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Winning contestant dies during competitive eating event

Ricky H

sickening & sad

Almost as bad as the woman who held her Wee for a Wii. Do humans really care about suffering (starvation) thousands of miles away in countries they will never visit? At a time of global shocks and shortages, any kind of excess should be shunned by the media not promoted.

Have a heart !

Philips pitches black with monster contrast LED backlight

Ricky H

IP violation?

I'm pretty sure modulating the brightness of the LED's is in direct infringement with BrightSide (now Dolby's) Intellectual Property. I went down to London to see the guys at BrightSide over 2.5 years ago. Since then they sold the LED backlit tech to Dolby and made a mint I hope.

Comedy UK social network berates moaning users

Ricky H


good on them x 1,000,000

This will be remembered as the downward-turning point of persistent, gossip based, time wasting blogging that is known as social networking. smash the system.

DHS calls in sci-fi writers as consultants

Ricky H

small bootnote if I will.....

Your article says "The DHS was formed as a response to the outrages of 9/11"

I found this news clip from Faux news which would suggest that "Homeland Defense" was a newly created organisation, and existed before 9/11.