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12% of UK don't carry cash


Re: Lots of retailers DON'T like cards

Do you know the cost of handling cash? It is a lot more expensive than paying a small percentage to the bank such as:

You need to be able to safely transport it to a bank (cost),

Manually reconcile the register to cash taken,

Cost of insuring against "hold ups",

violence against staff,

cost of preventing hold ups

Always be on the look out for counterfeit notes.


Re: Advantages of cash...

- and when you loose is it is gone forever.

No amount of phone calls to treasury will cancel your banknotes and issue you with new ones at no cost to you.

eBay shopping lands wild colonial in lock-up


unadulterated sodium chlorate

"Those were also the days when pure and unadulterated sodium chlorate could be bought by the pound at a garden supplies shop."

I can get you all the NaCl (aka. salt) you want. Where do you want it delivered?

Do we really want 100Gig Ethernet?


"Do we really want 100Gig Ethernet?"

Hell, yeah!

What sort of silly question is that?

Ten... fantasy gadgets you wish you owned

Dead Vulture


How come the replicator from the Star Trek did not make in to the list?

FreeNAS 8.0 hits the street



"So what's Linux then?"

Linux, my friend is a Kernel not an OS.



re: Errr

OK, I'll bite.

Most likely that given the limited resources the FreeNAS project might have, they might have decided to have a top notch NAS and necessary hooks for other amateurs to bolt the media server functionality instead of middle of the pack NAS with lots of other flavour of the month media servers.

I myself use FreeBSD server to run the services I deem necessary at home.


FreeNAS not FreeMediaServer

Need I say more?


RE:And version 9.0...

C'mon! Give the guys a break. If the features are really that important to your setup, you could easily extend it and give it back to the project. FreeNAS source and the documentation is freely available and besides FreeBSD has one of the best (if not the best) documented, un-encumbered OS's out there.

Virgin Media Superhub customers still hitting big speed bump



You reckon? In 3 months time you will receive a standard letter telling you that during "routine" audits, they "discovered" that you are on the wrong price plan and they will correct it for you by upping your monthly charges.

I hope you have this new price plan in writing.

This happened to me, at which point told them to shove it as it is a significant change to the t&c and that they are on 30 days notice.

Cobalt-barrel machine guns could fire full auto Hollywood style


RE: and also curious to know ...

Deformations tend to have 2 parts: elastic & plastic. The elastic part of the deformation revert to its original dimensions once the deforming force is removed where as plastic deformations are permanent.

Besides, one can always heat up the barrel so it expands to withdraw the mandrel.


Re: Okay...


Most likely from the Cobalt alloy itself, perhaps a higher / harder grade. The article says it is hard, not impossible, to process the allow - so they could make a template.


Self-erasing flash drives destroy court evidence


...expansion at the molecular level...

That explains me expanding waistline !

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down


@Rhiakath Flanders

Both examples you gave falls under harassment (& even public disorder). Don't know about Portugal but in UK, police will arrest (if necessary ) the person harassing.

ACS:Law turns back on file-sharer court case


You can read all about at techdirt


Cambridge boffins rebuff banking industry take down request



If you read the blurb that comes with the contactless debit cards, you would know that at random you will be challenged to enter your pin, but I am guessing you do not have a contactless card nor you have bothered to read up on it as to how it works prior to opinionate.

The year's best... HD TVs

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wtf? Biased or what!

The article was meant to be about HD TVs yet the author shamlessly plugs Panasonic 3D TV AND rates the highest. Talk about apples and oranges.

I am not even suggest there were an ulterior motive for the author. It is pretty obvious!

Google sued for scanning emails of non-Gmail users


RE: CD001

"... By the time the email has even arrived on the Google servers, for them to process, it has already passed through who-knows how many nodes on the internet at large - all of which have "processed" that email"

Utter rubbish. These days most email servers use TLS (including gmail) which means all the communications between the two email servers are encrypted.

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs


Wrong analogy

Poor Peter was never in a position to express his sufferings or defend himself and those "professionals" should have been there to protect him which they demonstrably have failed.

Baby Peter was innocent.

Hardly the same can be said for RM.