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Google's Nexus One sales still sluggish

Connor Garvey

Great phone

I've had Nexus One for a while and am confused about the bad press. I don't have any connection problems of any kind. I can see the screen in bright sunlight if I turn the brightness up, although it's a bit dim. I haven't seen any slowness, but I guess I can see a very slight delay in finger drag response, which some have called unresponsiveness.

I can pinch-zoom (yawn) and look at my Exchange mail (yechh), two features iPhone owners complained were missing that no longer are.

I have OTA updates and OTA software installs, wallpaper and live wallpaper, customizable home screen with widgets, the ability to run more than one app at once and the ability to run background services if I want. I can also perform voice guided navigation powered by voice recognition search. As far as I know, iPhone users can't do any of those things.

Exploding ciggie blows out Indonesian bloke's teeth

Connor Garvey


I second Neeblor's shenanigans.

If that's him in the picture, he still has lips.

Nokia switches direction and gives away maps

Connor Garvey


Nokia can make money by giving their map app away the same way Google makes money.

They certainly can't compete with Google with their previous $100 per year price tag.

Google taps Gmail for more clicks with ad tweak

Connor Garvey

The price of free

As a previous commenter noted, you can run your own mail server. And pay for it. If you want free email, lots of storage, free backups and possibly the best email interface available, you have to allow Google to look at your emails and you have to look at (or not look at) tiny ads.

Also, Google tells us this, not in tiny text in a privacy policy, but in a public posting with a video.

Google Android future haunted by fragmentation past

Connor Garvey

Ever actually tried it?

As someone who has actually developed for Android, I'm confused. I think the writer may have misunderstood Google's comments. There may be some Motorola-phone-specific applications developed by Motorola, but I don't know anyone that develops outside of the standard Android API. Just like J2EE developers almost never use WebSphere components, Android developers aren't likely to use HTC components. It restricts your market share and is bad for business.

It seems to me that DiBona was talking about giving the handset makers an API robust and complete enough that they wouldn't feel the need to expand it for their own applications. There are also some relatively hardware-specific functions like 3D acceleration that will probably need some work.

El Reg to launch space paper plane

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Too lame?

Vulture Ship 1 riding up on the Dark Knight

Gmail goes offline to avoid flatline online

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"because up to now it was limited by the fact that messages could only be accessed online"

Perhaps the author forgot that GMail can be accessed via both POP and IMAP.

PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest

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"PETA is the reason there are so many accidents involving dear in PA." -- Speaks for itself.

I eat meat, but that game convinced me to keep eating meat.

Smut email hubby claims iPhone glitch

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Does anyone else notice that the "wife" seems really upbeat and not too bothered by all of this?

Google fixes world's most stupid bug

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Stupid bug

Stupid bug, but better than the iPhone, which reboots without receiving any user commands.

Shawshank thesp erased from NY voter rolls

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"Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like he was registered to vote twice, with different addresses. Election officials spotted this so they deleted the registrations. Sounds to me like they're trying to _prevent_ election fraud..."


It's illegal to remove a citizen from the voting roll without notification. It's the state(s)' job to ensure that when a person changes addresses, the old registration is invalidated. It's not Mr. Robbins' fault that he was registered twice. It's also not his fault that he wasn't notified that he was removed before election day. It's disgraceful that the people in charge of elections don't understand election laws and err on the side of caution at the expense of free and fair elections.

What's more interesting is that there isn't any evidence of an election being decided by multiple voting, but there is loads of evidence of elections being decided by voter disenfranchisement. One person voting twice or three times has a far smaller effect than one election official removing 20,000 people from voting rolls.

Vodafone presents punter with £500k phone bill

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@Jacob Lipman

Thanks. I don't often make it back to a story's comments. 411 is the number for information in the US. 911 is the emergency number and 311 is the almost-emergency number, 911 for short-tempered people (the neighbors are loud, my cat's stuck in a tree, ...).

Connor Garvey

$2000 in 411 charges

Something similar happened to me a few years ago. Ameritech, now a part of AT&T, had charged me over $2000 for 411 calls on one bill. It took more than a month to sort it out. Their support techs and managers kept telling me that my phone was broken and was calling 411 automatically when I wasn't home. They were so sure that my phone was broken that they sent techs out to my house to investigate. Three times.

Finally, I called support one day and was accidentally transferred to a level 1 tech. I explained my problem, he yelled across the room to another tech who was working on a switch. They discovered that all 411 calls in my area were being charged to my line.

Painting by numbers: NASA's peculiar thermometer

Connor Garvey

Interesting if it were accurate

You can get a good description of NASA's temperature model here.


The real difference is that the satellites are measuring air temperature. Notice the title of the image in your article, "Troposphere". NASA data includes air, ground, water and ice measurements. Since Earth's ice has been melting, air temperatures haven't changed dramatically. I'll look forward to reading your next article, which will account for the fact that the globe consists of more than air.

Wanted: Gordon Brown's fingerprints, £1,000 reward

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Big deal?

You already give your name, address, personal information, signature and a photograph of your face. What's the big fucking deal?

Researcher: 'Second wave' HD adopters favour HD DVD

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HD = High Definition

If someone were to ask me whether I want to buy an HD DVD player, I would say, "Yes". I don't connect HD DVD with the brand HD-DVD. I want a Blu-Ray player, a type of HD DVD player. I'd be interested to read how the questions were asked.

"Do you want to buy an HD DVD player?"

if no, then

"Do you want to buy a Blu-Ray player?"

Japanese in exoskeleton ancestor-respect scheme

Connor Garvey


Japan doesn't forbid immigration. They encourage it.


Amazon opens DRM-free music store

Connor Garvey


I've been using Rhapsody for about 6 months. I regularly delete music I don't like, but I've still managed to build a library of 1820 tracks. It would take me over 10 years to make up the price difference using Amazon's service. That's only if I don't want any new music during that time. As much as I would love ditching DRM, the subscription model has saved me over a thousand dollars.

Rhapsody @ $15 / month: $90

Amazon @ .89c / song: $1,619.80

Microsoft counters VMware insanity with optimistic frown

Connor Garvey


I don't think you rose above VMware's marketing attempt. You just fell for Microsoft's. Really ... what's with the MS love fest. I'm no great VMware fan, but I don't understand the point here. It seems MS's strategy is the same as it's always been. Make a product that's not great, but good-enough, then bundle it. In the process, explain why it's a good thing that you aren't offering as many features as your competition.

World of Warcraft smites den of orc and elf sexual delinquency

Connor Garvey

ESRB Notice

Game play may change during online play.

The Christmas Console Wars: round one to Xbox?

Connor Garvey


I agree with Anonymous vulture. I have a Wii and a PS3. Both were given to me as gifts. I find myself turning on the PS3 far more often than the Wii, even though I only have 2 games for it. The only time the Wii gets used is when someone's checking the weather or when family / friends want to play a game together. As far as I can tell, the lack of blood, guts and intensity gets more non-gamers interested in playing with the Wii. Also, people who are intimidated by the PS3's 16 button, 2 stick controls are much more interested in the Wii's remote. They generally don't have any easier time getting used to it, though.

No. I'm not overweight and I exercise 5 times a week. The Wii is fun. I just like the PS3 more.

Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush

Connor Garvey

monica lewenski....

is on his left ear

Russian firm targets wooden phones at posers everywhere

Connor Garvey

I'll do one better

Let me grab my club. I have this great idea for a new Yang-tze river dolphin-skin phone.

Fist-sized monkey flies from Florida to New York

Connor Garvey


I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this man was white. I'm sure that if he'd been middle eastern, it would have been a biological terrorist incident. He'd be in Guantanamo, all of New York would be scanned for anthrax, smallpox, etc. and the US media would call it a great success for law enforcement!

Sony faces case for 'Cell' patent infringement

Connor Garvey


I think if they weren't related to patents, tactics like this would be called extortion. Wait until the company can't survive without the technology and then demand huge sums of money or else!

GPL whiz Moglen nails Web 2.0 O'Reilly on 'frivolous' charges

Connor Garvey


That's why it's called a comment and that's why I prefaced it and used the words "seems" and "guess". I really don't care about these two guys, but the quotes in the article were pretty mean spirited.

Connor Garvey


I wasn't there and I don't care to find out any more about this, but Molgen seems like a bit of an ass hat. I would guess that O'Reilly didn't respond because he was flabbergasted at how unprofessional and childish his guest's comments were.

The audience cackles as Sony launches Crackle

Connor Garvey

Visit Crackle

I can't believe that the reviewer spent much time reviewing Crackle before writing this ... review. The videos are mostly high quality and it lends itself to more Web 2.0 style sharing than YouTube. Also, Sony does advertise their movies, music and hardware, including cameras, on the site.

Please. No more of these sensationalist articles. Reviews based on reasoned evidence are much more useful.

US patent reform clears House hurdle

Connor Garvey

Open source?

Does this mean that a discovery that I make that I publish online for free can be patented by someone else because I never filed for a patent? I don't think I like this idea.

Sprint boots 200 American patriots for using their phones

Connor Garvey

US is big

"Why cant the US do the same, it cant be that difficult?"

I definitely don't want to defend Sprint, but the US is more than 14 times the size of the UK, so it really is difficult.

Behind the Apple vs Universal breakup

Connor Garvey

I think no

Should I also pay a tax to the oil companies when I buy a car?

Oh! How about a hand out to Microsoft whenever I buy a PC.

I'll have to give money to the soft drink companies whenever I buy a cup because i *might* put soda in it one day.

Do the Register's editors read these stories before they're published?

Oz watchdog accuses Google of misleading public

Connor Garvey

Not clear?

Just to make sure Google hadn't changed in the last hour, I went to their site and searched for "new car". Three sponsored links came up. I know they were sponsored because they were indented and presented in a yellow box with the heading "Sponsored Links". It may not be the most obvious way to set those links apart, but so far, I've never been fooled.

Compare this to various companies' penchant for commissioning studies designed to further their own goals. Software companies publish documents claiming that TCO is lower if you buy their stuff. Antivirus firms publish studies that clearly indicate increasing risks in ... just about everything. Petrol companies publish studies claiming that renewable energy is too expensive and global warming is not happening.

And Google colors the sponsored link box light yellow instead of fuschsia. I think we all have bigger problems.

Nintendo to let Wii gamers go for their guns

Connor Garvey

Helpful ... ?

It doesn't look easy to hold or handle. You can't rest it on your shoulder because that's where the second controller is. It looks like you have to hold the whole contraption up with one hand reached out to be able to pull the trigger. Then, if you're playing a game like Red Steel that requires you to move the controller and nunchuck to perform actions like throwing grenades, you'll have to detach the controller, do the deed, then re-attach it. How did I ever live without this?

Second-generation Sony PSP unveiled

Connor Garvey


It looks like the speakers have moved up too. If the PSP's resting on something, it often sounds muffled. I also accidentally cover the speakers with my thumbs when I'm playing. I hope the sound's been improved.

Bush official goes nuclear in Net Neut row

Connor Garvey

Define neutrality properly

I think many of the Reg writers don't understand what is meant by net neutrality. ISPs already do charge and always have charged different amounts for different levels of service. Consumers are used to the tiered model. If you want high data rates, you pay more. You pay a premium for a static IP. You pay extra to remove the cap on the amount of data you can transfer in a month. What the comms companies want to do is to be able to charge whatever they want to whomever they want. They want the government to give them the OK to price gauge companies like Google and Yahoo! Services companies pay extra to get fast connections. They pay just as much as anyone else who wants a fast connection. AT&T wants to be able to give Google a "special" price because they know Google can pay it and will pay it or it will go out of business.

Supporters of net neutrality say that ISPs should not be allowed to filter traffic in this way. Their pricing models must be "neutral" to the source of the traffic. I hope this helps.

EFF lawyer is smokin' on Google Street View

Connor Garvey

Sue The Reg

Is it any different when you, The Register, re-publish these pictures? How about the countless hours of street footage shown on news programs, reality TV shows and YouTube? What about sites like Blogger, Flickr and Yahoo! Photos? Seriously. Get a sense of perspective. It seems you just love to hate Google. Could it be envy?

Google Maps aids terrorists, NY lawmaker warns

Connor Garvey


It's only a matter of time before people use airplanes to do harm to this country. They must be grounded immediately.

Let's not forget trains, cars, cameras (surveillance), and guns. They also might steal weapons from the military, too, so let's blow those up as well.

Microsoft demos mind-bending photo app

Connor Garvey


When do we reach the point at which the tinfoil hat brigade starts crying about Microsoft's invasion of privacy? If Google's one-time shot taken during a random drive-by of a location is too revealing, what about providing hundreds of photos of the same location? I'm sure you'll find plenty of shots of Notre Dame in which people in the foreground or background are in compromising positions.

Cat owner protests against privacy-invading Google

Connor Garvey

Get real

Of all the evil things corporations do with our personal data and our money, why do people (and the Reg) pick on Google?

Nobody cares about your cat. If you don't want people looking in your windows, close the blinds. If I happened to be standing in front of my window in my knickers when the Google mobile drove by, I'd say, "I shouldn't have been standing in front of my window in my undies with the blinds open." Or, "If I didn't want people to see me going into the porn shop, I shouldn't have gone into the porn shop." What a crazy bitch.

Bomb squad disables suspect sex toy

Connor Garvey

Buzz bombs

This is as bad as the Aqua Teen Hunger Force scare. What kind of bomb takes the form of a blinking illuminated picture of an alien giving the finger? What bomb maker would alert potential victims by making a vibrating package? My only conclusion can be that many people are very dumb.

US missile defences in successful Pacific test

Connor Garvey

Total waste

This is just another excuse to give billions to a contractor. If, as el prez claims, terrorists are the real threat, why worry about missiles? Countries powerful enough to have long range smart ICBMs understand the concept of mutual destruction/annihilation.

iGoogle launch fingered in user data loss furore

Connor Garvey


I'm in the US and I lost everything as well. I was actually signed on at the time. I clicked on a link and everything vanished. I spent about 15 minutes updating the page and making it better than it was before. Today, my old configuration is back, overwriting the new one I wanted to keep.

Japanese actress caught in sheep 'poodle' scam

Connor Garvey


There's a picture here. Is this a joke?


Darfur genocide mapped from space

Connor Garvey


I agree with Matt. Who cares if Katrina kills and displaces thousands. It didn't affect me. What do I care if a tornado destroys my neighbor's house. I'm happy as long as I got mine.

I'm an American, but I'd still call this typical self-centered self-serving right wing Americanism. Blame it on the left-wingers. It was the right wingers that ran around screaming about Iraq until we started a war there. It'll be the liberals that clean it up. Now, the neo-cons are asking why we should help people in Darfur when their country isn't on our border. It'll likely be the left that pushes to solve that problem too.

Adobe takes UK price hikes to new level with CS3

Connor Garvey

Why Adobe?

If everyone's so upset about the UK pricing, buy something else. I dropped Photoshop in favor of the GIMP long ago. Adobe sets the price based on market research. They charge the price that will maximize their profit. If you want to protest, don't buy it from the UK or the US. Don't buy it at all. Then mail the UK office and tell them off.

French succumb to Franglais

Connor Garvey


I'm studying Japanese and am amazed at the number of borrowed words and phrases. They'll use long English phrases to describe things that could easily be said using Japanese words.

ruuzu sokkusu - loose socks

orenji juusu - orange juice

furuutsu sarada - fruit salad

sarariiman - salaried man

seerusuman - salesman

Vague and ambiguous use cases

Connor Garvey

Diagram versus document

When a system is first conceptualized, architects should stay far away from listing any details of a system. The specifics of the type and structure of the data storage and UI should not be defined in the initial use cases. Has everyone forgotten about user testing? It shouldn't be an architect, but users who decides where each button should be placed and what data should be stored. By the time the developers get their hands on the use cases, they should have developed far beyond a simple diagram and should be a part of a detailed requirements document.

Dutch demand ban of virtual child porn in Second Life

Connor Garvey


Will it now be illegal to play any video game that allows you to role play illegal activities? Can we not watch movies that depict theft, murder or rape? Although I think it's sick, I think it's better that these people are living their fantasies virtually than committing real criminal acts. These types of activities existed before Second Life and if they're banned in the virtual world, they'll continue in "first life".

UN rebrands radiation

Connor Garvey


Aliens are attacking with high tech sperm! They are creating alien pirate hybrid babies who ran this way.

Making sense of Ruby

Connor Garvey


It's strange to hear that this is a surprise to anyone, especially someone who's knowledgeable enough to write an IDE. It's for exactly these reasons that Java and Coctothorpe were designed to be type safe. Inheritance and variable types are determined at compile time, not run time. If you're writing auto-complete for Ruby, you'd really have to run every iteration of every combination of methods in the program to figure out what the the type of a variable might be at any given time. For example, how would you determine the type of the variable in this code (sorry about the indentation and extra spaces)?

class TestClass

def initialize(testValue)

@testValue = testValue



You'd have to find every method that might ever call it, which may not even be possible if this is a library. It's much easier to design and write an IDE around type safe languages. It's also much easier to have the compiler check the correctness of your code than to have to run hundreds of extra test cases to make sure that your string is always treated as a string or that, when a user enters a value, you remember to convert it to its proper type (date?) and don't accidentally leave it in string form.