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Virgin Media spanked by ad watchdog over 'in your neighbourhood' fibs


It's Virgin

This is the company that promises unlimited downloads, and then cripples your stream if you exceed their limit - but still claim that as they don't stop your downloads their limits don't count as limits

WW II U-boat attacks prompt new US response


Blame BP

Surely the US can blame BP and sue them for billions in reparations?

ASA says 'unlimited' broadband can have 'moderate' limits on it


Re: "...the watchdog believes punters will expect "moderate restrictions"..."

Actually I do expect limits on my unlimited broadband. Because I expect to be lied to by the ISPs and I expect the ASA to allow false advertising.

Razzies set to torpedo Rihanna's Battleship



You know a film is bad when Asylum's rip-off is actually the better film (if you take into account the much smaller budget)

How one bad algorithm cost traders $440m


On a plus side

The executives awarded them selves a huge bonus for coping in a difficult time

Lords blast UK.gov's fixation on broadband speed over reach


The power that be concentrate on the 'fastest' speed to 2 main reasons, in my opinion. First it's a nice headline, "The UK now has the fastest broadband in Europe, with speeds upto 1GB" sounds really good. The fact that you can only get 1Gb if you live in a 200 square metre part of London can be kept quiet.

Second, it's easier to fudge: Broadband can move from 'upto 8mb' (average speed 2.51 mb) to 'upto 16mb' (average speed 2.53 mb) quite cheaply and easily, with OFCOM's blessing as well

Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset


Re: Poor build quality is a Samsun tradition

Are you in the UK? If so the Sale of Goods act is your friend for this. The item must be fit for purpose - so if you buy a touchscreen 'phone on a 2 year contract it must work properly, with reasonable care on your part, for at least those 2 years (I also believe that it is also up to the manufacturer to prove you didn't take that reasonable care).

Soup up your home network


Re: Just a shame...

For faster speeds on Virgin's notwork, you need to have the new 'super modem' which has a built in router - much like the standard ADSL type.

I think the BigYin's problem is that you have to have their modem/router, even if you just use it as a passthrough for a decent router - hence the comment about 2 devices.

I found my Virgin supplied router to be quite poor and have a separate DSL router plugged into it, to run my network.

Barclays axes 422 UK IT staff


40 new jobs

Why do I get the feeling that the 40 new jobs will all be managers?

SEC slaps inside trader with record $93m fine


Not a big fine really

$92.8 fine and a total cost of $156.6 might be a lot to us (OK it's fantastically huge for us), but to him it's 9.3 and 15.6 % of his total wealth respectively. (And that's if he only has $1B exactly and not more)

Another way of looking at it is they've left him at least $844 million to survive on. Somehow I think he'll manage.

The only real penalty here is the 11 years (reduced for overcrowding) in the Florida country club

Personally I think the fine should have been a percentage of his wealth, and a large percentage at that

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


Don't hold back, Lewis, tell us what you really think

Life-size Lego assault rifle really works

Thumb Up

I want one

I wonder if we can get Lego to sell such a kit?

My Droid EXPLODED mid phone call, says Texan


Interesting sequence of events

His 'phone "explodes", so the first thing he does is rush to his wife's work so she can take pictures. Once they have been taken someone calls 911 to report the emergency incident that is a cut on his ear. If it was so important the he needed an ambulance (why else 'phone 911?) why didn't he drive himself to the ER instead of his wife's school.

The cynic in me feels that the word 'compensation' was involved in the thought process long before the word 'ow'.

Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'


The hypocrisy of it

Maybe Virgin should stop massaging the truth, if they want some credibility with this.

To quote from their http://www.stopthebroadbandcon.org/ site: "You should be getting what you pay for"

Yet, their "traffic Shaping" means I now get about 5Mb connection in the evenings, whilst paying for 50Mb.

Yorks cops charge Segway rider under 1835 road law



What happens if a push-bike goes past the copper first, but he ignores it before stopping the Segway? Is he not supposed to stop both seeing as they're the same offense, or use his judgment to ignore both of them?


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