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Google versus Facebook: stop your photocopiers


Boycott Google Chrome

As a Computer Science student and expert Web Developer, I looked into what Google is doing with their Chrome browser.

It's a nightmare for all developers and programmers across the Free Internet and world.

Google's Chrome and its very design is breaking all known and stable internet standards (like JavaScript) for corporate/control reasons.

The goals and vision as stated by Google are not to work with W3C, Mozilla, Microsoft, etc. on standards, but to rewrite the WWW.

With wild claims of a Google platform for "rich interactive applications" that are non-existent or simple/dumb, it's questionable.

Perhaps a corporate power grab, masked in the language of "open source" and media hype, Google's Chrome must be boycotted.

Google is effectively building a G-Browser for a "Google WWW", not the stable Free Internet we all share.

In the end, no smart user will trust a Google "Cloud" server with their privacy or passwords.


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