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Apple admits iCloud 'unacceptable', vows to not go titsup again

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"Apple admits iCloud 'unacceptable', vows to not go titsup again" Oops, Too late.

iMessage currently down for many users. lol.

UK top dog for home Wi-Fi usage... almost

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I don't remember being asked which I use...?

Apple's Messages beta will self-destruct on Mountain Lion launch

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"An instant message sent by your iBuddy will ping on your iPhone, your Mac and your iPad, if you have left those devices on. What's more, it will keep pinging away until you have explicitly opened and received the notes on each device individually."

No, If you read it on one device, it marks as read on all of them at the same time. Yes, my iPhone pings the same time I see it on Mac. But it then marks as read when I've clicked it on my Mac.

eBuyer £1 sale fail: Customers vent fury... on Facebook

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Just a thought...

But maybe call their customer services and explain what can easily be an error?

People jumping the gun accusing the worst is how eBuyer has gotten all this bad press...

It happens to the best of them.

Boffins spy on iPhone screens from 200ft away

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Oh bloody hell

They're finding any excuse now to scare people for using their phones...

Vodafone customers fume over iPhone 4S delays

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Pre-ordered on the 7th...

and it arrived on the 14th in the vodafone store. Went and picked it up at lunch time on the 14th with no issue.

System was a bit slow, mind.

Only issue I did have was porting my number... they have a huge backlog of porters going on it seems... But eventually happened late Monday night.

iOS update woes prompt gnashing of teeth for Apple fans

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All good here

Downloaded in 20 mins, updated and boom. Took about 35 mins, quite quick considering.

Strange that the update removes your apps though and tells you to resync ... Meh.

'iTunes in the Cloud' has arrived in iTunes 10.5 update

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Now works in UK

You can now download music in the UK, but iTunes Match still US only.

You can not yet download TV Shows and stuff either.

BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, 4OD aim for Xbox

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About time!


Also, iPlayer streams HD channels where possible for HD programs, so I'm sure some be HD. It is up to the content provider AFAIK.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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RIP, Steve Jobs.

Can't say anything that no one else has.

He will be missed.

Anonymous Twitter alternative developed for rioters

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Not very anonymous

Shows exact location of where it was posted if you press the blue co-ordinates on the message.


iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives

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Wait - So he's a fanboy because he has an iPhone and it survived?

I thought you were a fanboy because you're an up arse apple snob?

How times are changing......

Virgin Media blames Activision for Call of Duty lag problems

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I'm on Virgin media and I no haz lag.

but then I am on 50MB...

Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

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From Lulzsec Twitter

Not sure we claimed to hack the UK census or where that rumour started, but we assume it's because people are stupider than you and I.

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

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Difference is...

If an app sets it to be used differently to how Apple and iOS want, then that would confuse the user. "Why is this app taking a picture? No other app does"

In iOS5, Apple have said it is now a feature, thus removing user confusion because it is clearly stated you can do that.

This also means other camera apps can use that feature, because the user will no longer be confused.

$8.5bn Skype goes titsup again - including website

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"It works on my machine"

Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2

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Are these results just from London?

I'd love that lovely speed here up in Telford... It's not like we are in the sticks... We're a bloody town. Biggest in shropshire... cmon!

Twitter (officially) buys TweetDeck

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"much lighter and thinner than running Twitter through a browser interface."


However, you can run Tweetdeck in Chrome (Tweetdeck for Chrome, or ChromeDeck)

And soon they will have the chromedeck as a web app at web.tweetdeck.com, too.

This is a great achievement for the Tweetdeck team! I just hope it doesn't ruin the good things that are going on!

Maybe Tweetdeck can give Twitter a lesson or two on how to make the API work properly...

LA Noire

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Repetitive plots is all one plot. 3 disk is not a problem

The repetitiveness is because you are arresting people who seem to be involved with murers when actually you find out someone is doing them all... Or at least seemed that way playing it. I didnt find it repetitive, i found it quite interesting.

It's a good game, this. Very different but you get quite into it. But the saving points do my head in. Why can't I just save where I bloody want to?! Grrr....

As for 3 disks on Xbox - I don't find that being an issue. Leaves more room for graphics. but on both consoles the graphics are quite cartoony.

The facial movements are quite good, though.

O2 tariff rejig bundles tethering with data

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My current tarriff is now expensive

£35 for 300 minutes and unlimited texts and Data on 18 month contract

Now its

£37 for 300 minutes and unlimited texts on 18 month contract. Get charged for using Data unless you get a bolt on at £6 a month for 500MB making it £43 a month instead of £35...

I'll stay where I am, thanks.


Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'

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Too Small?

One of my many annoyances is most fonts used by both companies are far too huge.

*zooms out*

BBC to take cautious approach to 3D 'hype'

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3D is overrated

Until we don't have to wear glasses and things aren't converted to 3D but filmed in 3D first then theres no point.

Punters take tech to bed, breakfast

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A study shows that people who take out useless studies lose valuable life time

Why have we not seen a study on studies yet?

Faces of the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 revealed

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iPhone 5 case is faked

It was confirmed fake on Saturday ... Google...

Apple vanishes Java from Mac OS X Lion

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When upgrading from Snow Leopard

Lion will automatically upgrade Java for you.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4

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Not a fanboy

But I can honestly say I've still not had a single issue witih the i4.

can't help but think things are said out of spite then picked up and spread rather than actually giving it a chance.

On that note - the new Blackberry can have its calls dropped if you hold it in a particular way. No ones mentioned that in any news stories yet... Maybe I can go grab one and test it again. See how people think of that...

But hey...

Wii Countdown conundrum brands family 'SH*THEADS'

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Wait till he gets to school

Shitheads will be the least of their issues.

Boots punts over-the-counter paternity test

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No Bootnote?

Missed a trick here

Doctor Who and the Stig become public speakers

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The stigs head

So thats where it rolled off to...

Real Name

some say

The speakers come with their own book.

Microsoft 'maintenance' blocks Hotmail

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Host my own bloody email

I gave up with Hotmail and all its problems a while ago.

Emails coming from my account despite loads of password changes and no tie-ins with sites were the last straw. It seems like M$ really don't know what they're doing with their own mail platform.

I now host my own email server [as well as hosting others on it] and no problems. And that is also on Exchange!

M$ - You need to have proper dedicated teams for hotmail. Both front and back end. And get it sorted fast. You can't advertise exchange if you can't even sort it out yourself.

Gov gone wild: Mad new pub glasses, bread freedom introduced

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Rather they clamp down on watered down PINTS.

If they really want to piss about, can they please just ban pubs from watering down pints ?!

Having lovely pints that end up tasting like piss and weak yet being charged full price is a bit criminal

Vulture falls asleep in front of Christmas TV

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IT Angle

Merry Christmas!

And enjoy the beer!

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.6.5 update

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You aint seen xcode! 3GB for the new update!

ASA rules 'Bare T*Ts Project' ad offensive

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Weird viewers

Why the hell do people who watch Adult channels complain about nudity?!

Theres not enough of it IMO!

iPhone glitch gets US fanbois up on wrong side of bed

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Jobs Horns

Wrong Date, too!

Funny bug for me on iOS4.2 is that, even though the alarm bug was fixed, the date on the calendar icon when clocks went back also went back. So Sunday 1st became Saturday 31st for an extra day. Weirdly when it got to Monday, the date changed to Monday.


Steve Jobs Devil, because hes being evil.

US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back

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I want to

Run Android on my iPhone 4. Then I will be happy.

I've not had good times with Android. It's frustrating to see operators and handset makers raping it for their own good. Keep it standard android and keep everything in line with each other. Stop being a bunch of nonces! THEN I might get an Android phone

Manchester cops hit Twitter - spoof feeds fall down stairs

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Call 384

This has made me laugh all day since they tweeted it. Its brilliant.

I love this. They should keep it on!

Guardian super-blogger flames Reg boffinry desk

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Whats more pathetic?

The paper not allowing two sides of a story, or the paper publicly slating The Reg for doing nothing but reporting and quoting boffins?

iPhone makes many Aussies late/early for work

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Already fixed

in iOS 4.2

iPhone apps put user privacy at risk

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But info attached to the UDID isnt avail

Unless apple had a huge huge leak of info of peoples addresses and all that crap connected to UDID's... its all safe.

I'm pretty sure even APPLE keep that stuff safe....


Stop being such worrytards.

ZeuS attacks mobiles in bank SMS bypass scam

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Oh stop scaring people.

Until it happens, fuck off.

Stupid fricking idiots. Shouting about it will make it worse not better.

Facebook on the blink for second time in two days

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managed to stay up, which is more surprising.

From Cameron to Gazza, everyone loves Angry Birds

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Why is this news?

Oh, wait. It's not.

Did he expense the game though?

Attack reads smudges to retrieve Android password patterns

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Sherlock will return to BBC

Once Sherlock has told us abotu smudges on phones....

Oh and there he goes.

Flash finally finagled onto iPhone

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Will flash just die already!?

I hate it I hate it I hate it. Bloated cpu hogging crap.

iPhone 4 jailbreak banks on browser exploit

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Facetime & MMS Fixed

This was fixed quickly in an update. ALl new jailbreakers should work.

French operator pooh-poohs iOS4

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4.1 fixes it.

Already confirmed by devs that 4.1 fixes it.

Apple details privacy policies for US Congressmen

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So why does iMovie need Location to access your pictures?



Apple reckons light shines between iPhone customers' ears

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Not once have I had this problem

I don't get it... Ive used it in direct sunlight and everything and not once have I had issues with the sensor. Works fine for me :/



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