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Apple readies iTunes for Beatles juice, says report

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I like the Beatles, I grew up in the 60s listening to their music, but really.

Acoustic gunshot locators get UK military field trials

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Great headline!


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Toshiba AC100 Android smartbook

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No sound

"Known Issues: There is currently no sound driver, so no sound will work on the ac100"

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Oh dear

Has any device got such a low mark before?

Unfortunately (I checked a couple of days ago) people aren't having any joy so far putting Ubuntu or Debian on it.

Ofcom imposes new rules on silent callers

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Good question

I usually ignore "Number Withheld" calls, but I still get interrupted from what I was doing.

HMV takes on mighty iTunes with 40p promo

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Still too expensive

I'll buy more mp3s when the price is a half or a third of CDs. A quick look at hmvdigital shows the mp3 album prices are still not much less, or --ridiculously-- even *more* than the same albums in CD format (and HMV doesn't charge postage for CDs).

I'm not all that bothered about music these days, frankly, and the biz doesn't really give me much reason to take an interest.

IBM's new water-cooled supercomputer fires up

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How much thermal power?

9kW doesn't sound like much. My domestic gas boiler is more than that.


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