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Canada buys Obama's reject Brit choppers for spare parts


"We've gone crazy at Obama's factory-second helicopters!"

You, sirrah, owe me a new laptop keyboard. Hilarious.

Wikileaks urges Time death-list spot for Assange


then would it be more fair to say that...

perhaps, being chosen as Person of the Year(tm) is an indicator of how likely someone is to attempt an assassination, regardless of whether or not it succeeds?

After all, 14/83 isn't exactly typical populace odds on being assassinated, or having attempts made on your life - or 18/83, if you include the Korean Fighting Man from 1950, the American Soldier from 2003, the Whistleblowers from 2002, and the Peacemakers from 1996. More than a few of those were 'assassinated' in various ways.

Future candidates, or possibly current ones, for assassination attempts successful or no - Vladimir Putin (be surprised if he weren't on a few people's 'Better Dead' lists), George W. Bush (for making it on the list twice when he didn't deserve to be on it once, thanks for ruining the Republican party with your cronies and your bosses but at least all the nutjobs are migrating to the Tea Partiers now), and Barack Obama (mostly because nutjobs are everywhere, especially racist ones).

Welsh auditor in court over child abuse images


Wait, Bestiality is WORSE than CP?

Let me get this straight.

The child abuse images this guy had are level 4, whatever that means.

Bestiality and sadism are level 5?

So, uhhh... going outside your species is worse than molesting a child?

PLEASE tell me that I'm wrong, and you meant to say that bestiality + child pornography is level 5. If not.... I mean, they're both fairly sick, but I, like most humans, tend to value my own species more highly than another.

I'd rather the sickies humped chickens instead of kiddies.

Hollywood lawyers have another go at Aussie ISP


'people don't rape...'

And of course, the fact that rape and other sex crimes fall dramatically when pornography and other alternatives are easily available, and increase sharply when they are made illegal, only shows that while there are sick freaks who rape simply for the power of it, there are far more who rape because, as you so eloquently put it, "decent affordable sex doesn't exist so the only option left is to rape."

Few people commit crime out of pleasure; most do it out of necessity - or opportunity. If you reduce that opportunity and eliminate that necessity, then you're left with a minority of constant offenders that you CAN persecute to the full extent of the law, rather than a majority who outnumber you ten to one...

Steve Wozniak, your time is up

Paris Hilton

I will admit

I'd never even HEARD of him before your article.

Don't see why we should ban him, I mean it's not like we've banned PH for being something of a trainwreck, or the other Bootnoters of fame...

Iraqi weapons inspector accused in online sex sting


*bangs head into keyboard* NOT a pedophile

NOT a pedophile.

Interested in legally underage girls, at best - with youth-biased culture, who can blame him? - but he really should just watch Girls Gone Wild if he needs to see some firm etcetera.

A pedophile is sexually interested in CHILDREN; that is to say, not having developed sexual characteristics such as breasts, inconvenient growths of hair, and the ability to reproduce.

I am growing to detest this lack of distinction because it leads to bullshit like that Missouri teenager being prosecuted for producing child porn because she took pictures of HERSELF.

Of course, this guy doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed if he falls for a sting not once, not twice, but three times.

US Matrix-style cyberwar firing range goes to Phase II

IT Angle

So what's

So what's the IT angle?

...Ok, fine, I'll get my coat...

Sony PlayStation network moves into reality TV

Jobs Horns


Y'know, last night I was selling an iPod to a parent who confessed that he despised Apple, yet said that "All my music is on iTunes because I got into it years ago and now I can't get out."

It got me to thinking, what is the perfect word for the state which Apple, Sony, and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft wish to engender: that total dependancy upon only their products, to the point where you are not only so monetarily but emotionally invested in their technology that to switch would cause you so much hardship that you wouldn't even consider it?


They aren't Apple or Microsoft or Sony fanboys, they're Apple or Microsoft or Sony technoserfs, so indebted to one company that trying to leave its products behind would disrupt their lives completely.

Now, of course all corporations dream of such a state in their darkest dystopian fantasies, where a person is born, lives, and dies with only their products in his hands, but the only companies that pursue the fantasy so actively are Apple, Microsoft, and Sony. Lately, however, Microsoft has begun to find the flaws in the technoserf model, which is why they are seeming to steer clearer of the ideal, but Apple and Sony are desirous of the dream still.

Proprietary formats, 'one solution' products, propaganda directly maligning competitor's products, and so many other little tactics all designed to create dependency are clear pointers of the technoserf business model; the only thing to say in Sony's favor is that they've been trying and failing at it longer than Apple and Microsoft, both of whom were simply in the right place at the right time with the right product.

Sony has, quite simply, never been lucky and has always been too blatant about their attempts, ever since missing the boat with Betamax versus VHS. Still, do not forget that their ultimate goal is to make you a technoserf to everything they make, and enjoy their products - but in moderation.

I just wish they'd realise their biggest successes have come from collaboration, not exclusion.

*starts up his PS2 attached to his Sony flatscreen to mock Paul Blart in Mallcop again*

Head-cam video used to OK Arkansas cop kill

Thumb Up

*blink, blink* Uhhh....

Er... for all the haters... do you realise (there, spelled it Brit-like to make you feel more comfortable) how dangerous a man with a gun IS? Have you ever had one held on you and not know whether he's drunk, or on meth, and he refuses to put it down? It's not a good feeling, even if you are armed - not only that, he was responding to a call for help from the man's wife.

Cops get killed a LOT in the line of duty, here in the states - hell, even over in Merry Ol' England it's not exactly the safest of jobs. From what I've seen, half of them get into the job because they want to help people; of course, the other half tends to be overgrown schoolyard bullies with badges but I still treat them as the former until they prove that they're the latter.

Having their actions on camera can only help restrain the bullies and protect the protectors.

Apple passes Nokia, scares Nintendo


on the other hand...

...it's not so much hardware that draws gaming dollars; it's software. The PS3 is technically superior to the 360 and the Wii (Yes, controller revolutionary, I know - the hardware is barely more powerful than a PS2, if that). HOWEVER, the PS3 has very little software to drive sales - what was the last 'must-have' game for the PS3 that was exclusive? Metal Gear Solid 4, last year? And that game was CRAP. The 360 is managing to promote some decent exclusive properties, as well as sharing PS3 titles with slight reduction in graphics, but it's Nintendo that has powerful IPs which kept it afloat during their Gamecube days, and will surely drive profitability for the near future.

What Nintendo should REALLY be worried about is the low bar of entry into programming games for the iPhone versus programming for Wiiware or the DSi Store - innovators are oftentimes those without much cash, and with a few killer games the iPhone could grow in popularity...

Hm. Almost makes me want to convince my friend to start programming our games for the iPhone platform instead.

Home Office: El Reg may be right on vetting figures


A CRB... to play Warhammer with kids?

I have personal experience with one of the largest gaming clubs in the UK who at one point said they would insist that anyone who wishes to play tabletop games with children obtain a CRB. This was following an unfortunate incident where a member of a club 'molested an underage' (15 year old) boy, however -

A CRB would not have caught this fellow. Clean criminal record in all regards.

Just a kneejerk reaction from those in the grips of a semi-fascist state.

Dumping exclusivity could double iPhone sales

Jobs Halo

But that isn't what Apple wants....

Remember, iPhones are not as much a cell phone as a symbol of bourgeois affluence that is available to the punters for a 'slight' markup - same with their computers, and their mp3 players.

Their products function acceptably, but are little more than fashion statements over their competitors, snobbery incarnate: "Oh, deah me, are you using a PC, Mrs. Henderson? Those have WINDOWS - you really should move to an Apple computer, they're so much safer mah deah."

If Apple actually began to TAKE a large part of the market share, the flaws in their 'benevolent dictatorship' business model would begin to shine through the aura of 'so much whiter than YOURS' they have somehow managed to put forth. That's why Apple's perfectly happy with the what, 2-5% they've managed to snatch during the Vista debacle, but I doubt they're seriously interested in spreading farther - otherwise they'll endanger their tidy business agreements with Microsoft...

US Navy aims to make jetfuel from seawater uranium

Paris Hilton

I dunno if I'd call...

I dunno if I'd call vampire porn fans 'scifi readers', seeing as how it 1) has nothing to do with science, 2) has very little to do with fiction, and 3) has a lot to do with the ancient womanly habit of reading romance novels, it's just that these happen to be about horny vampires and foolish teenage girls instead of busty young Frenchwomen and dashing pirates.

As someone else said, "We haven't been scared of vampires since Anne Rice cut off their balls and made them into imaginary boyfriends for fat goth girls."

Sex Offenders returns to iTunes


Actually, ZenCoder...

It's somewhere between 80 and 96% of female child sexual abuse that's perpetuated by someone they know well - various studies give varying amounts of abuse from the family itself, but even so it goes between 40% and 60%, depending on gender of the child. Boys are more likely to be abused by someone outside their usual group, but even so the most likely abusers ARE going to be someone that not only the child knows, but that the parent knows - and trusts.

The threat of a random stranger abducting your child, raping him/her, and then leaving their corpse on the side of the road is nearly fiction - just like there are real serial killers, there are real serial child rapists, but you don't run into the Saw guy every day. The real problem is YOUR best friend in the whole wide world giving your daughter a dress when it isn't her birthday, having her say that she's over at a friend's house but when you call there they haven't seen her, listening to her talk about sexual things that she shouldn't know about...

But that FACT doesn't sell newspapers, and undermines a parent's cosy little world, so of course the threat of pedophile strangers is played up.

Web 2.0 not liable for real-world assaults, says court


the real question is...

how many of these 'julies' seriously didn't know what they were getting into? I mean, honestly?

"yeah, sure! I'd love to meet u irl! <3"

Were any of them actual, actual children? As opposed to being dumb kids whose bodies had grown before their minds? I doubt it.

Great Australian Firewall to censor online games


Is Australia the test-bed for a worldwide version of internet censorship?

Now, me, if I were in charge of some nebulous worldwide attempt to destroy 'net neutrality' - that is to say, remove the freedoms that the Internet has so widely spread and accustomed us all to - I would look for some English-speaking, fairly conservative country to test it out in first.

Well, England was the first test-bed of a non-governmental censorship body, but it seems that Australia is the first to actually implement the technology as such to control it more specifically.

Still, this will hit home where other threats to freedom won't - there are plenty of people who are agin child porn but WILL play the games they want to.

Pioneer rebuffs reported rush to end plasma TV production



Because the rest of the world is stupid enough to buy plasmas?

Mine's the one with a 52-inch LCD TV in the pocket, if you'd be so kind.

Amazon sued by cable TV giant over Kindle ebooks


I wonder...

If I submitted a patent for "Rapid removal and insertion of a penis into a vagina until ejaculation occurs, thus allowing the male sperm to move into the uterus and fertilize the female egg," would it get rejected?

If it didn't, could I sue everyone who's ever had a child for infringement?

I mean, what the hell. The idea of a patent is to protect the rights of an invention's creator - fine. How does vaguely-worded descriptions of a POSSIBLE invention that doesn't exist yet except in some squatter's demented fantasy serve that purpose?

Microsoft talks open-source love amid TomTom Linux 'war'


as a ratha popular person once said,

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi.

'Nuff said.

Mortal Kombat maker Midway goes titsup


bet they were wishing...

Bet they were wishing that Redstone had decided to use a Friendship. Too bad Midway made them too fucking hard to do!

I would say that my friends and I wasted many afternoons playing MK, but we were Street Fighter fans. Sorry Midway.

Apple massages iPhone code


hey, I laughed

and laughed hard at the progress bar. Don't know WHAT you fuddy-duddies are complaining about.

US credit card payment house breached by sniffing malware


@ KH...

As great a fan I am of Linux (I got into trouble at work for passing out a free Kubuntu install CD with every Windows Vista computer I sold), the sad truth is that if Linux were as well-used as Windows, it would be as popular of a target; and while it's a lot more open (pun not intended) as far as allowing independent researchers to look for holes that need closing, there's no guarantee that Linux computers wouldn't suffer from a PBCAK for lack of updating.

Microsoft gives XP another four months to live


MY problem with Vista is simple...

I go to look at the system requirements on new games. "1 GB RAM minimum on XP - 2 recommended. 3GB RAM mimum on Vista."

What. The. Hell.

When the SAME GAME needs THREE TIMES AS MUCH resources to run on one OS versus another OS, there can be only one pointer as to the problem - you're using the wrong OS.

Even discounting legacy apps (What do you mean I can't play Masters of Orion II on Vista if I get the urge? Or more serious apps...), the fact that it uses up so much more system resources is insane.

Even aside from RAM and CPU, did you know that you need (at least) more than a 20 gig hard drive in order to even install Vista? SERIOUSLY. I have an acquaintance who is a hardware fanatic but never updated his 20 gig HDD because he didn't need to - until he tried to install Vista.

Nintendo sells metric %#@&-load of Wiis in November



I work in retail.

We got 20 Wiis in at 1 PM yesterday.

They were gone by 5:30 PM.

Meantime, the 'special edition' PS3's we got in for Thanksgiving are STILL there.

I can well believe the 2 million mark on Wiis, if you spread out my little store's situation all across the country....

US WMD report: Dirty bombs, chem weapons are bunk


@ pete... moron.

Uh, Pete?

Your scenario might hold a bit more weight if there was any way for bird flu to be passed via airborne means.

It has the same communicability as the AIDS virus, blood or other vital fluids necessary - that's why the only sufferers are those who work VERY closely with the infected birds, such as butchering them. Coughing won't do it. That's why all us serious types long ago discounted 'bird flu' as a serious threat, along with shoe bombing and dirty bombs.

Communicability, incubation period, and lethality are the three factors of any virus 'weapon', and bird flu lacks all three to be a serious weapon.

Nintendo in profit on each Wii sold


good graphics do not make...

Wal-Mart and all its subsidaries have decided that the Wii wins this generation of consoles, with soon to be double the space allotted to either PS3 or 360 games, and when a retailer with Wal-Mart's strength decides something, that's a pretty damned big weight to have in your corner. Since the local Wal-Mart sold something in the range of 70 Wiis this weekend until they ran out, compared to about 30 360's and 6 (!!) PS3s, I can't imagine why Wal-Mart would decide THAT.......

Consider this: Game-makers look for the largest audience to program games for, and 35 million consoles is a HUGE audience. Witness that Call of Duty 4 was PS3/360, but CoD: World at War was available for all three systems.

Plus, I think that the online aspect of the Wii is quite interesting, with the ability to download classic games from the past.

One thing I learned a long time ago is that good graphics do not make good games. Example: Age of Conan is practically unplayable, but quite pretty; give me Diablo II any day of the week over it.

Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel


re: best buy...

We salesmen were lied about it just as much as you were - we were told that it WAS perfectly capable of running Vista, that the system requirements for Vista were roughly equivalent to a decent (not top-end) PC of the time but no actual hard numbers regarding the system requirements were given to us, and if I recollect correctly the information came directly from Microsoft, NOT the computer manufacturers and not Best Buy itself.

Though had I known then what I know now, I would've advised 'em to keep with XP instead of Fista.

Obama-themed malware mauls world+dog


How long til we see "Obama assassinated" used?

I get the feeling THAT title would have brought in a shitton more punters than merely showing his acceptance speech.....

Circuit City cutting jobs, stores, inventory for the holidays

Thumb Up

Any company that fires its best workers deserves it.

When Circuit City was getting into SERIOUS trouble with its policy of commission for sales and decided to take away commission, it also decided to FIRE everyone who'd been making a fair amount of money on commission.

Now, unless I'm mistaken, the BEST salesmen are the ones making the MOST commission, right? Why the hell was anyone in management impressed with the idea of keeping their worst salesmen and firing their best? Why the hell trim off the meat and leave the fat? They should have fired everyone who HADN'T been making a fair bit of commission.

Feh. I have no use for companies that treat their employees so badly.

1,400 Yahooligans perish as Yang raids needle cabinet


according to my calculations...

you're wrong; it's how many shitloads there are in a fuck-ton. As near as I can figure, there are 37.3341 shitloads in the average fuck-ton.

That is, unless we're talking metric.

EFF sues Dubya over warrantless surveillance



you're more likely to die on the toilet than to die in a terrorist attack.

So, should be ban toilets?

Or, more realistically, thousands of people die in car crashes every year, and more are crippled for life. So, sensibly, we should ban cars, including the big truck you bought as a surrogate penis Webster.

Child abusers adopt blackmail tactics


@ ratfox

Yes, they do.

I mind me of a case (well, in California at least) where a guy turned 18, knocked up his 17 year old girlfriend that he'd been dating for two years, the police got involved, now he's on the registered sex offenders list for life.

I'm becoming more and more in favor of the idea of lowering the limit on child abuse charges to 14 or 13 - any older than that, it can be rape if it's forced, but not statutory rape.

The problem is, I've known some pretty oversexed 13 year olds.... where can one draw the line?


Japanese call on deities to discipline wayward PCs


kami no kyonpuuta

C'mon. Who the hell in IT HASN'T thought, at one time or another, that computers are possessed of malicious spirits who want only to destroy your will and send you gibbering out of the computer room?

Of course, then you find that the fault is only because a hapless IT Manager came in and pressed the wrong button, requiring a cattleprod correction, but until that moment, you sincerely believe that the damned thing HATES you and WANTS you to fail.

Qinetiq trumpets midsummer robo solar-plane 'record'


@ Chris Long

Oh man, you burned poor Lewis good.

I gotta admit, I enjoy his articles even if I have to take them with enough salt to be only 5% short of a lethal dose, but I must recognize your skill in turning his toes in the flames. Bravo, good sir!

Plus, you made the point PERFECTLY. Sometimes, there are useless things that governments waste money on in a futile pursuit of a temporary advantage over a neighbor, but very often the military is THE driving force behind technical achievement - and many of those achievements were viewed as useless boondoggles by everyone except the person who believed in them.

Lewis, sometimes you do have a spot of trouble telling the difference between the two categories. Pray, do lighten up a bit.

Windows XP crashes out of Olympics?

Gates Horns


Ah, schadenfreude - it's so delightful.

US man cuffed for executing lawnmower


I can't have my nuke?

Well, sheet, I'll just sell t'durned t'ing ta Affieganiestanese t'en...

Jefferson meant every word he said - too bad he found out when HE was the man in power that the shoe pinches when it's on the other foot...

US customs: Yes, we can seize your laptop, iPod


I was in the United States Navy - and still got searched

When I was in the Navy (and had ID to prove it, and had my travel bag filled with spare uniforms just in case) I STILL got pulled aside for 'random searches' every damned time I flew, even when I was on transfer orders and the Navy itself was paying for my damned tickets.

If they're profiling, there's also an age component too - apparently 18-26 year olds are to be suspected of everything in the book.

Kind of lends some credence to the above "The information they're looking for" post....

Crooks charge premium for filter-evading Trojan


white list?

Why not let the USER decide what goes on the whitelist - something like how firewalls work, along with current antivirus programs too. "Passwordstealer.exe has just tried to run on your computer. Would you like to allow it? This is what we know about it..."

I'd MUCH rather have something like that were it possible - though admittedly, I'm not much of a computer expert so I don't know if it is possible.

Sony to sell 80GB PS3 at 40GB price

Thumb Up

@ PS3 fans... FF13 for other than PS3.

I'm still laughing about FF13 being multi-console, when for so long the three hardcore PS3 fanbois I know IRL were insisting it would only be for the PS3, Square Enix is sticking with Sony, there's no way it could be...

And then BAM! It's announced that it'll be for 360 and PS3! There are so many PS3 owners moaning and whinging who bought the PS3 just for FF13 that I can't help but laugh.

I don't own any of the newest generation of consoles yet, and I'm playing my PS2 right now so I'm hardly AGAINST Sony, but still, I do take schadenfreude in other people's pain.

I will admit, though, that I'm most interested in the 360, if only for Blood Bowl this October. The principle use for the PS3 is as a Blu-Ray player that a person might sometimes want to play games on; other than that it just has shinier graphics and shiny graphics do not equal good games.

If nothing else, twenty-five years of playing games has taught me THAT much.

Scareware runs amok on PlayStation site



Exactly what I was gonna say!

Sheesh, give these geeks a chance to waggle their epenis in each other's faces and they never fail to take it!

And the thing that makes me laugh the hardest is that you only get hit by these 'attacks' on Sony's website if you're USING MICROSOFT WINDOWS?

Should supporters of either system really be talking right now? This is a case of double-pwnage of both Sony and Microsoft.

For the record, though, if it came down to owning either system, I'd ruther get a 360. Bloodbowl won't be on the PS3 after all...

*goes back to playing Advance Wars on his Nintendo DS*

Circuit City reports Q1 loss as US shoppers unplug


Re: No Surprise

Yeah, at the Best Buy I used to work at there were a half-dozen former Circuit City employees who got fired under that rather idiotic policy. Needless to say, they were quite bitter about the whole thing.

How a company can expect to survive by firing their BEST employees is beyond me. It makes no sense whatsoever. But then again, I'm not the one who thought of it...

And I hope that Circuit City fails and serves as a business example in the future.

US town tells Street View to push off


What's the point?

I never understood why anyone would even think this Google Street View was even vaguely interesting. It makes absolutely no sense to me. It's nifty tech, no doubt about that, but about as useful as .jpgs to Helen Keller.

UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse


Access, comfort, and trust.

"They never like to mention that in the UK the vast majority of child abuse is comitted by parents or relatives. It's an uncomfotable truth, so it's much easier to make headline grabbing laws in order to appear to be doing something."

-Exactly. Every girl or boy I've known who was sexually molested as a child, and I mean EVERYONE (and that's a fair few), was done up by a father or other near relative - and don't forget older siblings, too.

The three components to molestation are access, comfort, and trust. The molester has to have consistent access to the child, the child has to be comfortable with the molester's advances, and the parents or guardians have to trust the molester to be alone with the child for long stretches of time.

Except in rare cases of preadolescent nymphomania (or whatever the psychs are calling it these days, probably preadolescent aberrant sexuality), it takes a long time and a lot of PERSONAL CONTACT for a potential molester to groom a child properly - most kids will laugh like hell at requests for naked pix, and potential molesters have learned that the Internet is no safe place to find quick kiddie sex.

The only other real candidates for child molesters, other than parents/relatives, are teachers, daycare specialists, and yeah, priests - they're the only people that parents TRUST. A random child abuser isn't going to grab your kid from a crowded mall and tear down his pants in the bathroom; that's just stupid. He's going to try to insinuate himself into your life first, gain your trust, and THEN abuse it - google Donald Anthony Strawn for a textbook example.

It's the ONE thing that will win you an argument with these bastards, mentioning, "By the way, according to most reputable experts, the ones molesting a child are nine times out of ten going to be either a parent or close relative." It's like playing rock, paper, sucker punch to the balls. Either you shut them up, or you get to watch them writhe around in agony. Win/win.

BOFH: Insecurity complex


I remember my Jim...

Ninja naturally, or was it vampire? He never could tell the difference. Oh, and a crack shot with any gun you'd care to name.

He went paintballing with a group of us, and we got our revenge. He was about our only target - on both sides.

At one point, he tried hiding behind a tree that was only 1 foot wide - unfortunately for him, he was about FOUR feet wide. Cue hilarious Benny Hill blooper theme.

He ended the day dripping with paintballs, with a scar on his cheek because he disdained face masks "Goggles are enough for me; heck, I'd just wear my glasses most of the time because I don't get hit anyway" and lo and behold, he was actually quiet for a month afterwards.

The only thing he was good at was playing the didgeridoo, and he was actually GOOD at it. Maybe if he'd've plied that dedication to his ninjutsu...

Wheels come off Paris Hilton movie vehicle


As for MST3k


Worth it - worth more than the original movie, in most cases, and they do some movies that were all right but deserved a rifftrax too!

I will admit, though, nothing beats the original MST3k. *sigh* Damned network executives never know when they've got something wonderful you know?

Human rights group pleads for condemned Saudi 'witch'


Muslims aren't barbarians, eh?

Could have fooled me, with this story... "Islam the religion of peace and tolerance" seems to be more and more like saying "Bush is the hero of the world" you know?

EFF and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections


I know at least ONE of their standards...

They don't like dirty Japanese comic books. I kid you not.

One of my loose acquaintances almost got his laptop confiscated because he had a Japanese hentai manga he'd been translating on it - he does translations for cash and just happened to be doing one while traveling on vacation.

He meets the border patrol and thirty hours later, he gets released with his laptop because they grudgingly admitted he hadn't really broken any laws. We think their main problem with it might not have been that it was a dirty comic book, but that it had some, ah, incestuous overtones - a not uncommon thing in that sort of book from Japan.

FCC unveils NudeTube


Eternal War?

*gently bangs head on keyboard* The main female character's job was editing and revising old newspapers and publications to remove unwanted people, in much the same way Kerensky and Trotsky and dozens of others were removed from Soviet history.

That was the key of 1984; the Party controlled the past. What it said was history, WAS history. It constantly changed the past to be more favorable to it. However, while a government might be able to BLOCK unwanted websites it wouldn't be able to revise them (except Wikipedia of course :D) so one of the keystones of Party control wouldn't exist. Besides, that's what proxies are for...

1984 depends on a very Russian premise - that the worse things get for the common man, the more beaten down he becomes. However, 'nichevo' is not a usual attitude either among the US or the Brits; the worse things get the more likely that people are to look to create change in their own way.

In order to create a 1984-style society, you'd need all of these:

1) A single political party in control of all aspects of the government, including military and intelligence assets. THAT is nearly impossible, especially in the US. If Dubya were to declare himself King For Life he'd be out of power in a week and probably dead in a month; too many top people in the military dislike him.

2) A united proletariat who sincerely believes that the single political party is going to help them. Even a Christian President For Life would find this difficult to manage; there are too many religions flying every which way to please anyone, and even the ones who matched the PFL's would be hotbeds of 'treason'.

3) A clear, visible enemy that would convince every prole that the single political party is doing its job and let them become accustomed to a life of personal deprivation in order to fight the enemy, just as people went through in WWII. Terrorism won't serve in this regard; the enemies are too shadowy and I'm actually starting to doubt that Osama's going to attack the US again. His last attack was a PR disaster and removed a huge base of power from his control; why would he repeat a failure?

Truthfully, the US hasn't lost any civil liberties that we hadn't already lost long before - aside from a serious one allowing the President to send the militia of say Michigan to quell a disturbance in California. Most of the REAL bad shit was signed by Clinton, like the one allowing the Pres to declare martial law for as long as he wants to, over as wide an area as he wants to. FEMA is not our friend. The Patriot Act was mostly about letting the intelligence agencies do the same stuff they could do before 9/11, but do it a LOT faster. I'm worried, there's no doubt about that, but I'm hardly worried about the grey, colorless world of 1984. If there's one thing that being an insurgent against a militant religious government would be, it's not dull.


1984? Pshaw!

Maybe if Orwell had come close to imagining the computer, he might deserve a 1984 icon - the thing of it is, though, his nation can't come to pass as long as we have a quite free and open internets to get our porn and (possibly) real news from.

Fer cryin' out loud, the woman in his story did print editing by HAND - I think that went out about the same time as Prohibition and granny panties.

Also, the world is rapidly heading towards a more Balkanized era rather than an imperialistic one; without well-defined LARGE enemies the state that Orwell predicted cannot come to pass. China won't count; the US owes them WAY too much money to get unfriendly with them. Ever.

He ALSO failed to foresee the fact that nationalistic empires would be on the way out, with corporate and economic ones on the way in. Fail.

Orwell may have been a decent author, but he wasn't the be-all end-all, dude. He had about the same batting average as most other scifi authors from that era - about .100 or less.

Personally, I'm more worried about what Heinlein predicted in "If this goes on-" with the election of a theocratic state in the US. The mania's there, all too close to the surface... and I really don't want to have to go to church as encoded in law.

Lindsay Lohan crowned 2007's worst actress


Best movie of 2007 was Fido

Fido is a HYSTERICAL movie, and an even better meta-movie; it's Lassie meets Dawn of the Dead. A little boy and his only friend in the world - a rotting, animated corpse, set in a 1950's era where the living dead have overrun the earth and it's only the benevolent corporation ZomCo that has saved us all with their zombie enslavement collars. It's going right next to Shaun of the Dead.

OK, No Country for Old Men was GREAT, but it's the COHEN BROTHERS. What was the last bad movie they've actually done? Fido is a movie that I could recommend over and over.