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Viewsonic 22in Android 'tablet' hands-on review



Personally, I just use one of these http://www.rikomagic.co.uk/ and a 23inch TV.

They're right though - you can do a lot of day-to-day tasks with just Android. Now, where's my Android port for old knackered PCs...

Windows Phone 7 unlockers let off with a warning

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Since the dev tools are free and the language isn't terribly hard to learn I don't understand why there's this need to pay to run your own code.

What they should do is to provide a tool which links a PC to a phone and allows installing code from just that PC (use a generated certificate or a special loader or something) to allow people to experiment without the ability to use precompiled code.

This would allow open source (download the source, build it and use the installer you've linked) and your own experiments without the ability to install arbitrary apps.

Meanwhile, I'll stick with Symbian and Java...

Nokia patents touch-tastic NFC operator leapfrog


Solution looking for a problem

Well, this certainly seems to be a solution looking for a problem.

Surely a far simpler way (although not so lucrative to these people) is simply for someone (Google?) to setup something like tinyurl.com. Allow people to link a credit card to an account and with a phone number and address and print the 6 digit codes onto posters and such.

Enter this code into a website (which has been logged into previously), an app or send a text message and the system can bill the saved card. You can add the need to enter a simple password (like iTunes on the iPhone) to ensure it's the correct user.

Can I patent that?

Frenchman cuffed for naughty lip-slip email to MEP


"displaying contempt towards a public servant"?

Christ, if they bought that charge in over here they'd solve the deficit in days with the fines.

Does anyone here *not* have contempt for their public "servants" (they don't seem to have the "servant" part down...)

Nothing succeeds like XSS



What's really needed is a new HTML tag - something which specifies which other scripts a site can access. These tags should be put within another block (HEAD?) and *only* within that block and only allow one instance of that block.

By restricting where the tags can appear it doesn't matter if someone manages to put them within a comment or something as the block within the HEAD tag will be first and will cause any more blocks to simply be ignored.

Block all scripts which are not specified as allowed by default and use a NoScript type interface to allow them if the website hasn't been updated to use these new tags - it's not much work on anyone's side to implement this.

Steve Jobs death-grips iPhone 4 reality



Yes, they're right that other phones have signal problems when held in certain ways. However, these "certain ways" are not usually the *normal* way to hold the phone so people don't come across them much.

That's where Apple screwed up - the problem occurs when the phone is held relatively normally.

And: since the answer is "add a case" they should have just put the damn antenna inside the phone (like every other manufacturer does). Pretty simple really. If everyone's doing something there's probably a good reason for it...

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs


not quite

Yes, he had mental issues, so do I. However, the only person I've ever attempted to kill is myself.

If people are concerned about the state of the mental health service (which *is* pretty awful) then they should be writing to their MP, or supporting mental health charities or starting "we want better mental health" groups on facebook.

But they're not. Most of these people are glorifying the "kill the police" stance he had or the "macho" view. These people are simply cowards - it's easy to speak "hard" online.

He was a murderer and a coward (if you want to kill yourself you do it privately without affecting others) - nothing more. He was *NOT* a victim.

And, perhaps the better use of the facebook groups would be to investigate everyone who posts something anti-police? Having free speech comes with a responsibility - the responsibility to accept the outcomes of what you say.


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