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Hungary's internet tax cannot be allowed to set a precedent, says EC

Renan "C#" Sousa

If such a law were to pass...

I wonder what impact it would have in their accountancy if world + dog started DDoS'ing the hell out of Hungary's government and public service sites.

Have they made a simulation of such a case yet?

Hey, YouTube lovers! How about you pay us, we start paying for STUFF? - Google

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Re: Why would GooTube pay content creators?

I don't think you would be free of ads by subscribing. What I think is that by not subscribing you won't be able to see a portion of the videos in Youtube. But if you do subscribe, the ads might still be there.

Brazilian president signs internet civil rights law

Renan "C#" Sousa

A couple points that could have been mentioned

Brazillian reader here. I think there are two more things people should know about this bill, besides what's already in the article.

The first is that there is a clause that says the government now has the power to remove from the internet anything that they find to go against "national interests". That is a very vague clause and is basically a way for the government to censor whatever it doesn't like.

It works like this: suppose Alice posts something about how she does not like the way federal government is handling a program or its expenditures. Government issues a note to the host (like Facebook, Google, Wordpress etc.) "asking" for the content to be removed, and possibly the user banned. If the host does not comply within seven days, then all brazillian ISP's must block that host .

The other thing is that by our constituion, no one has the right to anonimity. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right, but you only have it as long as you identify yourself. Every brazillian host, virtual store or service provider of any kind that is located or providing services in Brazil MUST be able to provide the government with at least its users full name, email address, living address, identity number and "physical person register" (something akin to a social security number), within a "reasonable timeframe" whenever requested. Otherwise they may suffer legal sanctions. The user who posts anything that the government finds against "national interest", should they post anonymously and then later be identified, may face a lawsuit or even jail.

But wait, now we have a written promise that privacy will be protected and equality will be preserved! Go freedom, right?

Tunguska object came from Mars say Russian boffins

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Throwing rocks in a lake

"If proven, the next question must surely be whether Martians threw it at us. And why."

You know how it's fun to throw rocks at a lake surface to see how far you can make them bounce?

From a martian's point of view, the closest lakes around are those of water on Earth, and the methane ones in Titan. Earth is only about half as far away as Titan...

What can Microsoft learn from 'discontinued operations' at Nokia?

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Re: Dead Platform

I happen to be the unhappy wner of a Lumia 520. So let's say I want to send a picture I've just taken to a friend's cell phone, via Bluetooth. Oops, I can't.

Also when using a map I like to hold my devices horizontally. With Android, Google Maps will detect the position of the phone and adjust the screen accordingly. Nokia's HERE Maps does not do that. Probably because it is an idiot proof UI, and I am an idiot. For having bought a Lumia, at the very least.

Ex-Google, Mozilla bods to outwit EVIL BOTS with 'polymorphic' defence

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Re: Debug That Sir!

I think it would be like minified script debugging. Minified scripts are inintelligible, but for most technologies a dev can replace them with a non-minified version of the same code on the fly for debugging purposes.

Techies CAN sue Google, Apple, Intel et al accused of wage-strangling pact

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This makes the news about Google & gentrification in San Francisco even more awkward. San Francisco residents are being driven out of their communities by rich UNDERPAID tech workers.

Bogus Firefox add-on FORCES WITLESS USERS to join vuln-hunting party

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Re: SQL Injection

@Anonymous Coward I've worked with a lot of people, and I see that this is common mostly among two groups: kids and college undergraduates who have just learned programming and have never done anything more complex than a personal site, and people who are still die-hard Fortran or COBOL coders who struggle with "new" technologies - "new" in this case being anything that came to existence after the internet was invented.

When I was in college we would sometimes make workshops and such other things, and those were open to anyone to come and participate. We would show people what an SQL injection vulnerability was, and how to defend against it. One of my favorite activities was having the freshmen count how many people made desperate calls or went running back to their offices as soon as went from theory to practical demonstrations. On sites from local shops. For academic purposes.

Renan "C#" Sousa

SQL Injection

It's 2013, and it'll be 2014 in a few days - anyone who is still making sites that are vulnerable to SQL injections these days is just asking for it.

China, Brazil mourn loss of their $250m CBERS-3 satellite after fiery death

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Re: Mugs

As a brazillian, this is what pisses me off the most.

India sends a probe to the moon at a 59 million dollars cost. Then they spend a further 73 million to send another probe to the moon.

Whereas Brazil and China spend double that to send a cheap toy to a low orbit, and fail at that.

The previous sattelites of this series did make it to space, but they are broken. CBERS-2 had so many hacks in its electrical wiring that it's a miracle it took off at all.

Right royal rumpus over remote-control 'RoboRoach'

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Re: First, obtain your roach

Totally! A good amount of chaos can be caused in five minutes. Remember, lots of people are strongly afraid of roaches, so the thought that comes to my mind is "so many houses, so little time..."

'Burning platform' Elop: I'd SLASH and BURN stuff at Microsoft, TOO

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Re: Bing is the reason for buying the entry level phone business

If it took them 11 years to come up to speed with competing browsers, then I will consider using IE again by 2024.

Phorm issues shares to raise cash

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"Successful launch in Brazil"

Actually, no. I'm speaking from Brazil here.

They've managed to bill Oi, their ISP partner, for about a million Euros so far. That's quite less than what they lose on average per month, right? And I'm sure it's a small fraction of the value of the fine that the local government is about to produce due to some irregularities in the business they're making here.