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Airline software super-bug: Flight loads miscalculated because women using 'Miss' were treated as children


Re: Bender Rodriguez...

I also like children, but it depends on how they have been cooked.

What could be worse than killing a golden goose? Killing someone else's golden goose


(non-relational) database back-end on Novell.

Ohhh, Btrieve the love of my life back then.

The Novell NetWare box keeps rebooting over and over again yet no one has touched it? We're going on a stakeout


Re: Modern problems

"interference free" recommended bulb

That is not actually that wrong. I've had problems with a no name cheap mains powered LED bulbs causing RF interference. Mate had problems with loss of signal on a digital TV that only occurred at night. It turns out it was the bulb in the upstairs hall.

Replaced it with a better brand name and no more interference.

Japan sticks the landing: Asteroid sample recovered from Hayabusa2 probe



You gotta watch out for mutated drop bears...

Considering the colonisation of Mars? Werner Herzog would like a word


Re: There’s hope yet!

EV you don't get the advantage of heating as byproduct

The whole process is NOT 100% efficient, the waste is heat and that could be used to heat the passenger compartment.

The big issue is in the hot climates you will need to use energy for cooling. It is not fun in a car with no cooling at 40c plus.

Ho-ho-heave ho! IBM warns Global Business Services staffers of that most festive of things: A 45-day redundancy programme


Yea, Right

The redundancies are also intended to “reduce capacity in areas not aligned to [IBM’s] strategy.”

Means not working in a certain country not in europe

When you tell Chrome to wipe private data about you, it spares two websites from the purge: Google.com, YouTube


Re: BleachBit is your friend!

BleachBit - also has the D Trump seal of approval against COVID-19

Future airliners will run on hydrogen, vows Airbus as it teases world-plus-dog with concept designs



Another indication that the coating was the problem was the colour of the flames. Hydrogen burns as an almost invisible blue while the Hindenburg burnt bright yellow.


Re: Looks good to me

The use of hydrogen obtained from water by electrolysis then then used in a fuel cell and converted back to water is a closed loop. Those who appear to think that it will increase greenhouse gases don't appear to understand the process.


Re: Looks good to me

I am still interested in the effects of the water vapour released worldwide

Not an issue as if it is done correctly the hydrogen is generated via electrolysis from water using hopefully green electricity.

She was praised by the CEO and promoted. After her brother and mom died, she returned from compassionate leave. IBM laid her off


Re: What the Hell Has Happened to IBM?

I left ibm 10 years ago while they were busy outsourcing all of my team to a certain country. I was totally sick of herding cats, cleaning up baby sick and trying to keep customers happy and on side.

Best thing I did, stress levels dropped and I was actually respected for what I did in my new job.

Nothing that I have seen or heard since has changed my mind...

0ops. 1,OOO-plus parking fine refunds ordered after drivers typed 'O' instead of '0'


Re: And this ladies and gentlemen...

And how many normal people know completely useless facts like that? It is anything but common knowledge. And I know as I live in Melbourne.

'A guy in a jetpack' seen flying at 3,000ft within few hundred yards of passenger jet landing at LA airport


Re: Same question.

Yea, but they are looking down not out or above.

Digital pregnancy testing sticks turn out to have very analogue internals when it comes to getting results


Re: waste, waste, waste

What about the Dibbly method, pee on a hamster and if it turns blue you're pregnant.

This PDP-11/70 was due to predict an election outcome – but no one could predict it falling over


Re: Performance Upgrade

IBM had the same thing except it was controlled by a software patch.

Splunk sales ace wins sex discrimination case after new boss handed her key accounts to blokes deemed 'flight risks'


Re: Sex discrimination or just bad management?

She agreed a sabbatical

Sometimes you have no choice! I have been in the position where I have had a large accumulate leave balance and was told I had to take it as they would not pay me out.

How did you spend your time at university? Pizza, booze, sleeping? This Oxford student is snooping on satellites


any encryption really needs to be end-to-end

Not in Australia, the government is trying to pass king canute laws to ban this to allow them and others (crims and foreign governments etc) access.

Belief in 5G conspiracy theories goes hand-in-hand with small explosions of rage, paranoia and violence, researchers claim


Re: I'm always struck by

Why the unshakeable belief with so little evidence? Why the unshakeable rejection with so much evidence?

Where do you think religion comes from...


Nah, the lower frequencies are worse

Just look at the damage caused by AM radio. In Australia all the talk back radio and shock jocks are on AM and the amount of hate and damage that is caused is considerably worse than any thing 5G can come up with.

And then consider the ELF band! Able to bring down aircraft especially around the Harold E Holt naval communications centre.


Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault


Re: An Attack or a Screwup?

And Pabst Blue beer...

Blight the power: Jamming attack cripples wireless signals using clever reflective technology


RFID tags are not passive. They actually emit RF and can be detected doing so.

Australian contact-tracing app sent no data to contact-tracers for at least ten days after hurried launch


Re: Ah it's nice to see Agile at work

I have never seen agile implemented any other way... The bosses and BA's just love it as it just means they don't need to actually do any work. Just throw a half arsed idea over the wall and issue the command 'build'!

We're in a timeline where Dettol maker has to beg folks not to inject cleaning fluid into their veins. Thanks, Trump


I always reminded of the spitting images skit "The presidents' brain is missing"



When I was in the states years ago I remember being told "A fool and their money is soon elected!"


Re: Trump's Base

Correct, yanks don't understand irony and sarcasm...

Elevating cost-cutting to a whole new level with million-dollar bar bills


Re: Never saw a car crash into a computer

Hope they buried some cable as they came across.

Odds on they actually would have dug it up and broken it...

US govt 'told Germany that Chinese spies bug' Huawei 5G kit. It also told the world Iraq had WMDs ready to deploy...


You also forgot 1973 the original 9/11 when the CIA was involved in the overthrow of the democratically elected Allende government of Chile and installation of the dictator Pinochet.

What is WebAssembly? And can you really compile C/C++ to it? And it'll run in browsers? Allow us to explain in this gentle introduction


Re: Dummies guide:

Maybe play about with it before you comment?

So it will support all of my MFC UI code, my ProC Oracle database access code and other such UI and DAL interfaces?

Over the last 30 years very little of the C/C++ code I have written has been 'pure', for it to work under WebAssembly it would have to have the UI and the DAL rewritten.

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!


We had a similar problem, manager moved their desk and because the coax wasn't long enough added a dropper.

Took ages to work it out as it just slowed everything down and made some PC just not work at all. Ended up using a 'scope to see what was going on on the cable.

Are you getting it? Yes, armageddon it: Mass hysteria takes hold as the Windows 7 axe falls


Re: Ah, Git ...

Rather have vegimite not so sweet...


Re: Ah, Git ...

Nah, the christians stole it from the pagans.

It's in the name "Easter" pre-Christian goddess in England, Eostre. Hence all the fertility references like eggs and rabbits.

BOFH: You brought nothing to the party but a six-pack of regret


Re: Posters with platitudes

Half full or half empty?

Depends on what it contains.

Warm school milk or beer...


Re: 'You brought nothing to the party but a six pack of regret?'

"Country Music is just sittin' on the floor drinkin' a bottle of Jack Daniels with the big, lonely, salty tears pourin' down your cheeks -"

Its like when you play a country music record backwards.

* Your Truck starts

* Your dog comes back from the dead

* And your Wife / Girl friend comes back to you

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?


>Seriously what could you possibly have a problem with after all this time?

Consumer applications that only only run on Windows such as retail POS, warehouse, pharmacy, doctors surgery management software etc.

It might be possible to move these to the cloud, but the costs involved are high especially for specialist applications with a small installed user base such that it would not be currently economic.

Y2K? It was all just a big bun-fight, according to one Reg reader


Yes In Australia it ended up being a non event because people like me did things like working bloody hard for 18 months replacing a banking package fly in fly out for a regional bank.

I ended up with an absolutely obscene awesome level of frequent flier points. Me and the misses spent the next year on several holidays including the UK.

Elon Musk gets thumbs up from jury for use of 'pedo guy' in cave diver defamation lawsuit


Re: Surprised

Maggie was much amused by her portrayal on SI

Especially around the interactions between her and her cabinet.

Waiter: "And how do you want your steak"

Maggie: "Raw"

Waiter: "And what about the vegetables"

Maggie (looking at cabinet): "They'll have the same"

Brewing in spaaaaace: SpaceX sends a malting kit to the International Space Station


Re: Prelude to Mars

The problem being to make Budweiser you will need to take rice and birch trees along, forget the barley

Tesla has a smashing weekend: Model 3 on Autopilot whacks cop cars, Elon's Cybertruck demolishes part of LA


Re: I Can't Stop Myself

being employed is literally a get out of jail free card for any type of driving offense including running people down and killing them

Only if you need your drivers licence for employment.

As it is compared to many other countries your normal aussie drivers are crap. Can't keep left, always on the mobile phone, no idea what an indicator is, etc...

Internet jerk with million-plus fans starts 14-year stretch for bizarre dot-com armed robbery


(in some places, the local crime boss would 'take care of it')

Do you mean the local politician?

Americans should have strong privacy-protecting encryption ...that the Feds and cops can break, say senators


Those who can do, those who can't teach and those with no clue got into politics...

Reg we need a drooling idiot ICON especially for politicians.

'That roar is terrific... look at that rocket go!' It's been 52 years since first Saturn V left the pad


Re: solid rocket boosters

everything on location Remember OssianScotland there is a certain ethnic group here who have no idea about irony and sarcasm...

Are you coming to the party dressed as an IMP? ARPANET @ 50


security and privacy True, so true. We were so young, naive and trusting in those days.

Hacking was just what you did to get a bit of rough and ready code running...

MAMR Mia! Western Digital's 18TB and 20TB microwave-energy hard drives out soon


Re: Feeling Old...

I installed one of those in my 1st PC1 replacing one of the full height floppies. We were sooo advanced...

Full of beans? Sadly not as fellow cracks open tin at dinner to find just one


believed that any food was acceptable as long as it didn't actually trigger the gag reflex

Coming from a commonwealth country with an abundant supply of nature food where butter was cheaper than margarine. I was stunned by the quality of British food in places like the works canteen.

I just could not believe that my work mates considered that this was quality. It was then explained to me the concept of a "school" dinner. Whoa, my immediate thought was child abuse.

I ended up married to an English lady and returning to said commonwealth country and English lady if I'm not careful will revert to type with an evening meal of cheap baked beans on toast or a salad using something called "salad cream" which appears to be a by product of some unknown industrial chemical process making soap or something.

Apple blinks on iPhone repairs, touts parts program for independent tech mechanics... sort of


Re: Soo....

To be honest sometimes a downvote means you hit the mark.....

Harvard freshman kicked out of US over OTHER people's posts on his social media


Re: "incompatible with the culture and mission of higher education and our national ideals.”

America to Be White And Republican Again

Err don't you mean America to Be Orange And Republican Again


Re: So to gain entry into America you MUST......

I have to say that the USA is a damn fine place to visit and most folk that you'll meet there are damn fine people

NOT in Texas I felt extremely unsafe, wall to wall guns. I've been through Europe, Asia, Africa, parts of the Middle East and the Pacific. The states are the only place I've been in the world where you walk into a club and there is sign check your guns and knifes here.


Re: Twitter?

The problem with irony and sarcasm is a certain ethnic group is unable to detect it....

Uncle Sam is asking Americans if they could refrain from slapping guns on their drones


Re: Where in "keep and bear arms" does it say anything about them not being attached to an aircraft?

The word "bear". The moment you're not touching the arm, you are not bearing it.

So if the gun is in the gun rack in the back window of your truck it is now illegal?

I would love to see that one enforced in TX...

Samsung Note10+ torn apart to expose three 5G antennas: One has to pick up something


Re: Make them repairable...

He identified what people need, not what they think they want.

Nah, he created something then made some people think they needed it. In fact must have it new shiny shiny...



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