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Nokia app monitors juice

kevin pownceby

n95 battery

I could'nt give hoot about a meter that tells you about how much power you use, what i want to know is when are nokia going to to build a battery for the n95 that lasts longer than the rubbish one that they sell with the phone now, that's what every nokia n95 user wants to know.

Powering the mobile experience

kevin pownceby

what about this nokia.

Hello, wondered if you could help with this question,

A hell of a lot of us out their own the nokia n95, and we have been asking the nokia company on their own site when they are going to make a better battery, with increased life so that we have not got to keep recharging the phone battery all the time,

They don’t seem to be bothered with this, because no matter how many people ask this question, they don’t seem to be interested or just not bothered.

Could you find out any kind of info.

Thanks kev.

Doctor Who faces extermination

kevin pownceby

dr who

Ok then quit, then someone else can have a go, & then maybe you can find an actor thats unknown, & that actor will stay with the show for longer than two weeks, ha ha.