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Admins beware! Microsoft gives heads-up for 'disruptive' changes to authentication in Office 365 email service


Zero impact change

Nuff said

Vodafone: Yes, we slurp data on customers' network setups, but we do it for their own good


Re: Connection management

Hmm...I think you are confusing Vodafone with Virgin. Virgin do this for business customers to give them static IP addresses as the base network is built around DHCP. The business connections run on this also. So if you check your IP (router or IP chicken) you will see the DHCP address, but the static IP you've been sold is still good for inbound traffic. You just don't "use" it for your outboud. Causes some challanges for businesses and SIP.

Vodafone don't to do this. The IP address you see on your router is the same one you get when checking via IP chicken etc.

Apple silences mute kids' speech app in patent blowup

Thumb Down

Ha Ha!

Now you know why people in the know hate Apple. Welcome to enlightenment

Wealthy Kensington & Chelsea residents reject BT fibre cabinets


Re: Creativity

Are you going to pay for that?

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


It's true....

COD has stagnated the FPS genre. The same game has been re-released ever since the first MW, they are still usign the same grpahics engine! At least BF3 tries something different.

Agriboffins' site downed by DDoS after GM protest


Re: Lets take a good long look here

Don't worry. God does not exist.

If you want to troll or flame, please backup any arguments with EVIDENCE. If you have none (which you don't) please STFU.


Re: Lets take a good long look here

We will never get that data as these fools keep ripping the experiments out of the ground.

The hippies seem to think the GM crops will "infect" the other crops. How will they do that exactly? Get real, go back to school and learn somthing.

I used the word other above to describe todays crops as they are anythign but natural, they do not exist in nature. They were GM by Man (not sexist, as it was men that did it) over several generations to create new breeds of plant purely for agriculture. Just like their dog. Go and find one in the wild your f**king retard. This IS genetic modification. Natural Selection is genetic modificaiton. Just because we haven't gone "hands-on" so to speak with the genes till now means nothing. Genes carry the traits and "design" of all living things. So rather than selectively bredding for generations we can just add the gene to the plant to add the trait. Simples. You are more likely to see a freak or a mutation occur naturely in nature. Having said that, genetic mutations are fundamentally natural and a vital element to natural selection.

GM is the next natural step in this process, we are simply removing the random element. This means no freaks, or mutations. We can cleanly and safely add in just one or two traits to a plant and completely change is agricultural outlook. These experiments are takign place to prove this, to prove it is safe. Personally I wouldn't bother. Sensible educated people need evidence to show somethign is what it is, i.e. safe in this case. But we already have a good idea that it will be fine.

Hippes are like religious people. All the evidencce in the world (or the lack of it!) will not change their mind. Just tel; the hippies not to worry, you are not doing this for their beneift. If they want to live "naturally" remove all electirical equipment from their persons and crush their cars.

Passwords are for AES-holes


People not passwords = security

It doesn't matter if the password is simple. Just block brute-force attacks and only allow 3 attempts before a reset. Simples.

I enjoyed the rant. I woudl add the point that forcing people to have so many logons forces them to use a simplier password or set of password than they might normally do. If I only have to remember one or two passwords then they can be complex.

Also users need showing how to build complex passwords....i.e. swapping "e" for "3" for example. It's not rocket science.

MP blasts 'ineffective' games regulation


Go ahead and ban COD then.

It is a shit game that has stiffled genuine progress in the FPS genre.

Child abuse suspect won't be forced to decrypt hard drive


America does not understand the concept of rights

Why do they always side with the accused? My rights to say this, or not do this. What about the rights of the victims? It's US bullshit as usual. Sort your education system out.

Demand for safety kitemark on software stepped up


Computer Competancy

Easy solution to all this is to force new PC buyers to take a short competancy test. Just simple things like "look at these two emails, which is from your bank and which is a fake". What is a virus, in simple terms. Things like that.

Let's keep stupid people off the internet and off IT helpdesk phones!

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package


What's the point in 50mb if you can't stream anything?

If you look at Virgins forums, or have a Virgin internet connection yourself, you will know that you cannot strem youtube or iplayer videos over Virgins internet. My uncle has Virgin, as does my place of work. It is rubbish. Thank god I have Sky broadband at home.

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time


Check your facts please author

" Fellow scientists in November claimed to have disputed the faster-than-light Neutrino findings – after the CERN OPERA physicists that produced the results had themselves run them again just to make sure."

That's not true. The results disputing the finding were published in October BEFORE the second experiment by OPERA. In fact the results for the energy of the Neutrinos is from the same experiement that first produced the faster than light result. The results were re-published in November so they appear to have been after the second experiment, and the media have jumped on them. The results are from the same data as the first experiment. They have no bearing on the result of the second experiment. They don't disprove the result anyway, just add to the pile of questions surrounding this event.


Err...no mate.

The Neutrinos travelled from Cern, Geneva to Gran Sasso. They travelled 732km.


Politicians call for Modern Warfare 3 censure


You can't handle the truth!

The world, all the plants, animals and people on it a cruel. Lions eat zebras, Orcas harry mink whales untill exhaustion then drag them under the surface to drown, sharks eat stuff...etc...etc. People die, there is disease and there are terrorists...etc...etc. This game is not aimed at children - it is certified 18 just like a film and cannot be sold to anyone under that age. Equally in 5-10 years this game will look like a cartoon. Remember the fuss about those old mortal combat games because the showed some blood splattering? It looks so shit now even a two yr old would laugh at it while playing with his iPad.

Personally I like my politians to be educated, informed and have some bottle to handle difficult situations and make difficult descisions. If they can't handle a game that a) gives you the option to turn off the nasty bits, and b) is played and enjoyed by millions....just fuck off!

Sony's PlayStation Home given complete overhaul


The most pointless thing on PS3

All that development time wasted.

Euro beaks mull copyright of software features


You've missed the point my friend.

"Inventing a new transistor would allow you a patent " Yes, you are correct, But your argument makes no sense. The patent arguement is about the conept of the transistor. Not patenting the actual invention.

The patent in the article would be saying "I patent the idea of a semi-conducting switch", not "I have invented a new type of transistor and I am protecting my invention".


It's not the what but the how...

You cannot copyright a program function, that is just ridiculous. Your IP is what you invented, which is the how not the what.

If this goes through then where will it end? Who's web browser will be the only choice, as they all browse the web and that is a program function.

It's all well and good saying "I want my program to do this" but the person who makes the money is the person that works out how it does it.

You can't copyright an idea. If we can I will copyright a ton of things...I have an idea now in fact, no idea how to do it, but I have the idea.

Brands stiffed by .xxx briefs' cock-ups



" the owner of a trademark on "example.com" would only be able to block "examplecom.xxx", not "example.xxx"" So there's no point to this process what so ever. It's a case of buy the .xxx domain that mirrors yor .com, or just ignore it. I would suggest the latter.

Judgment Day prophet resets doomsday clock


New Yorker Robert Fitzpatrick - Jeered in Times Square

You shouldn't laugh at the mentally handicaped!

164XXX jubs shake Middle England


My son was off school sick today and he was disgusted...

Were you off work sick? I would guess not. Maybe if you had a life....er...job, you would be able to complain in a more balanced way.

Not appropriate for This Morning, probably. But it's not as though she flashed the whole nation. Maybe This Morning are struggling for viewer or stories or just anything of interest to people who have no job and sit around watching TV all day. For someone in your position I would have thought Jeremy Kyle would offend you, but apparently This Morning is more of a bad influence on you and your son.

CoD: Black Ops 'not fit for purpose', fans claim


COD on PS3

I have COD: Black Ops on PS3 and not had any problems. Maybe I'm just lucky.

Only issue with online is that one users PS3 hosts each game session. So when the host disconnects the game has to migrate host. This happens a lot and often results in the match ending and everyone back in the lobby. Simple fix, allow gamers to choose whether or not they want to play host, and inform the user that is hosting the session that they are the host. At the moment I know of no way to find out if I am the host or not. Informing the user would/should deter them from disconnecting.

BBC Trust says no to kit-specific iPlayer apps


Stupid Virgin Media

They don't want to stream iPlayer content over their TV network as it's lower quality. They'd rather build an app to stream it to the box over IP.

They don't like YouView (Project Canvas) because it streams over IP and wil clog their network.

I'm sorry what? Are they totally retarded. They don't want to stream over IP but they do want to stream over IP?

Maybe the left and right hands of Virgin should stop squabling and both slap the face together!

iPad media apps: Stealthed hobbits thwart Google's flaming Eye


Too many apps already....

Two points. First off won't all these apps get lost amongst themselves? How many apps on the iStore already? Imagine one app for the Times, another for Sky News, another fox XY&Z.

Secondly, if these apps find there way onto noteboosk, netbooks, PC's etc this causes more issues. You can't buy a new computer now without loads of crap apps you don't want. 30-day anti-(compeition)-virus trials, toolbars, cloud backup.....etc etc. You can't even download and install AVG Free without it trying to sneak on a poxy toolbar these days.

The point of the web is one browser, of your choice of course, and access to all content. Its open, standards based, simplr and it works. How do all these apps fit in with a cloud computing concept?

Hotmail still not working? Use Chrome to fix it, says MS



I did.

Show geo-data some respect, don't rely on Web2.0 data


The crowd lacks wisdom

As evidenced by the number of Sun and Dail Mail readers. It's pleasing to hear that when it counts they are ignored.

Xbox Live billing site snubs Firefox


I wouldn't worry...

The xbox live billing site is useless anyway. All the account management can be done through the xbox. The only thing you might want to use it for is to cancel your subscription, but it won't allow you to do that. You still have to ring or email customer services. So no great loss.

El Reg marks Steve Jobs for termination


Death threats ok, innocuous picture not

"that kind of photo is an indication you want someone injured" hmm...

What about the death threat emails to climate scientists after the so-called "climategate" incident? The US police aren't doing anything due to so-called freedom of speech laws. As usual the American interpretation of freedom is somewhat flawed. Perhaps if the Reg emailed Steve Jobs a death threat that would be ok, but an innocuous picture.....thats just too far! lol


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