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We turn Sonos PLAY:5 up to 11



Would have preferred to have the review based on one unit as can't imagine a lot of people are going to spend a $1k on 2, or certainly not straight away.

OnePlus 2: Disappointing Second Album syndrome strikes again


Re: Bizarre

Haha touché but I still thought it was a strange review, with weighting lent to certain aspects rather than a full overview of the phone.

Each to their own though and I'm certainly not going to lose sleep over it.



Disclosure: I had a OnePlus One (although sold it for an LG G3), and now have a Two.

I find this review quite bizarre. You pan it for having the new USB type C, no quickcharge and no NFC (which incidentally I used a handful of times when I got the One but then quickly forgot about), but give very little praise for the price or hardware - like dual sim and fingerprint sensor (which for me has worked flawlessly and just as quick & reliable as my wife's iPhone 6).

You say dual SIM isn't a USP, yet whilst I agree it's not exactly unique to all phones, it is in flagship devices.

In all honesty, yes this phone suited my needs specifically of having two sim cards (one for work and one for personal) while having the all important fingerprint sensor to bypass the ridiculous passwords that the works email software insisted on. I could literally not find another flagship device that had these two features.

Finally, people need to get over the invite system. Yes it's a pain in the ass, but I didn't register even close to first (as I didn't even realise it had been released for about a fortnight!) and I got an invite fairly soon after, placed my order, and the phone was in my hand within 10 working days - not bad!

In all I'm disappointed to read a review that so heavily focuses on the negatives and hides the positives, but I suppose that's just my opinion.

ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini: The able Android smartie the company won't sell you

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Dual sim

I'm constantly drawn to phones with a dual sim capability but am yet to take the plunge.

I can't seem to find a review of any dual sim phone that gives it more than a passing glance and I still haven't the foggiest on how they work when it comes to incoming/outgoing calls and texts, data, sound profiles and just general day to day operations!

Can anyone help?

Faster Macbook Air pops out: What, a NEW Apple thing and ZERO fanfare?



When they have fanfare you bash the crap out of them. When they don't... you bash the crap out of them.

Also they upped the specs and dropped the price. Strange how you missed that one.

Lazy journalism.

3G Google Nexus 7 inbound

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The big question

is how much? Putting £100 on top of a £160 starting price would be far too steep.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop



So let me get this straight, I furthered your trolling post with an earnestly sarcastic (as you so eloquently put it) troll post and then you say I've confused you - referring back to your fist reply:

"Oops, you seem to have confused me with someone who didn't tune out blah blah blah."

Now you say I didn't confuse you (by that it means I was not confused by what you were doing) - see "You're right you didn't confuse me blah blah blah", but that I am confused?

Jeebus save me.....


Well if you said exactly what you meant then I didn't confuse you at all in my earlier post. I was hoping that I had but unfortunately not. Both my posts still stand on the fact I collared you for trolling with the first and then explained my reasons on the next which you then confirmed was correct. Cheers :-)


Double Fail?

You said: "confused me with someone who didn't tune out" - so therefore you did tune out and I collared you on being a troll. Double negative = double fail or face palm!


Exactly, far too expensive

I mean basically dropping a k on what he finished by saying it's one of the best computers he's used. He's qualified it with "entry level" but it's still not very damning!

Also he's referenced how he HAS to give it a negative review or risk being flamed (flame on Garth, flame on Wayne)! How dare he point out this most obvious of truths, heresy I say! Burn the witch!

Giant iPhone 4 brings Mac OS X to the table



I didn't make one, so that comment is completely redundant. In fact, I would say that this is a massive waste of time and therefore is actually worse than me using my time to not build what has to one of the most worthless pieces of tech ever made.


Cannot comprehend...

the sheer amount of fail involved in making a giant iPhone and not making it multi touch! So effectively it's just an all-in-one computer with a whopping big bezel?

Jabra Stone 2 Bluetooth headset


You're totally correct!

However the Voyager Pro looks like every other ridiculously obvious Bluetooth headset!

I think you're missing the point of this product.

Voda UK rings up PAYG plans for iPhone 4



I'd be happy with that!

Apple releases multi-touch 'magic' trackpad

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Re: Re: Thanks but no thanks

"Not the name, that kitsch^H^H^H^H^H^Hstylish glowing logo on the back of the screen."

Which incidentally is the brand value that they've worked to attain. When all is said and done, it boils down to brand loyalty and in this day and age, loyalty isn't something that's high on everyone's list. I want the best product, which should suit my own needs. In the car market, if I want something stylish, I'll go to the Italians, well built - Germans, this isn't something that can'd be undone however (and easily I might add), so companies have to work hard to keep up their own standards with each product. Apple do that admirably and to that end deserve the loyal fan base they have. Their products have for so long, directly hit the ideals that the fan base bestow on them and to that end, they have built up an almost collateral whereby they might have the chance to make a mistake without anyone being too upset. This is well deserved and can be seen by looking at Microsoft with Windows - Vista was a widely criticised OS (although I personally didn't have any problem with it), yet 7 sells like hot cakes.


Thanks but no thanks

I'm pretty certain (but not 100%) that most people who buy Apple stuff don't do so based on it's name. I don't understand your jibe about training wheels and a lease either, as having purchased my first ever Mac two months ago it seems to be able to do everything I ever asked of my Windows laptop and I am certain that Mr Jobs hasn't held my hand through any of the processes.

No doubt that their PR do try and put a spin on their products but which PR doesn't? I think your problem lies with the competence of their PR for successfully latching on to a good idea - as for you to be complaining about it means you must have witnessed it working QED, it's good PR.

All PR spurt nonsense, just look at Microsoft's new tagline "Be What's Next".

Apple spews Judas Phone signal bar 'fix' to world+dog


iPhone Problems

What's weird is that I own an iPhone 4 and although I noticed the bars go down after a very much impromptu test I did, I have experienced (in comparison to my old iPhone 3G) no dropped calls nor degradation of call quality or data signal. In fact the phone has performed very well and I would normally at this point be singing it's praise from the rooftops... but the media has actually made me believe that the Apple is evil and that the iPhone has a, as you say, serious design flaw. I find myself questioning my purchase of the phone and not recommending it where I usually would, it just shows you how powerful the media is, when even though I HAVE the phone and have experienced NO problems I'm still led to believe that my phone is buggered!