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Update to NHS COVID-19 app brings improved warnings, end to 'ghost' notifications

Geoff Heaton

Why was the App not designed to notify you that an update is required?

I do not have my phone set to auto-update all apps.

I occasionally check the Play Store, and this is the only time I see that this app

has a newer version.

How many people are still using the original version?

Chancers keep buying up dot-UK company name domains: Got a problem? That'll be £750 for Nominet to rule on it

Geoff Heaton

Technically. the 'other 3' are called Great Britain, so probably need .gb

Two years ago, 123-Reg and NamesCo decided to register millions of .uk domains for customers without asking them. They just got the renewal reminders...

Geoff Heaton

I got the renewal notice from 123 a few weeks ago, about renewal in October.

As I only manage 1 domain, I thought this was strange as I renewed <domain>.co.uk in March.

After re-reading the email I noticed it was for <domain>.uk

I tried to login to my 123 Control Panel - login failed.

Attempted to invoke "forgot my password" - never received an email to change password.

Had to phone support. After 20 minutes in a queue (probably because many people were calling to complain),

I eventually got to talk to someone, She did not apologise and just advised me to login to my control panel

and change auto-renew to off.

When I said that I could not access it, she checked my account and tried several things to resolve this.

She then gave up and raised a ticket for me. She checked my <domain>.uk was not set to auto renew, so I would not be charged.

I asked for an email confirmation when my control panel access was resolved.

She said that she would instead phone me back when resolved.

Last Friday, after no call or email, I tried to login again with no success.

Tried "forgotten password" and this time got an email with a link to change password.

Changed password, which now requires 12 characters. Wonder then this was changed and this was why I could not login earlier.

Just glad that I only manage 1 domain.

Yes, TfL asked people to write down their Oyster passwords – but don't worry, they didn't inhale

Geoff Heaton

How about ...

The form is not fit for purpose.

"Customers must complete all fields. Write in capitals in each box"

So if I have lower case letters in my password, what do i do?

Corrupt NHS official jailed for £80k bribe over tech contract

Geoff Heaton

The question about why they ask for your name and address for a refund is quite normal.

If you return an item to B&Q they want the same information.

I have always assumed that the information is required to either:-

1) Check that the named person is not continually returning items for a refund


2) To carry out random checks that the person/address actually exist.

Hull surfers cut off by router attack

Geoff Heaton

Re: Better article on the BBC website...

Ah yes, and all the racks of Strowger switches were painted in Post Office Light Straw Paint.

Happy days.

Outlook outage outrage

Geoff Heaton

Re: OK only semi related but...

Maybe they thought that's what you need for 2 step authentication! :)

Microsoft's 'anti-malware Device Guard' in Windows 10: How it works, what you need

Geoff Heaton

Microsoft, welcome to 1970!!!

When I worked at Plessey, we were using "Capability Based Addressing" to protect OS space way back then..


$10,000 Ethernet cable promises BONKERS MP3 audio experience

Geoff Heaton

My view on these types of cables has always been "Unless you have won the lottery, by the time you can afford them, your ears/eyes will be so old that you will be unable to appreciate any possible increase in sound/picture quality."

Hundreds of dot-brand domains predicted

Geoff Heaton


@leftfield - I wondered if this is taking off because of the decision to allow .xxx to be registered for the porn industry. But I then think like you; .xxx will be too much like .com or .co.uk.

So will the porn companies now want to ditch .xxx and have, along with your examples, TLDs such as .milf etc etc?

Defragger salesman frags HP

Geoff Heaton

WIndows 7

@Pascal Monett - By default, Win 7 runs a defrag job (%windir%\system32\defrag.exe -c) every Wednesday at 01:00.

Wales loses 'dot-cum' domain to tax haven

Geoff Heaton

How about ...


Drive suppliers hit capacity increase difficulties

Geoff Heaton
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@AC "That's nothing..."

Same here. I can't remember the model, but it was a Burroughs. Looked like the B90 shown here.


The requirement for the 3-phase supply was a combination of the size of the motor to turn the platters, and the pneumatic system to throw the heads away from the disk surface upon detection of the heads getting too close to the surface.

Those were the days.


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