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Ten... celeb headphones


Klipsch X10 FTW

I have the original Klipsch X10's.

I've never had a pair of in-ear headphones that cancel noise as well as these.

The only complaint I have is that the bass can be a little weak but, considering these are tiny headphones they sound magnificent.

I wouldn't waste money on any audio product that attributed its self to a rapper. You know all that headphone is going to do is boom as much base as possible. As someone who likes my music with other instruments besides percussion I think I'll stick with brands that attribute themselves to high fidelity.

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans


M$ keeps getting dumber and dumberer

Like really. What's up with them? They keep releasing their products super late in a life cycle and then are all like "Oh yeah our stuff is so amazing and great and everyone will want it"

When pretty much everyone I talk to is like "I hate MS. Their stuff sucks. I hate bing. I hate winpho7"

Maybe M$ should like you know, push people to get their software out. But I guess if they did that it wouldn't work.

Not that it's going to work anyway.

Microsoft: Office 365 outages 'will' happen


Why do we need the cloud?

As someone who considers themselves a rather robust IT guy,

I have yet to really see any benefit of the cloud. I prefer knowing the data is under my roof and secured by me.

And now we have programs, even entire operating systems, that ONLY run when you have internet??

Are people just getting more stupid or something?! Sure this would be great if we all had internet 100% of the time. But we don't. Even with mobile hotspots service isn't always great if you're not in the city. Heck, even in the city I don't always have good service.

Why everyone thinks the cloud is so amazing is beyond me.

Mumsnet founder: Our members are 'very keen' on PORN ...

Paris Hilton

Rebecca black Parody

Gotta make my mind up which hand will I use?

It's Friday, Friday

Gettin off On friday

Everybody's lookin forward to the porn fest, porn fest

Paris because...well that should be obvious.

HP breakthrough to hasten flash memory's demise?


So how did they...

So HP has known that they work but don't know how they work?

How do you know something works if you can't create it? My guess is this is of extra-terrestrial origins. They are reverse engineering the computers from UFO's and have finally figured out what makes them tick.

Toshiba intros laptop that CHANGES COLOUR


Already been done by alienware

Alienware's mALX 19" laptop had color changing capability on the back. Was way more bad @$$ then this thing ever will be too. That laptop came out in 2006/2007 I think. Great research capability Toshiba. Toshiba sucks.Plain and Simple.

I owned an mALX sadly it died however I'd love to own another one someday, even if it's a bit dated...here's to wishing.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010 Winners


PC Game Winner

Medal of Honor? Really?? I have 175gb of games on my pc and not a single "bit" of it is related to Medal of Honor. StarCraft 2 should have won gold medal.

Shouldn't PC game of the year be dedicated only to games that were only for PC? I know that limits the selection quite a bit but otherwise games like Medal Of Honor get thrown in there when pretty much everyone has that on PS3.

I have to say these results of the contest are very very peculiar. Somethings not quite right.

Apple MacBook mid-2010


Rather offended...

I have to admit the first opening paragraph of this review is quite offensive. I am not all for PC's nor am I all for macs. I think both have their uses depending on the job type. I use Windows for its gaming capabilities.

I would however purchase a Mac for its excellent battery life if I traveled a lot.

To assume that all PC users all think "Macs are evil and stupid" is really quite stupid. Several people I work with use macs for video editing but uses windows for anything else.

I admit, I do tend to say that most (not all) mac users are arrogant and this article really does not help dissuade me from that opinion.

My laptop is an Alienware M9750 that is fully spec'd out with a 1900x1200 CCFL display. My desktop has an Asus 23in LED monitor...I honestly can not tell the difference in display quality.

I have never tripped or pulled my laptop's cord out badly either so mag safe is not a selling point. What I would like to see is a plug that connects flush with the chassis of a laptop so I can tilt my laptop on its side or on its back and not worry about squishing the connector in.


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