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Mozilla's creepy Mr Robot stunt in Firefox flops in touching tribute to TV show's 2nd season

alan buxey

all foretold

"And while we’re here, they are having their way with us.

They’ve packaged our fight into product, turned our dissent into intellectual property, televising our revolution with commercial breaks.

They’ve backdoored into our minds and robbed our truth, refurbished the facts, then marked up the price.

This is what they do. This is what they’re good at. This is their greatest trick.

Lobotomizing us into their virtual reality horror show."


Why a detachable cabin probably won’t save your life in a plane crash

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aircraft pod

the idea of the cabin part being an installable/changeable part is something i had many years ago (at least a decade ago) ...whilst waiting again and again at airport boarding areas and finding it the most inefficient part of the process - even when treating aircraft more like buses (ryanair BMI baby easyjet etc).

load passengers into pod.... move out to location, slot into fuselage (shortly after the arriving passengers have been de-docked in similar fashion). I'd expect this to only be for the short-haul rapid turnaround commuter style flights.... the long-hauil stuff - you want more comfort/opulence and 15/20 minutes extra boarding time isnt much on a 17 hour flight.

but as the article says...for emergencies? not really.


Boxing clever? Amazon Fire TV is SO CLOSE to being excellent

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issues to note


agree with most of the review. my biggest current issue is the parental control PIN - its not fine-grained enough. Yes, I can use it to stop content being streamed or bought... but if I only stop it being used for purchase then ANYTHING can be streamed - not just eg 'U content' material - littleones are able to stream ANYTHING thats available on prime. thats quite sucky.

the other thing is lack of 'off' or power-down option. sorry....yes, it uses 'little' energy but I should still be able to turn the thing off or put it into low power standby

...PS it comes with amazon value AAA batteries... that seemed to last about 2 weeks. so yes, no 'batteries required' on box...but what a waste of materials to put 2 dead batteries in the bin(!) (why dont these things use inductive charging etc now...just leave remote ontop of the box to charge it.....especially as the box cannot be turned off (see above) without just hitting the mains power switch

Murdoch stands between your kids and filth with BSkyB network-level SHIELD

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okay...unless its really scarey technology its NOT going to be able to filter what videos/films the customers are streaming via netflix, lovefilm etc - at which point parents are going to find their kids watching stuff via such services that they thought BSkyB would be filtering...after all, they've been told that their ISP is filtering their content. law suits await.

You've been arrested for computer crime: Here's what happens next

alan buxey

incriminating evidence

..and now you'll have this article in your browser history which will be interesting. 'oh yes Sir, researching how to avoid being caught were we Sir?' - best use private browsing for The Register or ensure your total history is wiped... (oh , dont forget your backup software/Timemachine etc will keep handy copies and snapshots of that too). obviously this doesnt worry me... ;-)

Apple scrambles to fix buggy Mavericks apps

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.0 release

>And thus we are provided with yet another reminder of the risks taken when installing "version .0" of any major software release

well, not really. the OS itself seems sound. not had a problem. regarding those Apps - iMail, Safari etc - I dont use them, I use superoir (IMHO) applications instead - namely Chrome and Thunderbird. iBooks - I havent had a problem with..and I' happy that , at last, I can read iTunes book purchases on the desktop and not NEEDING an iPad or iPhone.

as for memory usage - read the very very informative reviews and tech notes - the OS is swap-averse and uses memory more aggressively to reduce power consumption..inclusing using memory compression methods to use memory as much as possible. Some applications will need some updates to take advantage of the new features (if those Apps are still being developed) or they'll enter the battery-eating hall of shame (energy impact pane in the acvitivy monitor)

iPad Air not very hot: Apple fanbois SHUN London fondleslab launch

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Re: Eh?

you seem to have misplaced the argument. you've stated exactly the point - the laptop you bought several years ago CAN be upgraded to give it some more relevance years later...SSD, maybe more memory...use a PCCard adapter or such for new connectivity. you cant do that with some recent devices...particularly fruity firm devices - the iPad and Macbook Air spring to mind here.

Fancy a new iPhone 5C or 5S? READ THIS or you may not get 4G data

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Re: Possibly stupid question

the use of 800MHz for 4G can mean problems for boxes without decent filters...the at800 group are providing filters to stop these signals interfering (if your Freeview signal uses the channels near 800MHz you're more likely affected. retuning wont help if the signal you want is at eg 792MHz! ;-)

however the proposals that have been put forward are to squeeze the frequencies used by freeview and to take away the 700-800MHz range - giving it to 4G/LTE instead. this would require some more remapping of main broadcast antennae and set-top boxes would have to be re-tuned to use the new channels - the knock on effect may be less channels on freeview in total...less HD content etc - OFCOM want the UK population to shift to getting content via broadband(!)

Microsoft - do you really think you can take on Google with Nokia?

alan buxey

Re: Some Apples and some Oranges

I moved to Waze about 6 months back and havent looked back (no navigation puns intended). its just a pity that all of these 'upstarts' arent as good as Nokia Maps regarding the simple download/install of a foreign country to avoid any roaming charges!

ISPs scramble to explain mouse-sniffing tool

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rarely use the mouse when visiting web sites. usually the cursor gets parked out of the way somewhere and then I use the trackpad to scroll up/down/left/right . luckily NoScript is quite useful to stop this kind of spyware too. Some sites I dont read 'natively' either - I use their aggregator feeds or mobile App to just read the articles...much much faster/better experience than their ghastly designs that they change every few months.

oh, didn't I spot spot some O2 Ads on The Register this weekend that drew a circle where your mouse was.... (noted when parking my mouse over an Ad) ;-)

Study finds online commentards easily duped, manipulated

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who cares?

votes arent important. beer is important.

Fed up with poor Brit telly and radio output? Ofcom wants a word with YOU

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DAB reception?

how about they just have a simple web form where you put in your location details and report your current

DAB signal? or register your driving routes and whether DAB actually worked at all for you?

they'd soon get a lot of data. its called crowd-sourcing.

or they can start with this, DAB signal is generally rubbish in Nottingham.


Now it gets serious: Fracking could RUIN BEER

alan buxey

Re: Kuwait Is Not Sinking, but Houston, Tx is

yes Khaleesi, this is known. You know nothing Don.

AT&T adds 61¢ 'Mobility Administrative Fee' for users

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we'll see

...so, noone will leave for this sub $1 fee? but it adds up...and smallest changes can break the camels back - in this case, this little 'smart trick' might lose them customer goodwill...and actual customers. its not a 'smart trick' to gain money if eg 10% of your customers jump ship...ask Sky or Virgin about customer churn when they mess around their current customers and up fees.

Major blow for Apple: 'Bounce back' patent bounced back by USPTO

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Re: Just a thought

was going to post exactly the same sentiment. Lead by being innovative. If others copy you, they are still

behind you, you still lead the curve and race - and imitation is the best form of flattery.

Adobe offers free trip to PowerPC era

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wife needed it


a month or so ago....

Old WinXP laptop died and replaced with little Windows netbook - she had CS2 and still needs it - so I went through the whole debacle of trying to install from CD/DVD package.... which couldnt activate. went to adobe site with her adobe account and found the info about CS2 licence and download. et voila. after many hundred MB of downloads a working CS2 on Windows Vista.... which turned into a working CS2 on Windows 7. After reading about the Adobe update tool and error codes found the clock/date fix which means it understands the update for eg photoshop so you get some patches.... funny, their licence servers are pulled and their X509 certs have expired too for update tool.

one thing I am cautious of though - these are old old products and if there are any vulnerabilities they are very unlikely to be fixed/patched now.. thats why CS3 et al came out after all. Am looking at free or cheaper alternatives for why CS2 had to be installed but not happy with any of the packages so far (I'm a big Linux fan so am aware of all the usual GPL tools ...but I am also realistic about their user friendliness ;-) )

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

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glowing review ignoring reality

Apple fan gives Apple product a glowing endorsement and ignoring reality? cheques in the post.

Build a bonkers hi-fi

alan buxey

Re: @JeffyPooh

25 quid?


more like £4.99 !

Orange San Diego Intel-based Android phone

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..never buy on a promise

Having been stung several times by carriers and the promises they've made, I'd day don't touch this phone until it's running ICS

Brits upscaling their TV buys

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no choice

I think the consumers have no choice - last time I looked, if you wanted decent features (freeviewHD, HD ready display, DNLA or smartTV, etc etc you can only get those on the bigger panels.

(there again, even bigger panels are missing vital features.... and I think they should have brought in a law to ensure that any HD TV sets that offer Freeview reception should have FreeviewHD receivers)

Second win for Apple as Galaxy Nexus sales banned in US

alan buxey

Bad week for Samsung's lawyers ?

no, Bad week for consumers.

Apple is using legal tactics to keep itself in a position which it acheived because no other

companies blocked their entrance...its called an Open Market. they are now sticking it to the other companies. If there were legitimate patents (ie ones that arent obvious, arent prior arent and are really cool and novel ways of doing things) then yes, they would have a case. ...talking of cases, I cant believe it will be next year when the case goes to court, the phones will all be old generation by then, Apple will have used this legal method to basically block any free competition.

as others have said, I expect Apple to start taking litigation against these same companies the moment

they launch a TV screen...probably along the lines of claiming all rights to high resolution screens

or a screen which has a motion detector built into it in a certain way.

my next phone is Android, my next tablet is Android - where I can choose which model and which manufacturer I like.

Virgin Media cuts Pirate Bay access for millions of punters

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search system

Given that TPB moved from being a torrent track system to simply a magnet file search system.....how long until courts tell ISPs to block access to Google (on which I can freely search for magnet links?). Eh? (in fact I can use Google to search for old fashion torrents too....and non secured cctv streams, peoples bank details etc etc)

Look back in Ascii: Computing in the 1980s

alan buxey

80s computing with no real mention of the Amiga. launched int he middle of the decade and spanked all those other toys into touch....by the end of the 80's people could even afford them in the UK ..the amazing A500 batman pack dropped to 399 quid - which was, for that amount of compute, and incredible offer...and the start of computer/console + games bundle era.... still going strong with eg PS3/Xbox360 bundles...

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 'release preview' for June

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Re: It's so clearly a turd - Windows for control freaks?

yes. to certain devices. and its not very easy to do..i think they hid it away because it is so 'old fashioned' to print things out (and its limited to a small subset of printers...wouldnt want all those users to complain that they cant actually print even though the device says 'print' ) ;-)

Printers SMASHED to bits in Office Space copycat revenge vid

alan buxey

clean hit...

as others have said...shame they couldnt hit the printers properly with the business end of those tools. i think with a good strike with the long-handled axe you could go clean through an HP.

next video, VIVA LA REVOLUTION! stick those blue-blooded printers into madame Guillotine! ;-)

alan buxey

...only language they understand?

I think you'll find thats PCL6 ;-)

UK.gov gives nod to .scot

alan buxey

.scot domain is naff and crude

they need to apply for a proper ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 2-letter country code.

Americans resort to padlocking their dumb meters

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Re: Not writting it off....

I dont sleep next to my electric meter - its 2 floors down in the cellar...but I do sleep next to my mobile phone - on my bedside table. The smart meter is using GSM - my mobile phone has WiFi and 3G on. I'd still worry far more, like others have mentioned about the phone...given that its next to my brain for quite a large amount of time...and if not in use...right next to my chest in my coat pocket, yes, we'll find its a killer technology, literally, in maybe a few decades and a cause of new, currently unknown cancers...but we'll also find that other tech that we've lived around for a long time and these smartmeters ARENT a cause of ill health...and if used right should help save the human population from its own doom (peak oil gone, lack of any natural resources and all that good stuff) - people blocking the install should be charged more and pay for not having smart meters

Ten... top PlayStation Network game downloads

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great titles

one of the key points is that these (and many more missed out - especially the PixelJunk series) are

just as good, if not better than the big retail 40 quid games....and at 5 to 10 quid they are a sound investment into entertainment.

University of NSW to open patent pool

alan buxey


>As a result, such patents would typically need someone with a money truck handy to create commercial products

hmmm... not unlike all those patents that patent trolls sit on waiting for someone to actually

invest money and actually MAKE something. eg Intellectual Ventures who The Reg have mentioned a few times recently...dont actually make anything..they just sit on patents and get cash in from companies.

this Easy Access IP is the decent way of doing things

Asus prices up five-core Eee Pad Android tablet

alan buxey

i like my TF

...but I'm worried (with a giggling doubt) that there'll be no ICS for it. I hope there is because that will keep my faith in asus ..and cause me much joy

Best Buy to shutter all UK megastores

alan buxey

one of the better stores

this is pretty miserable news - i like Best Buy - they are one of the better tech retail stores

around and i've had some good purchases from them since they opened their store here in Nottingham.

now all we've got left is the DSG bunch of overpriced horrendous stores - and random tech stuff in tesco/ASDA/etc etc - horrible.

I wonder if it would have been better of they actually advertised more...word of mouth seems to have been their main method....and The Gadget Show was still DSG sponsored - that was the sort of spot that BestBuy should have grabbed.

oh well, online shopping only...along with MMC splitting up of DSG

Server, disc glitches mar Battlefield 3 launch

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gamecity 6 , nottingham

Anyone in the nottingham vicinity can go to gamecity6 and try out this game in a travelling EA game trailer/pod at the market square. I didn't as there are far more indie titles elsewhere that I personally prefer ... fez dez rez, for example , rocks my boat rather than another paint by numbers FPS

5 SECONDS to bypass an iPad 2 password

alan buxey

no encryption

the fact that is cant do filesystem encryption should be enough for it to fail mobile data compliance :-|

iPhone 4S: Our *hit list

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90% score

really? better phones have scored less in the past couple of months. Seems a tad favourable to the fruity company , style/design over function.

This Dianamania is a slur on Jobs

alan buxey


I got my 'personal computer' which was far more advanced than any PC or Mac in its day - and

it had draggable windows...all at different resolutions.... Amiga

of course, what happened to Amiga just as the iMac was being outed is probably the worlds biggest loss in terms of computing freedom and ability. Still...20 years later its still going - OS4 updates

keep coming out. the OS is exactly what others have been trying to make theirs operate like now for the past 20 years..

Cloud on the rise (Love JANET)

alan buxey

a little more advanced now

40Gb backbone with 10Gb to several of the campuses. The current JANET network is still made up of Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) who have local expertise and knowledge..and their own dark fibre in many places - providing each campus with ethernet WAN is most places.

JANET is also ahead of the game for wireless roaming too - thanks to eduroam - 802.1X WPA enterprise wireless at all involved sites meaning that visitors to the eduroam SSID authenticate using their home site credentials - from wherever they are in the world.

Huawei gets charged with juicy Android handset

alan buxey

3 days...that all?

my ZTE Blade aka SanFrancisco lasts pretty much a week without needing a recharge. its a great little Android phone

Acer Iconia A100 7in Android tablet

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7" formfactor is just right

I've always said that the 7" form factor is just right for 'on the move' tablet stuff, rather than eg sitting on sofa or at desk ...smaller sizes feel like overgrown smartphones and bigger ones are a balancing act or cause your wrist to be well exercised

I'm not surprised at lower battery life if the CPU is chucking that amount of horsepower around...perhaps they should have gone for eg eeepad transformer speeds? Wouldn't be surprised to see a large community around this one..perhaps performance tweak to improve such things by a magnitude eg underclocking mods/utils

Put your hard drives into the cloud

alan buxey


If your network access was that slow, why would you want your own data on the other end of it? You wouldn't/couldn't enjoy eg streaming your flicks to your tablet on the sofa. Better a NAS in the cellar.. (unless you are serving it out to the world. I guess)

Virtual and real worlds collide in gamers' minds

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nothing new

It's called perceptive imagination.

I try to avoid bananas while driving...thanks Nintendo...the chomps still get me though ;)

Capital gets trendy address: .London on its way

alan buxey


...is, I believe, acceptable.

I do not like the .london concept (and all the other capital city/major town top levels it will sprout) at all

Boffins boost battery life with underclocked Wi-Fi

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..you already can..

well, on Android you can. eg http://www.appbrain.com/app/pl.polidea.y5

Paper Camera

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no App2SD support - otherwise it'd be an instant purchase

PS don't care if its available for other platforms. you'd have to be a

bit of a twit to switch phone platform just for one nice little App - after all,

such an App could exist as a Cloud-based web application that you

simply e.g. tweet your photos to.

PlayStation Network credit cards protected by encryption

alan buxey

passwords stored encrypted?

>Industry practices dictate they should never be stored in clear text

...unless you're in France where theres a big fight going on against the Government who

want all passwords stored in plaintext on remote servers :-|

Ten... dirt-cheap voice phones

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some smart phones are better...

after the Register coverage of the Orange San Francisco phone (aka 'ZTE blade') I popped out

and picked one up (for playing with...) 89 quid with mandatory 10 quid top-up (I think its 99 quid with 20 quid topup now...)

it lasts for over 5 days from a single charge when used as a enhanced phone (ie dont run data apps etc). thats actually not that bad!

Ten... budget Android smartphones

alan buxey

damn you..

damn all you Reg readers! i couldnt resist and bought one of those SanFran phones for my own personal play-thing :-)

Steve Jobs: mystery patent pool to attack Ogg Theora

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@Bruce - yes, been following Diracs progress via BBC Backstage for quite some time now

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

alan buxey

mines still running strong

A1200 with PowerPC upgrade - 240MHz of 603e power and 256Mb of RAM - with a Voodoo3

card on PCI busboard expansion. yep - these things could be expanded WAYYYY beyond their original shape/design.

anyway, for those intrigued by the current AmigaOS etc then you could do worse than head on over to amigakit and look at the SAM440EP system with OS4.1 http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=sam+flex+system

Students Union reps vote to ban cheap booze for students

alan buxey

down with the union

when i was at Sussex Uni, every year a motion was brought forward to not pay the NUS

affiliation fee... it was always voted down primarily because of the 'we get cheap drinks'

argument.. with no cheap drinks I can see many bodies dropping their NUS affiliation.

that said, when I was at Uni, the Uni bars werent cheap - you could go into town (Brighton)

and get far more drink for your cash.. 2 for 1, half price, free shot with every pint etc etc.

yes, there was very cheap drink when i was a student - at least 1 quid per pint - and yet we didnt have issues with binge drinking in the early nineties as we seem to have now (or is it all just media hype?) - its not cheap drink..drink isnt that cheap (reports have said cocaine is cheaper ;-) )

theres a _reason_ why people are drinking themselves into stupors every wekeend in the UK - because life int he UK is currently quite sh*t and theres nothing better to do for a large proportion of the population.

history teaches us lessons. if we dont learn from history what hope do we have? not that long ago a similar portion of the population used to wpend their free hours in gin houses drinking the cheapest mind-bending stuff they could. those 2 were the days when the poor were porr and the rich were very rich and thousands died of curable illnesses. ah yes, and now its 2009 and its all the same again.