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Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size


Thank You.

This is the comment I needed to read and very much should be part of the article.

It saddens me to know that mankind is so easily able to forget the kindness of others just because they're now arbitrarily important.

4chan launches DDoS against entertainment industry



Hacktivism always grabs a headline and although I completely oppose the RIAA's previous practices you have to wonder if acting like a tool is just proving their point.

I think there were better ways to raise publicity without resorting to a juvenile DDOS attack.

Facebook bug spills name and pic for all 500 million users


Apparent Unawareness

I'm curious why you draw the line at "I only signed up to a service", the user has still made a concious effort to join the Google crowd. Should they decide not to then they can forgo all the privacy concerns you listed.

At least, to date, none of my private sales/searches/emails have been susceptible to theft because of Google and yet numerous personal details will have been leaked by Facebook's poor privacy standards.

I don't see why they'd allow applications access to profile information anyway, it's just not necessary for the vast majority of typically used services.

38 states grill Google on three-year Wi-Fi slurp

Black Helicopters

Wifi Based Positioning?

It's just one possibility that the reason they were sniffing the wireless frequencies is in case their GPS gave out they still had some positional data with which to align the photographs against.

Just a theory, I suspect it's nothing to do with it :)

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems


You miss the point...

Did it lose signal entirely? Was simply holding the phone in a way that is only reasonable cause the cell service to be completely disabled?

No? Didn't think so either...


I like this...

... It's certainly correct in many respects but there are two key problems.

1) The waiter in your story is honest and up front about the problem realizing the limitations of the product and communicating it directly to the customer. Apple didn't do this, they lied and deceived and in many respects continue to do so. (Read 3)

2) Soup that is "As good as we can make it" implies that they've done everything they can, but consider that in your story the soup is made using battery acid... Would you sympathise with the waiter still? The product is outright defective, not low on quality.

And an added note...

3) General signal interference (I.e. Putting your phone in a lead box/encasing it completely with your hands) is just how it works, all wireless devices suffer from this. The iPhone defect is a design flaw which leads to signal failure... Not all phones suffer from this, if anything this is product-unique.

Please please please someone at The Reg write an article on the bloody difference because this "All Phones do it" spin is distracting us from the real problem at hand.

Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB



So you're saying if I pick up a PS3 and shake it while it spins the disc at thousands of revolutions per minute the disc won't scratch? Nor if I were to wrap one in a towel and have it work hard in a hot room for three days it won't burn out?

Really, it's about time people found genuine problems to complain about... Technology overheats and Discs get ruined if you knock the machine while reading. Ask and PC owner who has made the mistake of using his PC as a footrest.

Paris Hilton

Still Noisy

It's a real shame that it's still "as noisy as ever" when the drive is spinning... Asides from the obvious defects from the Xbox 360 all I really wanted to see resolved was the damn noisy drive. It is literally the loudest thing in the house that doesn't have built in speakers.

Still, I'll probably get one in a few months... The hard drive space will be a welcome bonus.

iPhone 4 fix to centre on software, negate need for recall

Jobs Horns


Is the single most powerful device in the Apple marketing scheme. Sadly, history will only record the millions of glossy steel gadgets and gizmos that people paid exorbitant amounts of money for and they will also no doubt be accredited with a wide number of innovations for which they (of course) are not actually responsible for.

Ho hum, 21st Century fun.

Apple antenna guru 'warned Steve Jobs' over Judas Phone



You appear to have incorrectly applied the Joke Alert icon to your post ;)


iPhone =/= Earnings

The idea that just because someone has an iPhone means they have lucrative jobs is very much fallacious. A variety of people I know right across the spectrum of earnings own iPhones and they universally have the same "Oh, Trendy Gadget" reasoning behind it.

The higher earners I know actually trend towards either simple phones (Nokia 6303 Style) or Android/HTC devices.

You don't have to earn a lot to afford an iPhone, you just have to have crappy priorities.


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