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iPhone 4 operator contracts compared


An alternative to the usual...

Everybody should go check out the UK's biggest secret: giffgaff.com

They don't do contracts and are sim only but if you have your own phone, the sim only deals (for smartphone owners especially) are pretty compelling.

If you buy one of their goodybags - essentially 30 day contracts - you get the following:

£10 - 100 mins / unlimited txts / unlimited internet

£15 - 300 mins / unlimited txts / unlimited internet

£35 - unlimited calls / unlimited txts / unlimited internet

Two points a) they are a MVNO, piggybacking on o2's network and b) unlimited REALLY DOES mean unlimited, no FUP in place.

Unless you really need a subsidised phone - or you have a pathlogical hatred of o2's network - I don't see any downside to switching to giffgaff...