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Apple sued over iPhone location tracking


Stupid is as stupid does

Now before this information came to light there was no issue.

Now they know they are, allegedly, being tracked there is suddenly an issue. What do these two people have to hide? Criminal activity? Or do they see this as an avenue for monetary gain.

This information is NOT TRANSMITTED TO APPLE therefore there is no surreptitious act by Apple to secretly track users. Apart from that do these idiots realize the amount of storage and computing power required to process this much information for every device they have sold!

Credit card companies track you, your GPS even stores details of your previous journey's, mine even keeps records of journey's that I took that I didn't ask directions. Didn't give it permission to do this either but I am not going to shit my pants and start a lawsuit against Garmin for doing it.

Advertisers store cookies on your computer without permission and use these to show advertising for products and services that you have been looking at. Did they ask permission....

... didn't ask me! Still not shitting my pants and wanting to hire an attorney!

What is it with people, you are all so god damn paranoid. Everyone has been tracked for years!

Hadron Collider 'could act as telephone for talking to the past'


Next they will be saying

What will they next be saying, that you can talk to god down the great white telephone in the bathroom.

Most of us have been doing that for years every Saturday Night when we have had too many.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4


never had a problem with the iphone 4

I waited until they brought out the iphone 4 on verizon, simply because I didn't want to go through the switch between carriers and any mess that might have happened porting my number across.

I have tried and tried and tried and I don't have this issue that Consumer reports complains about. I am not in a particularly high signal area, I am on the lower side of a hill with the tower on the other side.

I get 3 bars of signal when on 3G. I even wrapped my hands round the phone and still had 3 bars. I've tried several times and always maintain signal.

It's not like the iphone was a compulsory must have purchase, I would have purchased an android based phone, it was the applications that I needed that happened to be available on the iphone and when I preordered the one in particular that I really wanted was not on Android (the day after I ordered it became available but that's another story).

I am not a fan and I don't hold allegiance with any particular platform, as long as I can do what I want I don't really care.

What I would say though is that if I had an issue that everyone seemed to be complaining about I would have thrown a fit and kicked up hell with my carrier until they replaced it with a different phone from another maker that did have better signal performance and if the carrier wouldn't do it I would switch carriers and pay the termination fee. Let's face it, you can get the value of the ETF back selling the phone online and reduce your losses to a minimum.

Either way I wouldn't keep the phone based on the fact that it was an Apple Iphone and those that choose to keep their phone regardless obviously don't have as serious a problem as they imply or they would get rid of the phone.

At the end of the day all this Anti-Apple, Pro-Apple arguing is childish.

Consumer reports are misguided and biased simply in that all phones suffer from the same issue to some degree. My blackberry storm was by far worse and suffered the death grip just by holding the phone. At least I don't get that with the iphone. Every single phone I have owned and family have owned have suffered from similar issues, my dad used to hold his phone in a case using the clip as a handle because it would lose signal even with the case there and it was just a dumb phone.

Time for all the children to grow up a little bit here and on other forums and blogs and for consumer reports to treat all the phones they review fairly.

Microsoft's KIN goes to hell: Site offers comfort


But Verizon will still flog you a dead horse...

Those nice people at Verizon are still pushing the Kin like crazy trying to sell off what they have. I was on the phone with them trying to resolve an issue with my blackberry and they said, Well you are up for your new every two and you could get a nice Kin smartphone for free, in fact we could give you two of them so that you can give a family member one as well.

Now will I take advantage of that offer..... Mmmmmmm Well my wife mother and sister are not the same person....lol


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