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Dell guilty of defrauding New York customers

Ron Shiel

In Support of Dell in UK

I've been a Dell dealer for 7 years and whilst Dell have blown hot and cold on having dealers, their service record has been exemplary. For Example, I supplied all the Dells for the St Pancras Station project and received nothing but praise from the customer regarding both reliability and support. Of course properly specified hardware tends to be a lot more reliable that "cheapo of the week".

Of couse they will speak to you over the phone to try to diagnose any problem and ask you to see if you can fix it yourself.(Wouldn't you?) If not an engineer is there on site next day without fail.

Dell in the UK is excellent compared to many in the UK that I have dealt with in the past.

Tesco to start flogging Dell computers

Ron Shiel

Dell Service Location

Mr Ed Gould et al

YES, Dell have moved support lines to India but if you have say a Dell Precision Workstation you can pay an extra £30 for initial telephone support from London based engineers. (That was the cost 4 years ago when I supplied CAD workstations to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link/St Pancras project)

In fact Dell's on-site support is one of the best items it offers. I say that with 8 yrs experience as a UK based Dell reseller.

Also, if you have the TAG number from the back of the Dell PC you can look up the original full specification, on line, in seconds.

The Vostro motherboard saved Dell about £10 per PC. Certainly not the best PC for access and upgradeability, but if that is your need you should not be buying one!

It would be nice however if Dell would offer a PC without bloaterware. They said the Vostro would ship without extra software but it didn't.

But overall, Dell supply good , reliable, PCs at a fair price so please don't knock their success. I am proud to sell Dell to my clients.

Ron Shiel, Mister Inkjet Ltd

Dell's channel shake-up ripples across to Europe

Ron Shiel

Dell Dealerships

My company has been a small specialist Dell Computer reseller in the UK for 5 years. There are other resellers direct with Dell. So what is all the fuss about Dell going to sell through dealers in UK? It already does.

We have our own account manager and get excellent back up and sales support. Dell configuration is easy compared to some other manufacturers.

Dell service in UK is superb and the computers are reliable and built to order in a few days. Dell financial services were a great help to us when we first started trading.

Overall, speaking as a dealer, Dell is the best computer supplier I have dealt with in the last 17 years.

Ron Shiel

Mister Inkjet Ltd