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Breaching China's Great Firewall is hard. Pushing packets faster than 1Mbps once through is the Boss Fight

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Link to article leads to a 404 for me.

Interested as quite a lot of our traffic goes through China and they seem to be traffic managing Microsoft Streams now leading to issues.

Who's still using Webex? Not even Cisco: Judge orders IT giant to use rival Zoom for virtual patent trial

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Re: Am I the only one using Google Meet?

Google meet is now free and saves your recordings to gdrive, seems to work pretty well.

5G is Chinese firms' foot in the door to Europe as Oppo launches flagship Reno mobe in Zurich

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Oppo launched last November?

I bought an Oppo Find 7 in the UK from their official online store 5 years ago, was a decent phone at the time as it was one of the first with 4g and the first afaik with fast charging.

Sadly the phone died a couple of years later due to corruption of the RAM leading to resets.

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Launched last November?

I bought an Oppo Find 7 from their official store 5 years ago, was a decent phone at the time one of the first with 4g and fast charging.

Sadly the phone died a couple of years later due to corruption of the RAM leading to resets.

Stop whining, America: Your LTE makes Europe look slow

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Re: But at what cost?

Still remember the days of paying £5 per megabyte with o2! Had an HTC XDA 2 with GRPS. Sadly it looks like with all the telecoms mergers that have been approved recently that prices are going back up again.

I pay £15 per month (4 year old legacy 'One' contract) for unlimited 4 g data (including tethering) and unlimited calls and texts.

It also gives me free data and minutes in a lot of countries.

I'm dreading the day they move me to another tariff as it's going to at least be double the price.

Intravenous hangover clinics don't work, could land you in hospital

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I find drinking a pint of water with some electrolyte tablets in before you sleep is a good way of reducing the hangover, especially if you then have another pint containing some caffeine electrolyte tablets when you wake up in the morning.

Ice cold: How hard man of storage made Everest climb look easy

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8 to 12 hours to render per frame? That's over a million hours for the film!

Interesting seeing the hardware and workflow needed behind stuff like his and the previous F1 article.

LG picks up US smartphone crumbs, gains on Apple and Samsung

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Surprised that Whatsapp isn't on the list yet stuff like Yahoo stocks is considering most the people in my phone book have whatsapp yet no one I know uses Yahoo stocks.

Joining the illuminati? Just how bright can a smart bulb really be?

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I have a Yeelight smart light and I find it useful so now wouldn't be without it. At first I thought it was a gimmick but I find the tieing in the lights to come on building up in intensity a few minutes before my phone alarm goes off is invaluable as I wake up feeling far more alert in these dark months.

I also find it's good for watching tv as you can just whip the phone out whilst on the sofa and dim the lights instead of getting up and doing it.

The modes for different times of day are really well thought out too, you can have the light on in the day when it's overcast and want a bit of extra brightness in the room but it knows what time it is so when you turn it on again at night it will have a much softer redder hue than the previous blueish one, similar to what F.lux does with computer displays.

Cut price Android on steroids: OnePlus One – should we look gift horse in the gob?

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I've been using the Oppo Find 7a for a couple of months now and it's performed flawlessly. Think it's the better deal as the hardware is so similar (the Find 7 has an sd card slot and removable battery but costs £40 more) I'm going to try out the rom from the one plus one.

Have a moto g as a work phone and between them I think they have the high and low end of the market sown up.

Bendy bike inventor scores design prize win

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Already done

Moulton bikes have been doing this for decades (splitting at the frame into two). I fail to see any ingenuity with this bike, it would also be interesting to see how the ride characteristics change with this frame, it seems like it may flex quite a bit,


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