered* on their name now, which cannot be done by illegal means. to "steal" a domain name, you'd have to be able to make alterations on root DNS servers, which would be quite the acomplishment (and something i'm sure is beyond the scope of the capabilities of the people behind the pirate bay)

Pretty funny they got the domain handed to the, looks like someone may have some egg on his/her face :D

Japanese Wii sales rain on PS3 parade



i can't help but laugh here. after the stunning success of the Wii, Microsoft was actually pretty quick to congratulate Nintendo, while Sony didn't even consider doing the same, all they did was take shots at Nintendo, not once admiting the Wii was a masterfull product. now they're seeing with their own eyes that their PS3 can't match the Wii

BOFH: You think you know a guy...


sounds familliar

this brings back fond memories of my "MAC vs PC flamewars". i'm not averse to MACs at all, but the heart and soul that went into those flamewars always made me come back for more.....

Spammer gets 30 years in the slammer



this brings a tear to my eye, i guess justice does prevail sometimes *snicker*

Iran's 'Rescue Nuke Scientist' game battles US game studio


this sure beats being bombed

Well, i can think of a far worse way to duke out your differences (see Afghanistan and Iraq for examples).

Shoot the crap out of each other in games, sounds like a plan to me!

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut


Wii anyone?

i have to say this really makes me laugh, after taking a serious blow from Nintendo in sales, they're not lowering the price? this'll just add more people to the Wii side of things....

Sony is really starting to get a rep for shooting itself in the foot.

Olympic planners left IT out of the budget


this sounds like a job for the BOFH

obviously i can wire up that place at a fraction of those costs, insiders will know where to reach me eh?

Dutch police arrest 111 West Africans in 419 clampdown


Dutch left wing politicians

Would've been better if you had added the fact that left wing politicians where outraged by what they called was nothing more then a raid. Those people where crying that this approach was inhumane and that agreements where already in place which would prevent raids of this kind.

I'm personally stunned by these comments, i'd give the policemen and women who worked on this case a pat on the back, yet many politicians where not so kind when speaking of this matter.

Am i stupid here?

Cat owner protests against privacy-invading Google


is it me or....

is it the fact that us Dutch are considered so liberal?

i couldn't care less even if they had a snap of me standing in the red light district, smoking a joint, who cares?

hehe, next time the satelite flies over, i'll be sure to wave!