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The immovable object versus the unstoppable force: How the tech boys club remains exclusive


Re: Misguided

It's equality, and that starts when we are kids in the educational choices made. It's not about punishing the next generation of men whilst ignoring their suitability for the role.



2 wrongs don't make a right

Microsoft advertises Surface, Excel with maths mistake


Perhaps an old colleague of mine is working at Microsoft now. I was shocked when I saw someone who was responsible for deciding on training needs for people at a large US Bank in HR using her calculator to add up the numbers in the spreadsheet before typing in the total in the bottom cell.

New Bitcoin exchange launches in the UK


Re: British Silk Road

Umm - Madoff certainly wasn't legal theft. Illegal activities use cash too. Should we ban that before it continues?

UK man to spend year in the clink for Facebook account hack



"the result of the case should act as a deterrent to any individuals thinking of participating in this type of criminal activity". It certainly does. Back to mugging pensioners for fun then.

1 euro in every 7 spent on a Visa card


"...user reluctance (or ignorance) which is preventing more-widespread use." Or in the case of most of these things I come across (Pret a Manger, Yo Sushi, Nero), they probably only work about 40% of the time.

Russian diplomat caught driving while 15 TIMES over booze limit



That's 3.75 times the UK limit. Let's call it 5 pints of strong lager

1-in-3,200 chance* that a fiery satellite chunk will hit someone on Friday


Who's law?

"The smouldering lump will remain the property of the United States and must be turned over to local police." According to what law? Haven't NASA heard about the inter-planetary law of "finders keepers"?

Sony hack reveals password security is even worse than feared


No suprise there then.

From the movie Hangover 2: "Your password in baloney1?" "Yes - it used to be baloney, but then they made me add a number"

AutoTrader crashes off the road in DDoS congestion


Malware possibility?

I was on autotrader around 9pm last night, and it was running like a dog (so they were certainly still having problems after 2pm). At one point, I had a Windows UAC panel pop up asking me if I wanted to allow Adobe Flash to make changes to my system. I said yes, but after reading this, I'm slightly worried. Guess I need to fire up malwarebytes and hope for the best.

Tube to get phone coverage by the Olympics


Return on investment

"There's also the question of what return operators can expect from their investment."

You what?? surely operators can figure this out every time they put up a mast can't they? There are more than 55,000 base stations in the UK so don't tell me someone hasn't tried to figure out the maths.

Country plods still not carrying mobile data devices


Devon & Cornwall

Devon & Cornwall barely has any mobile phone coverage anyway. No point giving plod mobile devices that won't can't connect.


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