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Firefox, uTorrent, and PowerPoint hit by Windows DLL bug

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oh no

i open powerpoint files from my mac! oh no! i need to install a mac's anti virus!

sorry, cant resist.

Hackers: 'ColdFusion bug more serious than Adobe says'



its all about the administrator. how well he can secure the server. i havent done much CF anymore. but i still think its great. php, perl, java, all web languages gets security patches now and then.

nothing on earth will ever be perfect. especially web techs. but most important thing is to share what we know so we can fix it or take proper precautions. unlike adobe...

iPod meltdown strands Tokyo commuters

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internal device combustion

i personally experienced some of them. 2 years ago, on a bus, i had my hp laptop in its bag, on my lap, when all the sudden i smell smoke. then i noticed my lap is warm. when i opened the bag, some smoke came out. but 3/4 of the keyboard melted which took the screen with it. when i sent it for data recovery, the guy said i wasnt the 1st. my 1st experience was with a nokia (the one from the 1st matrix movie). the battery overheated and melted the phone from inside out.

5 mobile phones, 4 laptops, 2 pcs... well, those are only some of the items i've seen that had the same luck. i think my fren still have that toshiba laptop somewhere.

just last week my dvd player burst out sparks and smokes. dont make this an apple thing.

OpenSolaris axed by Ellison

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and here we go...

i have been waiting since they announced the takeover. i know something will go down. i'm sure the main reason is mysql. wont be surprised when (not IF) that happen.

Oracle sues Google over Java in Android

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the sun is gone

i dont think android is a great solution. i KNOW android is a great solution.

sun would never do this. its all about money to oracle.

iPhone users get more sex than Android fans

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stupid report

its reports like this that makes android users hates iphone users more.

Flash finally finagled onto iPhone


i wonder...

im really curious. what flash apps are ppl using frequently that they are dying to get flash? which flash based websites do they visit on regular basis, that they need flash so much? =)

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thanks, but no thanks

i dont see whats the fuss are about. you all have lotsa choices. so apple dont like flash on ios. so what? get an android or symbian device instead! duh, i even use ad blocker to block flash in my laptop browsers.



this is a story about flash on iphone. got nothing to do with android. and most iphone users dont care about flash. most dont even want them. but those who wants, nobody's stopping ya. the article also says apple dont cover any warranty claims for any damage resulting from the use.

Cracking software retrieves iPhone 4 passwords


darn it

new update soon

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine



ppl buy ipod coz its cute, pretty, and lets admit it, an amazing multimedia device non had managed to challenge. mac users mostly have macs cos they need to for their work. most of iphone owners buy it for the same reason ppl buy androids or any other phones.

then there are ppl who have money and worship things not many ppl can afford. these are the ppl that have at least one of each, iphone, ipad, mac or/and macbook. but to most ppl, its ok to collect stamps or harley bikes, but ya a werido if you collect apple products.

but i think open source is more of a religion than apple.



1. you do hard reset when finder crash? seriously?

2. they charge for re-downloads? again, seriously?

how come i never experience any of these? i wonder...

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nothing devine bout it

i blame the mac haters. although there are apple lovers, true mac users just dont bother. our platform is so reliable that we dont really have much to complain. it never give us major issues that we have nothing to say bout it. its not perfect, but it dont give us headache or worries. so, there's nothing really to talk about.

mac haters in the other hand, would just go and complains and say bad things. some of these types i know never used mac in their life. there are mac users, mac lover, fanatics and extremist. its sometimes kinda embarrassing to sit at a coffee cafe shop and ppl are staring at me and the other guy that have a macbook, ipod, iphone and ipad on his table.

most of ppl that can afford a mac, can afford an iphone. it got nothing to do with being a mac fanatic. its just a pair that make lots of sense. iphone have a familiar interface to mac users, and of course, they work well together.

ive been developing open source based systems, and supporting open source based applications for over 10 years. i choose mac for myself for a lot of technical reasons. i myself used linux since slackware came out. before, i have another linux machine. now, i always have a virtualized linux in my mac.

mac users are like the hippies. we would go to a remote mountain and live there and hoped that people dont bother us for the choice we made. but instead, the haters come and burn our huts. so please, all you haters and paparazzi, leave us alone and let us die in peace.

iOS jailbreak howdunnit partially solved

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nothing is 100% secure. things like this will ensure more secure updates. dont stop hacking!

Android surges past iPhone in smartphone sales


free? you really sure?

i know motorola and htc spend hundred of thousands, if not millions of bucks, in developers' salary and r&d hardwares to come out with their flavor of android for their devices.

this is one android phone i discovered which is quite nice too >> http://i-mobilephone.com.my/i-mobile_my/ProductsPage_6010.htm

there are quite a lot of android phones from china, taiwan, korea, with brands that you guys must probably never heard of. i know its being used in the u.s and other places and its much more cheaper than droid x or htcs. im not sure if these phones are included in the statistics or not. but i do think google collects data from these devices for their stats.

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there are quite a few linux mobile os for mobile phones. motorola been using linux way long before there was android. android is just one version of a linux os for mobile devices.

IT Angle

technically incorrect

there is only 1 iphone (technically, 4 different versions), while there are more than 20 (that i know so far) different android phones in the world. few different RIMs and linux and other phones. is there a graph showing iphone 4 sales compared to each android phones?

i really want to see a graph that shows the average of iphone 4 sales compared to each individual android phones launched within the last 6 months.

most ppl actually buy an android phone because its a cheaper alternative for touch screen phones with amazing graphics. they go to a mobile shop and went 'oh, thats a cool phone, just like iphone, and its a lot cheaper too'. even if the shop do have iphones, the price will make buyers look away from it.

samsung and lg also have cheaper touch screen phones with their own os, but the interface and features arent really appealing.

yes, indeed. android users are on the rise. this is mainly because its more widely available compared to iphones. technical or other issues only have little influence these sales. price and availability has got more to do with it.

Botnet with 60GB of stolen data cracked wide open


is my mac affected?

sorry, just cant resist.

Women, gorillas likelier to have sex with men wearing red



i tot guys in total white turns girls on. owh well, its time for new wardrobe anyway

'Suspicious' Android wallpaper app nabs user data

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its not a theory

there's no governing in android apps. developer are not required to publish their source codes. thereby, no one can know for sure what the app does. it wont pop up 'hey, i got your mobile no. now im gonna send it to my master'. no. it does so in the background, acts as it wanna do something legit, but instead adds some more data to it. this is easily done, especially with rooted devices. can be done with jailbroken iphones too. this is not a theory. any experienced programmer know how to do it.

Yellow alert over Windows shortcut flaw


yeah, right

there have been a lot of articles describing how vulnerable mac os x is. with thousands of theories about how it can happen, lets face it, how many mac users have actually been hit by viruses, malware, spamware, etc? 1 for every hundred thousand, monthly, maybe? compared that to millions of m$ users on a daily basis. ive been using linux and mac for over 10 years and never once i ever thought of viruses or the likes. and never suffered from any of the effect, except a few times i formatted by drives forgetting to backup my emails and my works properly. but thats a different story.

m$ systems will never be free of viruses and all those craps. why? m$ security software is billions dollars business. anti virus company has been trying to sell their softwares to linux and mac users for years. go figure!

Mobile phones cause tinnitus, says study



anyone planning to stop using mobile phones anytime soon?

Extraterrestrials strafe Bosnian with meteorites


live rpg?

real live space invaders?

Vista-hating Microsoft throws poo at Apple's iPhone 4

Black Helicopters


the mere existence of companies like norton, kaspersky, mc cafee, pc tools, etc, are obvious proofs of how microsoft is making more money than actually making their own products. that is why you will never get a stable and reliable product from microsoft. cause if they do, norton will be scaled down to making animated screensavers for your pc.


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