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Remember when Republicans said Dems hacked voting systems to rig Georgia's election? There were no hacks


A dry run for trumps loss in 2020

What I expect from our leader Tsar Trump especially if he looses the election

China to slice internet connection costs for locals as part of plan to rebound from recent unpleasantness


What the US and Europe need to do

Everyone seems to be concentrating on 5G, but I would like to see a different course taken.

I would propose that within the USA, Canada and the EU that every Home and Office have a minimum connection speed to the desktop of 1Mb within the next 18-24 months.

Why do this? Well let us make the assumption that this is not the last time we have to school, work, and have to stay at home for general health reasons. It would be wise to prepare for that eventuality. Also as at home activities of all types become more prevalent we will need to have more capability at the desktop and the backbone.

The above is only step one. 36-48 months, from now, we should have the capability to provide 10Mb to those same desktops because people will require better and more robust connections as they integrate it more and more into their lives.

AT&T tracked its own sales bods using GPS, secretly charged them $135 a month to do so, lawsuit claims


Back to serfdom

We will now be charged for what we use even if the Lord of the manner requires us to us his stuff and then charges us for it. What is next we will be required to live in their homes use their choice of everything and we will be charged for what we use. Back to the company town and store. Next we will be paid in company script that only the company will except.

SERFDOM here we come!

China successfully launches its biggest-ever space truck to fire up its space station ambitions


You don't steal any thing from a defeated foe. You confiscate there technology besides much of there teck was based on the work done by Robert H Goddard who continued to develop rockets till his death in 1945.

GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats sued by hangry, overcharged coronavirus customers


What do you expect from companies that call there employees "independent contracters". giving them no benefits except the chance to be ripped of financially.

Tracking President Trump with cellphone location data, Greta-Thunberg-themed malware, SharePoint patch, and more


You forget their Parents!

Lazarus group goes back to the Apple orchard with new macOS trojan


Re: Apple tried to warn you, several times

Both are to blame, the who is the thief and the one who left the door open for the thief!

NASA's lunar spy looks for hide-and-seek champ Vikram, Starliner test success, and more


forgotten anniversary

Have forgotten the first craft to give us astronauts. Can you guess what craft that was?

It was the X-15 60 years ago had its first flight and soon gave the Human species it's first astronauts.

US credit repair biz damages own security: 111GB of personal info exposed in S3 blunder


Putting someone in jail for maybe 2-5 years while there families can get on with there lives I don't believe has been shown to have any real effect on the companies that have OUR DATA.

Until there are real consequences to the upper management of these companies (as part of that group of people I mean those that allocated what to spend to protect OUR DATA) such as large monetary penalties that are not covered by company or personal insurance so the people responsible, and their families, can feel the consequences of not doing everything that is necessary to protect the customers sensitive data. as part of that group of people I mean those that allocated what to spend to protect OUR DATA

New UK aircraft carrier to be commissioned on Pearl Harbor anniversary


Re: Alternative commissioning date proposal

The fact that the Swordfish were old was an advantage. the antiaircraft fire control radar could not track planes go as slow as the swordfish making them very hard to Hit.

This may prove that the latest, greatest and most sophisticated are the best solution.

take for example the low level drones the Iranians have been harassing the US navy carriers.

Stop worrying and let the machines take our jobs – report


Re: Give us what is ours


One has never existed and never will someone or sone group will try and manipulate any and all markets to gain an advantage for themselves. US markets were at there freest in the late 1800's and all I need to direct you to see how FREE they were is give you two names Fisk and Gould. Look them up and see how Free those Markets really were.

Both the right and the left always forget Human Nature and come up with theories that sound good but don't work for long if at all.

Marissa! Mayer! pulled! out! of! retirement! to! explain! Yahoo! hack! to! Senators!


Why are they talking to execs

the people that will be able to really answer what happened and why are the programers and managers of the networks and software.

The powers that be talk to the execs who really don't know what happened they just let the conditions that allowed it to happen exist.l

'Nobody's got to use the internet,' argues idiot congressman in row over ISP privacy rules


When is he up for reelection? Lets support his Democratic opponent!

Chinese investors gobble up owner of PCWorld, Macworld etc


Owned by a PC maker

How reliable will the reviews and stories about Mac's vs PC's be by a company the owns a PC manufacturer?

I pose it as a question as because we must give them a chance to prove that they will be truthful or bias.

I hope they are the former.

I hope that their editorials will not whitewash what the Chinese government wants the world to see.


Owned by another PC manufacturer

How reliable will the evaluations of a magazine owned by a PC manufacturer be?

I am putting it out as a question because we must give the company a chance.

But it does give me pause.

Plasma-spaffing boffins plan spaceships driven by FRIKKIN' LASERS


What about the LM proposed fusion reactor?

About a week ago there was an article about Lockheed-Martin working on a fusion reactor about the size of the trailer in a tractor trailer truck.

Sounds like a good power source for a possible onboard laser.

AT&T threatens to pull out of FCC wireless auctions over purchase limits


Re: Who wants local/regional spectrum?

So you want the majors to control all of the spectrum so they can charge you what they want.

Less competition is better RIGHT?

Indonesia plans 10 Gbps FTTP as part of 20-million-premises broadband project


3rd world jumping Ahead

The US again finds itself getting further and further behind because our ISP's believe that we only need the least that they can get us to pay the most for.

our schools, businesses and people be damed except if we can pay a fortune for lower grade service!!!!

Energy firms' security so POOR, insurers REFUSE to take their cash


Insurance can really start something

If you take a look at the history of insurance company influance on corporate actions you will that the fact that they will NOT take company money is a good thing.

Using the effect of Fire insurance on building codes and the training of fire departments you will find that the insurance companies forces cities to put in codes or they would not write policies in that city and if the cities didn't train real fire departments they also would not write policies. This forced companies to either go without insurance, something stock holders didn't like because of possibilities of bankruptsy, or build to the requirements of the insurance industry.

This could mean that companies will start doing what is needed or tell their shareholders why they risk self insurance or bankruptsy. It can also effect the public perception of a company as customers can't be sure that they will be there to backup warrenties or services needed by the customer.

Boeing going ... GONE: Black phone will SELF-DESTRUCT in 30 secs


Why Can't Apple Do This?

As I like to see competition and the fact that their should be competition going after my tax dollars, it would be nice to see Apple going after this space.

As an ex GI I want the best for our guys and gals and the best security for our goverment that money can buy. it also could seap over to the civilian side giving Apple another way to show that it does the best.

Tell us we're all doomed, MPs beg climate scientists


Re: Thing is, we *are* all doomed.

"I suggest you start to read up on CO2 fertilization, because your idea that a CO2 enriched atmosphere mass famines is not remotely supportable. CO2 is plant food. Maybe you missed that particular science lesson at school."

Yes more CO2 should mean greater yield in crops per acre, but the higher temperatures will mean,according to some Models, Larger areas that will get less rain then they are now and turn into desert. We are seeing all of the major deserts expanding into areas that were once fertile. If these models are correct then the Increase in Atmospheric CO2 will not have enough effect to offset the loss of acerage.

Microsoft sharpening axe for marketing heads - report


Apple might sdhave to look out

It appears that MS is moving toward an Apple type of structure. Apple might have to start looking over their shoulder.

All-in-One Inkjet Printers: Best Buys


how well do they work on Mac's

I have found that many of the all-in -ones work well om Windows but their driver for scanning and faxinf on the mc are deficient.

Are you going to test those features. Also, if they work on a network are you going to test the machine performance for all their capabilities over a mixed network, Mac & PC.


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