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O2 be a fly on the wall during BT and Vodafone's video calls: Telefónica's UK biz, Virgin Media officially merge



Both companies were already in my black book as "do not use"... Should I merge them into a single entry?

Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways


Re: Why is the company still alive?

If it's a Boeing, I ain't going!

Reach out and touch fake: Hand tracking in VR? How about your own, personal, haptics?


Shout out for the Depeche Mode reference

$200bn? Make that $467bn: Trump threatens to balloon proposed bonus China tech tariffs


Once upon a time....

A long time ago,

We had Empires -

Run by Emperors,

Then we had Kingdoms,

Run by Kings, and

Now we have


Itching to stuff iOS 11 on your iPhone? You may want to hold off for a bit


Office365/Outlook.com broken in Mail app

It would appear that long-suffering users of O365 and Outlook.com will also be unable to send emails using the default Mail app


Does anyone testing anything anymore? (obviously not it would appear!)

Bash on Windows. Repeat, Microsoft demos Bash on Windows



All very interesting, humorous and so forth but....

Personally, I would prefer running Linux natively and having the ability to run few Windows applications rather than vice versa.

A proper working WINE that lets me run the very few Windows apps that we still require use is more important than having access to the many useful and powerful Linux tools already at my fingertips.

Dutch companies try warming homes with cloud servers


next up - hosted AirCons

My very first thought was: in the summer, who pays for the cooling?

Millions of voters are missing: It’s another #GovtDigiShambles


Re: You don't need to vote anymore.

Trouble is that sometimes none of the parties are representative. ... What annoys me is those people that say " I don't vote for any party because they xxxxxxxxx"

I am sorry but where I am from, people fought and died to have the right to vote and it disgusts me that in a country that also seeks to export its brand of democracy & values to other countries, that there is such indifference to voting.

Voting should be mandatory but if you don't want to vote for any listed parties then the must be a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" option.

That would send a clear message.

Chappie: The AI tale that’s about heart, not intelligence


Re: I thought chapie was northern slang for penis

Not sure about all the way up north, but here in South Africa, Chappie is a brand of bubblegum but is really the generic name for all bubblegum in this country.

Back in my youth, I can remember buying them for 1c each....the best part was that each wrapper had a few "did you know that......." general knowledge questions and answer printed on them. So they were actually educational whilst simultaneously destroying the teeth!

Forget passwords, let's use SELFIES, says Obama's cyber tsar


BZZT.. wrong answer.

Someone doesn't understand the difference between identification and authentication.

Whilst biometric data could be used as an identification method (and as noted in other comments, easily copied) there is no way that it is vaguely suitable for authentication.

You know what they say: What happens in Vegas, goes on the internet – right, HP 3PAR guys?



What has happened to El Reg?

with a title like that I was Ohh! clicky clicky expecting see blow n hookers and all manner of executives caught in compromising positions...

Sky broadband goes TITSUP ALL DAY, thwarts Brits' Xmas web shopping


EasyNet too

Easynet has been down since 11-12-2013 20:40:25. From their website: "This is due to a fiber break, it appears the break is around the M4 on a 3 lane motorway. BT engineers are currently locating the break for repair."

Exactly the same regions listed as affected.

Gartner: OpenStack in the enterprise? Ha ha ha, you must be joking


They said it; it must be true

Gartner said:.....sorry I stopped reading there.

Reg Hardware Awards 2012: The Winners...


Re: Best mobile provider...


Certainly some mistake there.... Just now I am being transferred to the 4th "customer support" person in this call alone. (total calls are 5, going back 4 months now!) After reconfirming name, address, postcode, phone number, date of birth ad naseum as well as the long sob story of how they £$%^ up a simple upgrade, each and every time only to be told I've got to yet another "wrong department"..

Absolutely horrible and I can't imagine how they've been awarded anything other that "fucking useless twats".

Paying for Windows Server 2012: Worse than using it?


Re: No thank you.

Around 2005, got fed up with a Windows Media Server that kept falling over. Eventually had enough and installed my first ever Linux VM, remotely too. Setup was as simple as can be and took about 45 minutes and that box is STILL running to this day. I don't think I've logged into it in years (yes, yes I know it ain't patched & don't care either).

Anyway that baby has made me £50/month for the past 7 years and besides the running cost of $5 a month has cost me zero.


Re: Microsoft...

The whopping grand total of 3 users!!!!

Which is why the expected outlay for Server "Essentials" + Exchange (they want everything on-premise for valid reasons hence no Office365)+SQL will likely scare them as far as pricing goes.

They have yet only mentioned SQL without being specific as to whether that was MS-SQL, in which case I have a choice of any number of Linux based options.

Anyway, the last Windows server system I installed was Server 2003 having ditched MS at that point and moved everything to Linux systems. I had been quite impressed by the direction Windows 2012 (core) was taking but after trying to get Remote Desktop Services (as an example) working recently and having nothing but "license activation issues" not to mention the clusterf%^ of pricing options and I'm thinking " what's the point?"


Re: Microsoft...

Hear, hear!

Just today I was asked by a client to quote for a replacement for their aging Windows SBS server. Requirements are for Exchange and they unfortunately also need SQL server for some weird accounting application.

Any ideas??? With the demise of the SBS range what are the options? I spent an age trying to figure out the options as I've not sold an MS server for a few years now. Anyway it seems like a VERY expensive exercise and not a very easy one at that.

And no, using Office 365 for the Exchange side is not an option either.

Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb


well the other point being then,; why follow such an idiotic decision in the first place..? Surely build on the momentum (however small) of your existing base.

Microsoft's 'official' Windows 8 Survival Guide leaks


WTF!??! does this mean in normal language...

re "bugs" vs "features"

"The user is instead offered a holistic and integrated user experience where the old distinctions are no longer relevant. An aspect of the software’s behaviour may be a bug, or it may be a feature. For users unwilling to accept the distinction at first, this guide will help them maintain productivity while pivoting to the new Microsoft® Windows® 8™ user experience paradigm."

On another note, how well does Metro interface work in RDP sessions, especially over a WAN? I can imagine the excess bandwidth requirements, not to mention latency will be a nightmare. This on top of the difficulty in hitting the proper spot to pull up the Charms menu since this is now off-screen somewhere; that doesn't always work well when Win 8 is running in a window or a VM.

Windows 8: Download it, then speak YOUR brains


Re: Seriously?

It's eagerly awaited by those who hold shares in popcorn industry.

The flamewars on various forums will be epic

'Apple is corrupting App Store downloads', warn angry devs


Re: From a company who are regarded (with some justice) as master marketeers it seems to me....

To be fair to the rest of the world (there is one outside of the US), we shouldn't be inconvenienced by US staff being on holiday. They could always outsource their support to India.

'Inexperienced' RBS tech operative's blunder led to banking meltdown


off to get more supplies

I have run out of of popcorn !!!

New Oyster online service goes live at TfL



The trains are neither nice nor shiny....

Munich's mayor claims €4m savings from Linux switch


Re: hmm

I have found my Linux applications easier to use than their Windows counterparts.

you heard it here first...

Microsoft licensing hike sparks UK piracy, bankruptcy fears


Re: Re: Linux ftw

My time isn't free; and that's why I'd rather spend 2 seconds entering a password to have ALL my Linux OS/applications updated in a single action as opposed to an hour spent dealing with separate Windows OS, applications updates, new versions of Firefox, Adobe, Java etc etc etc ad naseum...

I never understand people who spout the "can't spend time getting Linux to work". Seriously setting it up and keeping it running is far easier than Windows.

How Jobs bent reality with LSD, Apple hype



667 is actualy the NEIGHBOR of the beast

RIM stands, staggers, falls again


gawd-- even that has fallen over...

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

HTC sues Apple in the UK

Thumb Up

a suggestion

HTC Desire Z .. flip out keyboard - works like a charm for SSH'ing back to the boxen.

Anti-virus skulduggery - upgrade licence clock shock slammed


no need to worry...

Symantec gets uninstalled as a matter of course so don't care how they screw over their "customers".

AVG needn't concern themselves either with trying to fool us any longer - their crapware is being replaced at every one of our customers sites by the far more effective and free, MSE.

The sooner these parasites go out of business the better.

Vodafone moves 360 goalposts

Thumb Down

they suck

Vodafone are right at the top of my sh1tlist.

Besides tearing my hair out dealing with their corporate division due to all manner of problems that just never get resolved. I've also had the unfortunate experience of using their retail products... hmmm just try and cancel a contract, even after the agreed term period turned into a fiasco with them turning debt collectors on me. On another occasion I kindly made a ONE-OFF payment for a friends bill one month and was then delighted to find them billing that same card on subsequent months without any authorisation. Only after my bank and the ombudsman got involved over the blatant fraud did they refund the money.

I have so many stories really - use at your own peril.

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished


nah - they'll never need that.....

"Cut and paste is being added following feedback from the Windows Phone 7 beta program according to Belfiore who said it had been overlooked as Microsoft had focused instead on touch."

If they've overlooked such basic functionality such as Copy & Paste, what else has been ignored? Has anyone checked if you can make calls with this thing? Just asking.

Council wins motorbike charges case


WC Scum

The court case AFAIK was about how they introduced the charges - there was no proper consultation done and the managing of the whole system is done by a private company (no other tenders were allowed).. slight case of nepotism perhaps...

Anyway that is besides the point really - now that this gets the go-ahead it'll likely to rolled out to all councils across the UK and who knows what the final cost to motorists will be. NOTE that it started out at £1.50 before being reduced to a £1 due to all the noise; but how long before that rises again?

Personally I wouldn't mind terribly having to pay something to park, but as any motorcyclist will confirm, just try to find space in central London to actually park. The bikes are literally crammed into a space. How would you feel having to come back to find your precious vehicle scratched/worse? OK if they made more space available and provided some railing with which to secure chains to.

Then there is the moronic paying process which requires you to register every vehicle against a bank card and also assumes you'll be happy and able to ring the (badly) automated system and pay for the days parking.

The end result that as a consumer I simply avoid the West End. I don't even bother doing work there anymore, far easier to just ignore the problem.


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