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Palantir abandons any attempt at curating nice-guy image with 'Global Information Dominance Experiments'


Forget Trump - Peter Thiel is the one to worry about

Peter Thiel has the best chance of becoming Authoritarian dictator and turning the USA into a dystopia with the information that Planitir has access to; this is utter BS. With $5 billion tax free just in his Roth IRA account; giving millions to the man who attempted to over throw the will of the people, and the sucking of blood teenagers to try and live forever; this man is obviously a nut job very dangerous to democracy.

Boolean bafflement at British Airways' Executive Club: Sneaky little Avioses - Wicked, Tricksy, False!


BA has the WORST customer service ever

My wife and I were on a long flight with a stop over in London. The fools at BA counter in Los Angeles told us we'd have to retrieve our bags in London and go through customs before boarding our connecting flight. This was 100% incorrect information and we wasted almost an hour figuring out it was crap instructions. When we returned to the BA counter to check in for our connecting flight, it was approximately 40 minutes until our flight. The BA clerk told us he didn't think we made it in time (you have to be there more than 30 minutes in advance) then proceeded to pick up a phone and sit on hold for more than 10 minutes, then hung up and told us we could not board our connecting flight because we hadn't made it in time. Douchebag! We had to wait for hours for the next flight, luckily we were at least in Business Class so the lounge was nice, but WTF? What crappy customer service. In America, the King of Customer service, that agent would not have operated as he had done, but would have gone the extra mile to make sure we made our flight, instead of wasting 10 minutes and then telling us we'd missed it. Friggin' moron! I have tons of BS Avis points, and they can stuff them, I will never fly BA ever again.

Worst customer service in the industry!

The Death of the Gods: Not scared of tech yet? You haven't been paying attention


Re: "how about some positive, helpful, suggestions, instead?"

Hell yes! I've been involved on the Internet professionally since it was released to the public. The absolute worst thing that ever happened to it is freaking advertising. If something has value, pay for it up front and openly, instead of backhandedly under the guise of the fallacy of said content or what have you being served up for free. F**king Facebook, Twitter and all the crap that has come along with them would have never happened without advertising. Madison Ave is the devil.

Cybersecurity world faces 'chronic shortage' of qualified staff


The problem is recruiting

I can't tell you how many times I've been offered lateral moves with higher pay. Why would I do that? I've been working professionally in Information Security for 12 years, not going to work for some wank with less experience. Stop wasting my time with your lame HR algorithms that decide what kind of job should be offered to a potential candidate. Those algorithms are unintelligent, that is why you are missing out on talent. <Drop the mic>

The sharks of AI will attack expensive and scarce workers faster than they eat drivers


Millennials need to get a clue

The most interesting thing about AI is how it is turning over a century of human advancement in terms of leisure time on its head. Even if people can spend most of their free time continuing to learn, where does that put society and family? Back into the 1800s only the wealthiest few had any free time to think, philosophize about life and come to realizations that do not pertain to simply surviving. Everyone else struggled and life was not that great at all.

Believe me, this kind of world where only the wealthiest have any free time is exactly the world neocons like Trump envision. No time to think equates to no time to rebel against the transgressions of the 1% against the 99%.

Damn glad I am not that young is all I have to say. This potentially bleak future is the millennial problem and they better get a clue sooner rather than later.

NY to Charter: Sure, we'll approve that TWC merger, if you boost our broadband speeds


TWC Rips Customers Off

TWC totally ripped us off and charged us $100 for an ancient cable modem that we *supposedly* didn't return, however the facts are we made an upgrade to our service in early 2015 which included internet phone, so a technician came by and installed the new modem/phone service which is integrated into a single unit, then took the old antiquated Motorola Cable modem we had been renting from TWC for about 10 years (probably paying 10x what it was worth new over those years) with him when he left.

TWC stopped charging us rental for the cable modem after the upgrade and we heard nothing else about it until we moved into the apartment upstairs many months later, whereupon changing our address, all old data from our TWC account available to us online was deleted and no longer exists, no paper trail for the customer, and TWC then began claiming we never returned the Cable Modem. What a perfect scam, delete all customer records available to them, then start claiming items were not returned.

We contested this claim, but talking to TWC customer service is like talking to a brick wall; useless. TWC never dropped the issue, even though we've been customers for over a decade who never, ever paid one single bill late, and finally sent it to collections. At this point we had to pay for this extortion perpetrated by TWC as otherwise it might ding our perfect credit rating.

Great way to treat honest long term customers; TWC are thieves and extortionists!

Google Glassholes haven't achieved 'social acceptance' - report


Tell you when I'll become a Glasshole

As soon as I'm old enough for Alzheimer's or dementia to kick in, then I'll not only become a Glasshole, but I'll also fully embrace self driving automobiles. Imagine how great life will be, it won't matter if I can't remember what I did 15 minutes ago, Google Glass will remind me, as well as tell me who people around me are, where I am, and lead me home after I've wandered away. When I need a prescription filled, Google Glass will tell me to get in the car, then tell me to tell the car to drive me to the drug store, as well as make a side trip to the pot dispensary, and the car knows the way, so no worries.

Boffins debunk red wine miracle antioxidant myth


Moderate Alcohol Consumption of any type is beneficial

This is interesting because a recent story on 60 Minutes regarding the study of those living to be very old in retirement communities in the US showed that moderate consumption, up to two drinks per day, of any kind of alcohol was a common thread amongst those who live to very advanced ages; that and exercise - so drink up and go for a run!

Moshtix admin account popped by party-pooper hipster-hating hacker


Prices will go up

The worst part about this news is the fact promotors have now obtained real-world data showing idiot hipsters will pay just about any price so they can appear, "Cool." How lame is that? Blame them for the price increase of concert tickets from this point forward. What a bunch of sods.

Public cloud will grow when experienced IT folks DIE


What about the story of AMZN stealing ideas?

Just a few days ago there was a story about how AMZN has been letting businesses develop and test their ideas in the AMZN cloud - then essentially stealing that idea and releasing it as their own.

There is NO WAY to keep anything from the cloud owner - WTF? As a business owner I sure as heck am not going to trade laziness and ease of use of the cloud to develop an unique idea that eventually gets stolen by the cloud owner once it becomes a viable enterprise.

I floated a site into the cloud, and it didn't rain down in chunks...


What Iv'e seen

is due to cost per cpu cycle, many commercial *cloud* hosted sites are vastly restricting SSL usage and not implementing it where they should as well as not handling session management appropriately when they should, and clueless users are sending the keys to the kingdom over unencrypted sessions - ripe for snatching with FireSheep among other ways.

SaaS and Security


What the SaaS?

SaaS and *Cloud* solely in the name of saving money is short-sighted at best and completely asinine and foolish at worst. Acceptance of these technologies introduces what I believe is an uncontrollable and unacceptable factor into the security equation; the vast unknown black box that is the SaaS or *Cloud* provider and their myriad partners, employees and contractors; of which you have 0 control over.

As far as security is concerned using any services like these is ridiculous. It is hard enough to maintain adequate security and control over your data within a closed corporate environment. Introducing SaaS and *Cloud* to the security posture basically guarantees you have no security posture to speak of...

To quote an old adage, "If you want something done right; do it yourself." This applies to technology and security. Why in your right mind would you trust any third party with sensitive data for any reason whatsoever? Makes 0 sense.

Big decisions take data not gut instinct


Be Wary of "Talent Management"

Police forces world wide have used psychometric data to help them determine if a candidate is likely to make a good, honest police officer.

As we all know, relying on this psychobabble is an epic fail which has been demonstrated over and over again with each new revelation of a police officer who turns out to be a murderer, rapist or commit other hard core crimes. I am sure that just as many people who would have made good police officers are turned away as those who are hired turn out to be criminals.

Psychometric data is not perfect and I for one would not rely on it when it comes to managing or hiring employees.


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