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LOST Vulture One PARIS spaceplane FOUND!!!

Y0ur M4


PARIS II – Plastic Akula Released in Sea.

Surely our intrepid playmonaut could reach the depths of the sea since he has already made it into space.

YouTube, iPlayer on a TV? Simples

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I have setup a few HTPCs for my chums from a guy who sells them on Ebay, and they have been really happy with it. They use Windows Media Centre, which to my surprise is decent and can now watch TV and go on the interweb at the same time.

This in my opinion is far better than having to buy multiple boxes to do the same job.

I would almost be tempted to buy a Dell Zino HD but it has no integrated TV Tuner (Which is just ridiculous) so until I can get a decent HTPC which is quieter than my mates I will remain stuck in the 20th Century watching freeview and using the interweb on the laptop.

Paris - because I miss her antics.


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