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Barclays IT systems have a strop

Charlie Fisher
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Barclays IT outage

Your news yesterday ran with job cuts in IT departments at Barclays, so presumably some BOFH indulging in some rm -f style payback when given his papers, or a lack of skilled staff left with the ability to fix the problem because they have all been given the bullet...

I've just had to withdraw cash over the counter, which brought on a gentle tinge of nostalgia.

Paris, because she always has the personal touch

You want to learn about Ubuntu?

Charlie Fisher

Compaq Laptop

Ubuntu installed just fine on my Compaq laptop, and everything was detected correctly. Having tried Suse 10, which had no idea, this was a pleasant surprise.

My Netgear wifi card worked after using Ndiswrapper, also a pleasant surprise.

DVD playback (a Linux weakness in my experience) was also painless: A screen warns you that it may not be legal to watch DVD's, but it then asks whether you want to install the software and run the DVD. Again, this worked well.

Ubuntu is very close to being useable by a newbie, and I wish them luck. It is very different to XP, but it has some very clever touches.

DARPA to create brain-chipped cyborg moths

Charlie Fisher

Moth countermeasures

If one of these moths is sent into a dark cave, all you need to defeat it is a candle or one of those insect-o-cutor thingies. RAID or any commercial bug spray will also work. What about those electronic insect repellers, or the simple old DEET insect repellent?

Seems daft to send in a thousand dollar insect when a 2 dollar can of insect spray will neutralise it.


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