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FBI v Apple spat latest: Bill Gates is really upset that you all thought he was on the Feds' side


To Mr Gates, our richest asperger on Earth, ENTJ-type personality and alleged genius IQ...

The US government isn't goingly blindly when dealing with terrorist attacks. They are already monitoring data pipes, cell communications, the internet and it's "dark" recesses. Intelligence knows what they are doing, most of the time. They already siphon all data to and from cell phones, so what's the point of decrypting one?

Mr Gates you are naive to believe that the US government is "blind".

If anything all of this "publicity" could be a design to lull terrorists into a false sense of security. Good. Let them believe their communications are "safe".

US DoJ files motion to compel Apple to obey FBI iPhone crack order


If this was the dubya era...dubya would be ripping the freshly unencrypted apple device from Tim cooks boney shriveled hand.

Adblock Plus blocked from attending ad industry talkfest


I've found that mobile web sites are becoming less and less tolerable due to the over abundance of ads, and their ad techniques are becoming more stealthy for clicks.

Waiting for ads to load on an ad server slows down page load times. I just give up waiting for a page to finish loading and I move on. This kills the time I would have spent on a web site which is bad for the webmaster.

Trying to watch a 1 minute video clip that take a long time to preload a 30 second ad gives me enough time to just click back or move on. Ads are also loud and obnoxious while I'm sitting quietly and peaceful. Again this is bad for the webmaster who loses my eyes.

Ad masters have found that loading up ads with "Next" page buttons tricking me into accidentally clicking their ads as they get paid per click is also obnoxious. The webmasters also appear to place the next button so close or sometimes on nearly on top of ads so fat fingers like mine will accidentally click their ads so they can receive a paid click. If the click accidentally open a link to an app install also slows down my cell phone. I just move on.

My favourite of them all, how the "Next" page button is just below an ad and magically just as I'm about to click the page moves downwards so I accidentally click an ad. Even just slightly moving my finger close to my screen makes the page pull down automatically causing displacing the next button. I just learn to avoid that web site and again the webmaster is losing my eyes.

That's my experience. Mobile web sites are becoming less and less usable for me, and adblocker would fix all of those problems if it were available on mobile.

Facebook is no charity, and the ‘free’ in Free Basics comes at a price


He's not being charitable. He just wants a billion more people to monitor with his data mining/selling algorithms and anthropological research that he can profit from and exploit in tomorrow's technology.

Apple and Google have done this and its no coincidence that they are all the biggest corporations on Earth. It's all about exploitation and profit.

If he really wants to help them he should open schools and universities, offer research for farming, access to clean water, pollution control, human rights, birth control, etc. But he won't because there's no profit in that.

Charity indeed. His kid is going to inherit a fucked up world that he Suckerusallberg contributed to. Doesn't matter his kid will grow up sheltered and rich beyond imagination and will never get a chance to see a starving baby with flies stuck to their eyelids.

HAWKING ALERT: Leave planet Earth, find a new home. Stupid humans


I was hoping to read some interesting comments about this article. I wasn't expecting to read grammar lessins.

It's 4K-ing big right now, but it's NOT going to save TV


I live in Canada and bought a 'smart' TV once only to find all the content and features geo-blocked here in Canada. Trying to navigate YouTube and the Web with a remote control was f*cking painful. Trying to navigate to and play my share videos on network drive was either painfully slow or simply incompatible. I could not force the TV to override Netflix geo-location after I got a US DNS vpn and it locked me out of Netflix permanently even after forced hardware resets. The system also crashed often and I need to pull the plug many times. In other words I'd never buy a smart tv again or ever recommend it to anyone.

Would I get a 4K or 8K TV? Probably when the price comes down and I'd end up plugging a computer or android TV device into it.

Japanese fanboi first in queue for, er, iPhone 6


Tim Cook...is one DILF over and over and over!

I imagine he's excited about his next annoucement.

Obama reveals tiny NSA reforms ... aka reforming your view of the NSA


Yes. I completely believe and trust everything a spying agency does. We all should. They would NEVER lie to us.

Snowden: 'I am still working for the NSA ... to improve it'


In the beginning, I thought he did a great thing as a service to all of our countries.

Nowadays, he only seems to be bragging and going on like he's the saviour of humanity. His lack of dignity and grace is starting to annoy the hell out of me.

To Snowden, you are not a hero. Standing on your soap box and declaring that you know everything about everything in our generation and for future generations is wearing your credibility very thin.

You are a former security employee who spilled the beans on spying, and it's becoming more and more obvious that you did it to make yourself out to become the second coming of Christ.

It's time for you to go away now...please...I beg you.

Apple CEO Cook breaks YEARS OF SILENCE, finally speaks to El Reg hack


Tim Cook

With or without his fortune...I personally find Tim Cook to be the sexiest man on the planet. I'd marry him in a heartbeat...!

From...a canadian admirer. :D

Microsoft to Google: Please remove us from internet


DMCA abuse

I'm flabbergasted (I never thought I'd ever use that word) that automated takedown requests are even considered legal at all.

Similar to the automated takedown requests on YouTube of a mans video that contained only sounds of nature.

If I were a person of legal authority I would push into law a DMCA amendment stating that automated takedown notices are not considered legal, and are only legal when verified by a human.

Let's face it if corporations were given a chance they would shut down the entire internet which would make big media entirely happy where they are the only sites accessible.

Greenhouse gases may boost chances of exoplanetary life


I strongly believe life can be supported in a hospital zone. I have confirmed this by driving by my local hospital and observed life within this zone.

Facebook: Yeah, we'll ban chainsaw beheading vids - when journos call us



I've been an FB member since 2007. For the past 8 months I've been losing interest in it and just generally stopped caring. I posted less and less pictures, less and less comments, and even less time bothering to read the feeds.

The only thing I kept using was the Chat feature. Even with that, I already had those same people on my cell text list.

Overtime I started to resent more and more knowing that my personal information on FB that I volunteer is no longer my own and is being farmed and mined and sold to large corporations for profit and I am not compensated. I also resent that my information is being claimed by one if the most profitable companies on the planet and is owned by some asperger guy who lacks social skills and does not understand how to relate to human beings.

Why am I allowing myself to be used and sold without and compensation to me?

I finally deleted everything that I've posted since 2007, I've deleted all of my photos, deleted all of my likes and comments on other people's pages, and I sent a message to everyone that I did care about that they can always text me when they need me. I then deleted all users from my contacts. Finally I deleted all chats, archives and logs. I will shut down the account completely as soon as I know everyone has received my last message.

I got tired of asperger Marks ignorant privacy policy changes, how he sells and profits from my personal data, I've gotten extremely annoyed with the new targeted/recommended ad system, and his hypocrisy towards breast feeding mothers and art and beheading videos. He'd probably change his policy if someone posted a video of his girlfriend getting beheaded.

I'm refusing to help make a 20-something old an even wealthier billionaire. I will never use another FB product ever again. I am surviving just fine without it.

Enough is enough!

Smartphone running 'Facebook OS' said to debut this week


Impending disconnection

Lately I've been paying less and less attention to my Facebook. I don't really login as much as I used to, I am deleting more and more of my info, deleting pics and posting less and less information about myself and I'm even considering ditching my Facebook account completely. My friends and family know how to contact me if something important comes up. I really doubt I'd miss Facebook at this point.

This article made me wonder...if Facebook is noticing a trend in people like me who are simply spending less and less time with it, losing interest and debating closing down our accounts.

It makes sense that Zuckspergers would create technology that makes his service an absolute essential service in order to use the device. An FB account with a warm body associated with it is very valuable to Zuckspergers and advertisers. It's all about Zuckspergers ego and investors after all.

Of course its all just speculation. The reality is I don't really give a grumpy cats arse. If I managed to survive never owning an iPhone I'm sure I can survive not having an FB phone, and I am quite sure I can survive without FB...period. Let someone else give away their personal details for free to some corporation that is earning billions of dollars off of you. I also wouldn't miss knowing that thanks to FBs 'privacy' features it makes it easier for my ex's to stalk me (which I do know for a fact that they do.)

My priorities are changing. Tech gadgets and memes are not on the top of my list anymore so Zuck can stick it where his aspergers don't shine.

One thing I'd miss though is...George Takai. But then again, I'd still survive.

Pirate Bay moves to the cloud to confound copyright cops


What's next? Funneling and encrypting downloads through servers in the cloud? Any engineers reading this? *hint hint*

'Hypersensitive' Wi-Fi hater loses case against fiendish DEVICES



It sounds more likely that this individual has a mental disorder of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Spectrum kind.

I would hate to break the news to this individual, but the Earth itself projects an EM field. The EM field is what is keeping everything on this planet alive as without it the solar winds would blow our atmosphere into space.

This OCD spectrum individual should be thankful to the EM-Gods.

Disney sitcom says open source is insecure


I'll ask...

Mr. Potato Head....er...Malvin for advice on this. He can figure it all on his own and track down the backdoors in all open-source software.

WikiLeaks haters launch DDoS assault on Russia Today


simple fix for assange

The Equador government can make Assange a diplomat, and this will give him diplomatic immunity.

Besides, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the CIA or FBI planted the female rape 'victims' so they can trump up charges against him and to villainize him making him be hated by the public. Assange might have a huge ego, but I hardly believe that he can only rape to get laid.

Plain and simple, the United States was out to get him and they'll use whatever means necessary to punish him for helping make them a laughing stock.

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think


My darned large orange cat...

My partner and I lived in a penthouse with only one neighbour couple in another suite on the same floor.

My cat discovered how to climb up on the roof and 'find' things. He kept bringing home alot of bones. I could never figure out where he kept getting these rather large bones from.

Some time after we found out our neighbours were missing.

Of course I'm just pulling your leg. ;-) I think seagulls and crows were flying their goods on top of the roof.

One epic battle though. I was sitting quietly with the partner on a beautiful summers day. We heard this crashing and we looked out the patio window. There was an epic brawl between our cat and a rather large seagull. We were like "Wow!!" Finally the gull flew off and our cat comes running in fresh from a brawl and we could see this look of pride and glory on his face and demeanor!

Good kitty!

Video shows armed assault on Kim Dotcom family home

Thumb Up


I think I've said this before elsewhere...but...

He should have programmed an alternate-false U/P that would send out a command to remote wipe everything and trigger 0-1 overwrites. Give this U/P to all trusted admins and have the final instruction on the code to wipe out all other U/P's and to self-destruct the code.

Also, the servers should have an internal emergency "low power" backup energy source that allows the system enough power to remote wipe itself in case the feds decide to power off the servers to preserve the content.

Naturally everything would be mirrored in different world locations.

Tsk tsk.

Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo



This could be delicious.

Google plants rainbow flag in anti-gay countries


Staring at the calendar on my wall...

...I have to say the comments here are most entertaining.

I should point out that homosexuality exists in practically all facets of nature and there is evidence that it has existed prior to the creation of all world religions. Humans are the only species that seem to have a problem with it and those problems are religion based.

I am Native-American. I am spiritual. I am at one with Nature as I do my best to communicate and co-exist peacefully with it. My Native-American spiritual roots go far back beyond any organized religion today. Prior to "white" contamination, two-spirit persons (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered) were highly respected and revered individuals in our communities. I find it fascinating when some use their own designer religion as a tool to make them feel superior or better than others, and I find it equally fascinating when they use it to condone their own hatred or ignorance towards those who they deem unfit or unnatural basing it all entirely on scriptures that for all we know were written to try to control and brainwash the masses in to subservience.

I do not hate christians, muslims, etc. The vast majority that I personally know are very loving, compassionate, caring and open-minded people. I'm happy that they're happy in their attempts to peacefully co-exist with one another.

I giggle when I hear the likes of the U.S. based "religious" Phelps family speak and demonstrate publicly. They are the modern-day sideshow freaks and I thank The Creator for them because they are helping hold a mirror up to everyone's face to show exactly how ugly religion can make you. Intentional or not, they are single handedly a powerful driving force in changing the attitudes of the public to actually be more sympathetic of gay rights.

I love watching people squabble. I find stupidity to be highly entertaining.

US secret spaceplane will come back to Earth sometime soon


interesting article

So much for it being secret eh?

Secret Space Plane funding executive: Hey man...whats this plane for anyways?

Secret Space Plane Engineer: I have no idea.

Secret Space Plane funding executive: Umm kay. Great work!

Report: Microsoft tried and FAILED to offload Bing on Facebook


How quicklyy we forget...

...the one minute and seconds seconds that weirded out the entire technology world and sent people running and screaming from Bing. No doubt even our much beloved Aspergerger poster boy "The Zuck" was further mentally/emotionally harmed by it. I still strongly believe that Ballmer had alot to do with this fiasco as it's about as weird as he is.


Terrafugia flies first prototype: Flying cars 'within a year'


good idea

Let's just sell these 'flying bombs' to 'Islamic' suicide bombers. Yes. Flying cars are an awesome idea.

Death to Office or to Windows - choose wisely, Microsoft


This is incredible news!

So now ipadtards will rejoice resulting in peace in the middle east, they will help find the cure for cancer and HIV, they will be the first to make contact with aliens from another dimension (naturally the aliens will be amazed at the magical Apple devices) and they will find the answer to stopping aging/death dead in its tracks forever.

Magical my a$$pu$$y. I can't believe anyone really cares if Office will be ported to the iPad, and I don't care if some people only use Linux and Mac. In the grand scheme of the universe, such petty things actually mean absolutely nothing.

Go Daddy boycott threat for backing hated anti-piracy law



As if SOPA is gonna stop anything. If anything it'll help innovate those who are victims of this amendment to get around blocks and bypass filters, while the corporations sit around and rot in their own piles of useless sh*t from failing to actually innovate and to convince consumers that their crap is worth buying in the first place.

SOPA will stop nothing. We'll all just become smarter and wiser and figure out to get around them. Perhaps we should all setup dedicated computers with terabytes of files being shared on a dedicated open wifi in all of our neighbourhoods all around the world.

They call us criminals and thieves. Well there are more 'thieves' than there are corporations, lawyers and law enforcement officers. Therefore trying to stop us, fighting us and threatening us is also entirely useless.

I say...bring it on.

Anti-piracy laws will smash internet, US constitution - legal eagles



I seem to recall a certain media company deleting things willy nilly with any verification whatsoever off of cyber lockers, including files that didn't actually violate their IP and files that actually belonged to other companies. Who will police the billions of files and millions of web sites and verify every single file and link and ensure that everything is legit or not? The media corporations? Heres an idea...let's get the DHS, CIA, FBI and the richest and most priviledged people in the world install Root Kit and Key Logging software on all of our computers like the way they installed that IQ crap on half of the worlds cell phones so they can monitor us 24/7 to ensure we're not downloading their garbage? sounds better doesn't it...and it saves everyone the time and headache.

Of course...we don't really need DNS. We'll all learn to recall and communicate with eachother by learning numerical IP addresses by heart and learn how to setup dedicated computers and install dedicated open wi-fi's and share our files across entire neighbourhoods.

Potential ALIEN LIFE habitats FOUND ON MOONS


Smart scientists...

...know that by saying 'oh we are very certain to find extra-terrestrial this time!' and pleading publically and garnering headlines all around the world is sure to gain financial support for them to continue making a living. That's what I call...smart!

Moving along. Do we really need to prove that life exists elsewhere? How does it benefit us and why should it matter? We can't even get along with our fellow lifeform species where we want to blow eachother up, exploit one another for our own selfish benefit, to control and exploit every other lifeform and natural resource on our planet for our own selfish gain and benefit. We do all of this without thought or consideration believing that we have a right to exploit everything that we come into contact with, and that we deserve to survive and exist above everthing else in nature. So if we find life elsewhere, do we then automatically have the right to profit, tamper with, exploit and destroy it too?

Humans. I'm ashamed to be part of our disgusting race.

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral



The question remains...why does the media give them the attention that they so desparately crave?

Why was Duke Nukem Forever s**t?



RE: My "illconfigured system"

All other games run flawlessly on my system. So "illconfigured" or not, if it doesn't work on my system, I ain't buying it. Get over it and end of discussion.



I was going to be faithful to Duke no matter what. UNTIL, I downloaded the demo and the game was completely unplayable as it kept freezing and crashing even after updating all driver updates. I even ventured off to download the pirated torrent version to play the "full version" before I spent my hard earned money on the game, and it too crashed and was unplayable. Why would I spend money on something I can't even enjoy?

Apple admits scareware problem, at last


Steve jobs responds...

"the alleged malware on my apple computers are a non-issue because I spank my fanbois...er customers if they misbehave. I am God and they do as I tell them. Okay time to change my liver...bbl suckers"

Facebook twins lose court case


Creepy twins...

They're like those creepy twins from The Matrix movies. Imagine if you had one person that chose to make an enemy of you...now try to imagine two genetically and physically identical people that make an enemy of you and they refuse to leave you the hell alone. It sounds unnatural...it spells creepy. Now imagine they BOTH want to take every dime that you own.

It sounds like some freakish horror movie.

Apple bashes 'gay cure' app

Jobs Horns

Apple are hypocrates....

I say...the next time Apple decides to let another bigoted anti-gay "app" (a word I'm really starting to loath now) stay...Lady Gaga as well as other gay/gay-positive artists should pull all of her music from iTunes and go elsewhere.

I have decided that I absolutely loath Apple now as TWICE they've let this happen. I was seriously thinking about buying an iPhone 4.0 or possibly the next 5.0. I've decided I'm just going to buy an Android and tell everyone that I know to consider never buying Apple products again.

The fan boys can keep Apple fat, ignorant and rich.

Scareware slingers exploit Japan tsunami disaster


Everyone wants to earn a buck...

...at the expense of dead and dying children all around the world.

This is no different than having to watch these effing annoyance ads before watching a news clip about the Japan earthquake tsunami.

Lawyers fear Assange faces death penalty in US

Big Brother

The United Fascist States of America

Of course he'll be tortured and treated like a terrorist. If you don't agree with the US government or dare speak out against them--it's the American way to torture and completely violate the Geneva Conventions.

Please take a moment to educate yourselves about how the US is becoming more and more a fascist country than an open theocracy/democracy. Search the net for "The End of America" and check out the interviews with Naomi Wolf on Youtube. You will be surprised how history is repeating itself right before our very eyes.

Steve Ballmer proposed $15bn Facebook acquisition



Steve Ballmer? I really have no idea why he simple does NOT realize that he's a complete JOKE to everyone in the technology world.

He thinks he can buy popularity. I can see why he would think he can because he has every drooling technology and money hungry over-paid idiot working for him who are afraid of him and telling him things that he likes to hear. If you worked for him you'd have no choice but to agree with every one of his stupid ideas (take the Bing promo ad for example).

Steve needs a serious PR makeover. Let's face it, he's a seriously ugly and fat neanderthal. He's fat and sweaty, he has no sense of public social manners and he's fat, sweaty and ugly. Did I mention that he's fat, sweaty and ugly? What was going through his mind when he was jumping up and down, running all over the place and sweating through his clothes on stage?

I don't know him and I've never heard anyone complaining about it, but I would suspect he's a bully that thinks he can do what he wants because of his money. He needs to get himself the best dietitian, fitness trainer, fashion consultant, hair dresser, image consultant and manners adviser that money can buy--preferably all gay men with take-no-prisoners bitchy attitudes to set him "straight".

The man's a walking heart attack and very huge PR disaster for Microsoft. He has bad ideas and his image are extremely detrimental to one of the most influential corporations in the world. If he slimmed down, groomed properly, dressed more casually, softened his tone and demeanor and acted less like a neanderthal--he could really do better.

I'm not an Apple fan, but he can learn a lot from Steve Jobs. No, Ballmer doesn't have to be exactly like jobs. A good image and manners coach can give him a unique public persona that goes along with his natural abilities.

None of this will happen though--we are talking about fat, ugly and sweaty monkey-man neanderthal Steve Ballmer after-all.

Join in the Wikileaks DDoS war from your iPhone or iPad



I'm an old school hacker. I was hacking before hacking was even called hacking. Heck I used to do it in computer class and old-dial up modem with the teacher watching me over my shoulder. He'd say "So what are you doing?" I'd say "Oh it's a game." Off the teacher would go in to ignorant bliss.

I'm now a "mature" and "responsible" working class man. *wink*


Wikileaks has awoken the blissful sleeping giant. The sleeping giant is not who it thought it was. Turns out...the sleeping giant is actually us--the people.

I've always said that this is an interesting time. Kids today are witnessing and taking part in their own form of civil disobedience comparable to say...the hippy peace marches in the 70's, etc. This is good times for them and with the help of affordable computers and broadband--this changes everything.

The people of all ages have woken up. They are waking up and fighting back against tyranny and control. Back in the day the government would use guns and weapons against the people (ie: Greek Riots). Some governments even used army tanks (Tiananmen Square Protests). There are even instances where corporations used the governments against its own people (Bolivia Water Riots). This is all happening to everyone right now. The disobedient are all now virtually invisible and can not be seen. They can't use guns or weapons against those that rebel, and they certainly can't use army tanks. It's gonna get even much worse as the tools are being distributed and more easy to use.

There are far more people than there are annoyed government officials and corporate executives. The people could crash any corporation or government that they want all at the push of a mouse button. The governments and the corporations do not want us to know that we can fight back. We have all been ignorantly passive and blissful for far too long.

I don't see this as a cyber-war. I see this as a cyber-riot. The riot is against the very select few super rich and super powerful. However, based on the numbers of the non-super rich and non-super powerful...we are more powerful than we realize.

It would be very wise for the government and corporations to stop fighting us and to stop trying to take away our rights to knowledge and freedom. Otherwise, things are going to get much worse...and the people will not lose.

The governments and corporations shouldn't ignore this cyber-riot. The people are speaking and it's best to listen to them.

US politician: 'homosexual agenda' behind TSA groin grope


Just wow...

I'm a "crotch groping queer that breeds in special breeding grounds and I enjoy holding hands with my practicing-homosexual partner and skipping over to the adoption agency for a little boy to adopt" (gosh it even sounds stupid when I say it), but NO amount of money in the world would ever make me want to grope this fugly bitches crotch.

Seriously. LOOK AT HIM! What a total vomit-fest. I wonder what his wife and kids look like and I can only feel sorry for them. Anyone have any links to share?

Sex.com sells for $13m



Todays internet is quite different. I mean if anyone wants porn, they can find it anywhere whether its professional or amateur. No one needs to pay for it as everything is available free for a dozen, and why anyone would need to buy products from this domain makes absolutely no sense anymore.

I can see the value of this domain becoming less and less over time, and it sounds like whoever is dumping the domain realizes this and wants to turn a profit while they can leave the victim...er..buyer being the chump.

US legalizes jailbroken iPhones



Enjoy your happy dance while you can.

Apple and the media corporations will appeal this ruling, and the next time they'll know better and plant a judge that they know/paid off to rule in their favor.

Money talks people. Never forget that.

Pirate Party storms out of uber-secret ACTA negotiations



Maybe they wanted him to walk out, and he did exactly what they wanted him to do.

Of course they don't like him and they will ignore his questions just to irk him. That's what all opponents do. If he wants to be a politician, he has to start acting they way they do.

Fight fire with fire. Walking out on your opponents accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

Jobs Halo


I wonder his Steve's liver came with a warranty.

Torrent sites: Here today, gone tomorrow and no one even cares



No one has anything to worry about because file sharing is here to stay and is unstoppable.

The technology already exists today to hack the firmware of any wireless router to enable it to link to other hacked wireless networks that could effectively create a "free" network grid in large urban centers. Data could be swapped/shared through torrent technology WITHOUT the internet. This has the potential for 10/100's of thousands of people creating an urban grid. Although unnecessary because there will still be the main internet, special direct-client software could also be encoded for instant messaging/chat, web browsing, media streaming, and basically everything else that is available today.

Then we can still have the state/government/corporation controlled internet which we all know they all want to control and monitor.

I can see a future where we all have no choice but to control our own network where no one can own it and no one can control it. It's just "there" for all of us to use and enjoy.

Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'



My best friends daughter's name is Ariel. I don't think he or she would appreciate her being touched!

Apple support-drone scripts leaked

Jobs Halo

Jobs' Bitches

For all fanbois, and you are used to this by now:

- Everything Steve Jobs says is of biblical proportion, must be obeyed, and must never be questioned.

- You must defend him and his products at all costs.

- You must believe all marketing word(s) that Steve Jobs uses such as, magical, revolutionary, incredible, awesome, amazing, really great, etc. You must instantly believe those descriptions and you must always use those same words to describe it to everyone that you see using a non-Apple product.

- You must forward your money for his next product release whether or not you need it.

- You must praise every product whether or not it works.

- You must never under an circumstance consider buying or ever use any competing Apple product. If you find someone using a non-Apple product you must instantly sing the praises of Apple and encourage everyone to buy Apple.

- If your Apple product does not work as promised you must still call it magical, revolutionary, incredible, awesome, amazing, really great, etc. You also must be sure to sing the praises of Apple and defend your defective product to everyone at all costs. In addition you must tell everyone that any flaws that Apple has is actually a magical, revolutionary, incredible, awesome, amazing and really great intentional design, and that others that have issues with their Apple product are simply not using it right.

- You are an Apple cult member - a technological 'Scientologist'; but of course you must deny this to everyone.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip


There's one way to kill the signal strength...

If you have any doubts that it is a design flaw due to sweaty skin grounding the wireless signal, then stick it in Steve Ballmers armpit during one of his keynote talks. Gotta love Monkey Man to prove a point.

Yes. The antenna comes in contact with moist skin, the skin envelopes the human body and the human body is on the ground making it "grounded". The iPhones electro-magnetic signal is then diverted in to the wet flesh through the human body and in to the ground.

Elementary radio/electrical physics.

Any knowledgeable engineer/physicist understands this, but apparently Apple's paid henchmen had completely forgotten about this. I'm expecting lots of "umm duh" and *facepalms* at Apple, and their PR people quickly instructing Steve Jobs to act like it's no big deal. Steve Jobs tells fanbois to hold it differently and it's no big deal, and they comply and all is well.

Jobs knows he has it good; he speaks, fanbois spend their money and they fall in to line every single time.

"In soviet Cupertino, iPhone holds you"

New prototype US spy satellite rushed into active use



It's not much of a spy satellite if we know what it allegedly does and that it allegedly exists.

Personally, it sounds all like a big fabrication to me.

Dodgy Doctor Who games may be malwarey


malware writers not very bright

Along with the "disable antivirus" recommendation, they shoulda told the down-loaders that it should also be right clicked and run as administrator.

tsk tsk.