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Post Office burned £100m in UK taxpayer cash on Horizon IT scandal legal fees, MPs told

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I agree with the PO stuff, but what is your problem with VW ?

From what I understand the cars passed the test that was required at the time !!!

Also it seems, these BS tests were created by people who have no idea.

I should add that co2 emisions are not a problem, diesel maybe, but some idiot in govenment thought different.

Hundreds of millions of Broadcom-based cable modems at risk of remote hijacking, eggheads fear

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Re: Virgin Media?

My Virgin cable modem is a Superhub 3, which has a Intel Puma chipset not Broadcom.

So not affected.

Data-by-audio whizzes Chirp palmed £100k to keep working with EDF

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Re: Isn't "data over audio" a synonym for ...

Exactly, why is our govenment giving them £100K to string a couple of modems together.

UK not as keen on mobile wallets as mainland Europe and US

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Re: So?

I use one of these RFID blocker cards :-


BA CEO blames messaging and networks for grounding

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> That comment now makes me worry whether BA has compromised their aircraft maintenance process as well

The "aircraft maintenance process" is overseen by the CAA, to stop people doing shortcuts.

Poison .JPG spreading ransomware through Facebook Messenger

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Not Android or ios, hta files are windows only.

Boffins achieve 'breakthrough' in random number generation

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Re: Next big question

I would use xor.

Labour: We want the Snoopers' Charter because of Snowden

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Re: A necessary evil?

> This is, of course, a good argument against Brexit

The EU is different from the ECHR, so not relevant to the Brexit.

Cor blimey: Virgin Media pipes 152Mb fibre to 100,000 East Londoners

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Re: says:

I had a Motorola Surfboard SB3100 which I had to buy myself (This was in the early days).

When they upgraded the speeds above 10Mbs and the SB3100 couldn't obtain the new speeds (The ethernet was only 10Mbs), they sent me a free modem and wireless router.

Over the years, I have had only a few hours of downtime overall, but I must admit I don't use their DNS.

MH370 airliner MYSTERY: The El Reg Pub/Dinner-party Guide

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Re: Accident or Malicious?

> they would require a runway of c1.5km to land a 777

It depends, on if you wish to take off again.

Looking at the 777 incident at Heathrow, the plane stopped within 300 meters.

They WANT to EAT YOUR COMPUTER - welcome your ANT overlords

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Macs or PCs

> There's no word on whether they prefer Macs or PCs.

You would think they would prefer apples.

White House rejects Death Star petition: '$850qn too pricey'

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Re: Costs

Which is a lot less, than it's going to cost us to bail out previous govenments unfinanceable promises then.

Help-desk hell

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Re: My funniest one

I had the same problem in the early 80's, with 8" disks.

This women swore blind that a cp/m (No hard drive, two 8" floppys) machine has eaten the disks.

I didn't beleve it, in the end I took the machine apart, and the missing disks where in between the two drives.

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Re: Mad Mouse.

> someone in the next bay on the phone to the helldesk logging a call, saying "My mouse-cursor keeps moving by itself!"

Been there got the tea shirt, this is normaly caused by letting the sales/marketing department, buy their own kit.

Just because it might look cool to the customer (Never mind, they stop working when the batteries go flat, and the cost of changing batterys etc).

The biggest probelm is, they just have no understanding of the technology (Despite the fact they sell technology).

It is RF FFS, they can't just plug it in, they need to configure it, i.e :-

Change every set, to run on different frequency, so they don't interfere we each other.

The first call I heard about, was from the sales boss, who claimed something had infected his machine.

As he tried to edit a spreadsheet, something was changing the numbers !!!!

BT and Virgin sue over £10m state-funded Birmingham broadband

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Re: A Difference Engine?

> The government also lost responsibility for financing BT's pension fund deficit

I heard the government are still liable for any deficits.

Red-faced chip-fryer AMD pulls blog offline after hackers munch 32KB

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Re: What's a 'user activation key'?

I suspect this is a randomly generated string, that is emailed to the user as a parameter in a link, to verify the email address.

I use this sort of system myself.

Shuttleworth: Why Windows 8 made us ditch GPL Linux loader

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Sounds like a stich up

I can't see why the firmware can't just display a warning, saying the OS is not signed with an option to boot or not.

Why embossed credit cards are here to stay

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Re: It doesn't fix the basic problem..

> but the UK banks don't seem to want to bother.

They calculated It would cost more to implement, than what they actualy loose through fraud.

Boy wrecks £22k worth of MacBooks by weeing on them

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Re: Piss? Sounds like a load of shit!

How about german white wine spilt during a christmas party, it had actualy dissolved the copper tracks by the time we came back in the new year !!!

'There's too much climate change denial on the BBC'

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Mars was getting warmer

I know John Redwood MP asked a question about this in parliment :-

The surface of Mars is heating up, but have they yet found the 4x4 SUV's that must be causing it.

Of course this wouldn't be covered by the biased BBC and other MSM.

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade

John 78
Black Helicopters

Against their anti-CO2 religion.

Thats because they don't want you to think the sun has anything to do with climate change, it might interfere with their anti C02 religion.

It's on here :-



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