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GAME ON: Top 10 tellies for a World Cup kicking


Re: Expensive & pointless

No idea why JDX got down voted. Amazing how venomous the objections are considering none of people that posted appeared to have actually seen one. Pathetic really.

For reference, I have seen the 65" curved set and I thought it looked very nice. There were other large 4k sets to compare against and for whatever reason, the curved one was the one that felt more appealing.

I tried viewing it from various angles. Predictably at some point the curvature made the viewing worse but surprisingly you didnt need to be dead center to enjoy the image.

Curved screens won't be for everyone but I think as a corner set or if you have a large room I think it they would be quite good. Consider that if you got enough space to house a 65" and can afford the set, you likely to have a large room I can see their value at the high end market.

The set that made no sense to me is the Sony that increased the width of the set by putting speakers on the side. Most people who really into their home cinema will have a full surround sound setup. The ones that arent that bothered will have a sound bar.

How to simplify storage management


Re: Sponsor?

OOOOooooooo.... nice. I'm going to sign up for that. Quantumization is one of my top targets. Its actually the second priority behind time travel.

One concern about attending this type of event is, unlike the old school events where you turn up for real, I'm not sure if you going to get a free pen and tee shirt.

Listening to someone spout some marketing bullshit for an hour is ok, but I do want a prize at the end of it.

I may give it a miss...

Real, hovering SPEEDER BIKE can be YOURS for cheaper than a house


I wish them luck

It doesn't look a winner on too many fronts. Some niche application will turn up I'm sure and hopefully the design will evolve.

Its good people are trying weird stuff like this. I wish them luck.

Who wants to work on a 264-Core, 6TB RAM supercomputer?



Minecraft server...

Android engineer: We didn't copy Apple or follow Samsung's orders


Without Bias, I think Apple is despicable

Without Bias, I think Apple is despicable

I say without bias because actually I like a lot of the products and own a lot. I've got an iMac, Macbook Air, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone(s), several iPads, Airport Express(s), Airport Extreme and the Apple TV (that is actually shite).

But I think the way Apple behaves and has always behaved is despicable. They amazing at productising other people's ideas but really there has been little in the way of innovation. I could excuse them for that if it weren't for the fact they immediately try to stomp on anyone that has anything vaguely like their stuff.

I should vote with my wallet and stop getting anything more of theirs wares but I like their stuff and its hardly a fight for a cure for cancer or world hunger.....

Jean Michel Jarre: Je voudrais un MUSIC TAX sur VOTRE MOBE


Using same argument...

So using the same argument I should extra for my:

- Amplifier

- Speakers

- Radio

- TV

- Media player

After all what's the relative worth of those items if they no longer able to play music?

BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections


BT Router is crap camp

I'm solidly in the "BT Router is crap camp". I'm not 100% sure if its the same as the article but mine is a separate router to the modem. It needed a reboot every day / every other day at time.

After a week I lost my patience and I resurrected an old PC and put pfSense on it and been using that as a router since without fuss. It has way more features (especially useful for granularly limiting different devices internet access by date/time). Obviously its a geeky solution , uses more space and power and relies on the fact I have a separate bunch of WiFi devices.

I had a BT Infinity circuit put in at work. It had the same router. It totally refused to DMZ or route the VPN traffic to a particular machine (DMZ may have worked for other things but not VPN). Ended up putting pfSense on a virtual machine and ditching the modem. Everything been fine since. Unlike home, because I got no extra hardware, its an elegant setup.

Devs: We'll bury Candy Crush King under HEAPS of candy apps


The irony

I'm kind of comfortable if they were trying to defend their well earned trademark, ie the Candy franchise. The irony of course is Candy games got there by plagiarising other games.

Private pain: Dell layoff bloodbath to hit over 15,000 staffers – insiders


Re: Opportunity here

Not even sure where to begin on this other than "dream on".

Do you have any indication of what it takes to manage 5,000 employees. You wont be paying anyone either. Once they handed their $10k , what exactly are they going to do with them all?

You got $50M which sounds like a lot but isnt.

And dont expect VC money either as its not an industry anyone wants to put more money in , especially when you got no chance of any revenue any time soon and a head count of 5,000.

Dell has buying power and are one logistic powerhouse. You cant compete against that overnight.

El Reg BuzzFelch: 10 Electrical Connectors You CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!


Molex Power Connector

What about the Molex Power Connector, ubiquitous to all PC cases. For every PC , there must be at least 3-6 of them inside and in use for what ? 30-35 years?

What a cheap but horrid connector.....


Re: Connector Fetish

"they weren't Centronics connectors, that was for parallel printers"

They were Centronics. Same as printer connector but wider. Made by the same company.... Centronics :)


Re: Connector Fetish

"You're one of the people who removed the wire clips from the Centronics-type SCSI-1 connectors "

Nope, they just used to fall off after being squeezed a few times. Plus sometimes the female connector didnt have the clips as the socket was in a recess which meant there would be no way to access the clips.


Connector Fetish

Its very very wrong to get excited about connectors but after years of suffering the inadequacy of SCSI cables (pretty much all them, from the Centronics that just fall out as soon as you turn your back to the newer ones where the pins get bent), I was quite excited (yes, that sad) by the External SAS connectors.

Specifically the SFF-8088 . Its easy to distinguish which up it goes in, its a very firm fit and then it solidly clicks into place.

I agree with some of the posters on the worse connectors. The TV Arial connector is up there but not as bad as the SCART. But for me, the SCSI Centronics connectors (like the large version of the printer connector) takes the award.

Hot naked Asian racks in Cali: El Reg snaps Open Compute servers for all


Seems un-exciting

If I was to come up with a revolutionary design for rack servers I would at least consider a standardised way of liquid cooling the H/W as cooling next to power, is one of the biggest pain points in scaling a data center.

Man sues NASA: Mystery Mars rock is a UFO – an unidentified 'FUNGUS' object


Rover dropping litter

I think the Rover is dropping litter and NASA dont want to fess up.

Big Data? Yeah, nice buzzword. Give us the nuts and bolts this time



From the analytic point of view, Big Data is no different to Data Warehousing which every fortune 100 company employs, hence the relative success of niche companies like Teradata for 20+ years.

I find the term Big Data as ambiguous as Cloud and equally irritating. Still it allows the press to print shite about how its going to change all our lives in the future (even though its been going on forever) and gives the PR men, like the Pied Piper, an instrument to play to draw in the money men.

Sinclair's ZX Spectrum to LIVE AGAIN!


Retro badness

There are lots of things in the early days that really no-one should be trying to Retro.

Some of the worse items were:

- ZX Spectrum expansions - Ram / Joysticks / printer attachment at the back were machine killers. I killed many Spectrums by repositioning them slightly and causing the expansion pack to shorten tracks and kill the machine.

- Original Atari Joystick - This iconic joystick available for the likes of Spectrum and C64 was so flimsy. The amount of them I saw which had been snapped or the bubble contacts completely crushed. When track'n'field came out, it was pretty much the death of them within a day.

- C64 Official Cassette Player - This was a stupendous piece of junk. The heads used to be out of alignment out of the factory and were just awful.

Foot-loving cat burglar nicks THREE THOUSAND individual socks


Easy to defend against

Facts given:

- Cat stole socks from clotheslines

- Cat likes the smell of feet, hence sock

Answer surely is a better detergent.

Backup dedupe bods ExaGrid: We're 'cash-positive' this is our year


Re: Doomed to niche or failure

So 7PB of source side data (ie not 7PB of equivalent backup) . If so that's really good. Especially considering that you arent transferring the data across the network.

Data Domain / Exagrid are great band aids but that's the problem, they band aids. It doesnt get rid of the full / incremental cycle that hammers the source machines and network.

Sony seeks mojo reboot with 147-inch 'honey-you-can't-afford-me' 4K home projector


This thread taken some strange turns

This thread taken some strange turns. Lots of debate on the merit of direct light against reflected projected light.

The debate would have merit if we were talking about 80" TVs. But we are not, we discussing 147" screen which to my knowledge there isnt a LCD/OLED/Plasma/etc equivalent home 4k screen.


Re: why?

You are right, projection will never take off.

Right , must dash, early showing of Gravity at Empire Cinemas...

Speaking in Tech: When will I buy a 4K TV? When they make one that LOOKS COOL


Re: When will *I* buy a 4K TV

List seems about right.

I think I've skipped 1-3 though and going straight for 4.

My 50" Plasma is almost 8 years old. Problem is there isnt anything wrong with the sucker...

Gorilla Glass fights dirty, dirty germs with antimicrobial coating


Might be useful

Might be useful say as a device used in hospitals?

No reason I guess you can't make the casing out of the same material either?

Or maybe make the casing out of brass given coppers antimicrobial properties. Would make a nice steam punk device :)

VM-herder? Tintri's hybrids '60 times' easier to manage than trad dual controller arrays


VVOL support?

Nothing like a paid report to get a good review :)

Anyhow, it certainly seems to address many management issues that VMware has today but as VMware will be introducing Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) which is designed to abstract provisioning, replication, snapshot etc to make it easier for VMware to manage the storage, I dont really see how well this will play in the future.


Intel bungs PC on an SD: Tiny computer for Internet of Things and wearables


Re: Key aspect?

Totally agree.

What put totally off the Electric Imp was its reliance on a Cloud server. I wouldnt have minded if you could have a private cloud or some open API that you could conform with. They will ultimately charge for the cloud service too confirmed from by a quote from Hugo:

"Yes, we will charge for the service when it's "ready", as you say the hardware doesn't pay for an ongoing service that we intend to run for a long, long time into the future. However, "developer edition" cards will continue to be free to use as a thank-you to the people who have taken the time to try them out at this early stage.

Service pricing will be published soon, but it's in the "small number of cents per month" bracket for M2M applications."

Ghosts of Ballmer and Gates haunt Microsoft CEO job hunters


Re: Meh.

Totally agree.

Plus if I had a stake in the company worth billions, I would like to keep an eye on the execs. Its no different to when VC place their man on the board if they make a large investment.

How to kill trolls and influence Apple people: A patent solution


My perspective as an author of several software patents

I have several software patents in my name and a bunch pending. Mainly because its what my industry does and if you don't do it you have nothing to bargain with or a competitor could create a patent before you had chance to release your product. Crap yes, but a necessary evil. Its an expensive game and it makes it incredibly difficult for small companies .

Frankly if tomorrow all software patents were destroyed, I would rejoice. I have over my career looked at untold amount of patents and I don't think any of them are really worthy of being labelled "inventions". Could be my industry I dont know. The difference between the software packages has generally been how well they were implemented rather than a true patented invention. The code is already protected by Copyright so what's the value of the patent?

Seems to me a bunch of small fixes will go a long way:

- Reduce life of a patent to 5 years

- US courts should charge the loosing party in a patent litigation case the cost of the winning side

- Remove software patents and the aesthetic design patents (eg Apple rounded iPhone case BS)

Feminist Software Foundation gets grumpy with GitHub … or does it?


Guess they wont like processes that...

Guess they wont like it when the parent spawns a child , until the child isnt required anymore, then the parent can kill the child. Sometimes killing a child fails and it turns into a zombie.

Gran Turismo 6: Another glossy, gorgeous Mario Kart on steroids


GT6 a disappointment

Big fan of the series but this release left me wondering why they bothered.

Here are my gripes

- Car cosmetic customisation is crap. Yes I know this is supposed to be a car "simulator" but its also a game. So many cars you cant do anything to them.

- Rolling starts. So far I havnt progressed far enough where any of the races are anything other than rolling starts. They ought to mix it up a bit and have some qualifiers and grid starts at the beginning of the game also. If you are number 8 on a rolling start line up with only 2 laps, its incredibly hard to win unless you start to customise you car so its better than the field.

- Moon racing - WTF? This is just stupid and breaks the notion that the game maker has spent a gizilion hours working on the simulator and comparing it to a real car on the track.

- AI can be really really bad. There is one challenge for a certification where the opponent will rear-end me more often than not. It could be a slight tap but at high speeds on a STRAIGHT its a nightmare. I swear this is worse than before.

- No more Second Hand Car Dealer - I used to like the ability to get an older and cheaper car. It might not be as good as a new one you got from the dealer but it was cool and it was random. I like the online dealership too that added another twist to this.

- 1200 cars - but actually not really. So many are derivatives eg, Nissan GTR, Nissan 350Z/Failady, Mazda MX5, etc all tens variation of the same car. Not even sure I'm asking for more actual cars, I just wish it was more honest.

Beauty firm Avon sticks spike heel into $125m SAP-based sales project


Who proposed SAP?

Guy1: "So who proposed SAP ?"

Guy2: "The consultancy company we hired"

Guy1: "So who did the implementation?"

Guy2: "The same consultancy company"

Google Glass pics will BAFFLE admirers: Nudge nudge, WINK WINK


All seems scary

Is it me getting old or is the prospect of sitting the room while people are winking taking pictures and getting a constant stream of information a bit scary.

I know you could argue that its no different to people using their smartphones but it just feels a bit more sinister.......

Samsung loses against Apple ... this time in SOUTH KOREA


Sony Vaio Z1

I got one of these in 2004:


Silver with black keys and probably one of the best looking laptops I've seen. Its still great looking, hasnt aged apart from its a bit slow.

Shortly after this , Panasonic made an Ali laptop (the above is actually magnesium). The Panasonic I think was only ever released in Japan but was the lightest device for the form factor.

eBay head honcho: Amazon drone delivery plan is 'FANTASY'


Re: To spend 10½ hours a day picking items off the shelves...

Well said that man.

When I was a nipper I use to do all sorts (of legal things) for money from picking up the crap left behind after the Sunday Market to handing out leaflets on the high street.

I think we need an "International Resident Exchange Program" where we can exchange someone who is on benefits for someone who is prepared to work from another country.


I would have thought in a situation where its your site, there would be substantially easier ways of getting stuff from A to B. If you got the space to fly a drone in a hospital for instance (really??) you should have the space from some form of track system. If they are things that are small like drugs, you could even use a tube system as employed by banks and supermarkets for ferrying around cash (or the reasonably impressive system they had in Prague http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prague_pneumatic_post ).

Desperate MS flaunts UNDEAD SPLAT TALLY to pep Xbox One fans


Daily lockdown

Talking about daily lockdown, did someone mention Valve's Steambox?

Sensors and sensibility: Quirky’s Spotter multi-purpose monitor module


SMS When ..

It would be good if it could SMS me when the internet is down.... oh... hold on....

The Imp thing is ok but what a lot of us really want is all the Imp goodness but on a server hosted at home. Totally good if they the server syncs up with a cloud service .....

EC trade secrets plans: Infringing kit may be DESTROYED by order


Reality Check

"Research and development is always an NRE. You spend the money and it's gone and you have no intention of ever recovering it. "

You completely misunderstanding how R&D gets funded?. Its not a case of "not having intention of ever recovering it" , its a case that commercial R&D gets funded with the intent that the investment gets you some commercial value / advantage, whether that is a new product or a new way of doing things. If you didnt think you will get something back from your R&D , you WOULDNT DO R&D.

Companies do R&D for commercial gain. The only other R&D that takes place is in Universities or governmental institutions. Even University R&D is often funded by corporations.

I've been involved in creating two products. That included raising the funds for them to be created. For the first 2 years, all my team was overhead. No revenue and totally funded by the investors. Eventually we had a product to take to market. This created jobs and added what I believe are great products to the market.

These are software products and as such are protected by Copyright. It says that what you create belongs to you. Without Copyright, our Intellectual Property would not be protected and the R&D costs would have gone to waste. No-one would ever fund a project again unless the R&D is protected.

The Pharm industry can't rely on the same type of protection as software and consequently need patents.

As I said before , patents arent all bad. Look at Dyson. They spend a lot of R&D effort in coming up with innovative ways of doing different things. They protect their inventions with patents because otherwise there will be a Chinese copy of their products within months of them releasing something new.

This is especially important for smaller firms. Dyson could probably now survive just on their brand name. A small startup couldnt. Remember its Patents that made Dyson possible in the first place.

The problem however, and I've fallen foul of this, is that patents with little or no innovation are being issued. So you have to work around the bleeding obvious.

The patent system that was specifically designed to protect the small inventor is now totally working against small entities. As another poster said , the mega-corps hold vast patent portfolios. These are used both defensively as well as offensively. A small company cant afford to even fight a patent dispute against a mega-corp.

I personally would get rid of Software Patents both Utility and Design Patents. But Patent / Copyright / Trademarks all have their place.

Downvote to your hearts content, but many of you seriously need a reality check.


Seems ok

Looks to me like measures specifically to fight against industrial espionage. Doesn't seem unreasonable. It's not something you can accidentally do. The way I read it , even reverse engineering doesn't seem covered once the item is in the public domain. I'm not really sure its a problem that really needs to be solved but I guess it is.

Hence this has nothing to do with patents. Note that not all patents are bad.

The points of patent is to protect the investment that you've put into the research and development. This is CRITICAL to some industries. The pharmaceutical industry for instance may spend tens to hundreds of millions developing drugs. Part of that development is clinical trials that also costs millions. To recoup their investment and to make a profit , they need to sell the drugs at a cost way above the manufacturing costs. If they didnt, they will have some company in China making the drug at 1 pence a tablet. All the investment will go down the toilet. If you kill patents and other forms of protection it will kill a whole raft of new development, you will kiss goodbye to all commercial drug development for a start.

Unfortunately patents have also become trivial and no real reflection of either ingenuity or real effort development / research. That's the crap that needs to be sorted.

Too many of you have been drinking Richard Stallman's coolaid. Time you get a grip on reality.

Fancy Kim Kardashian's ... nose? 3D bio-printing boffin can help


Re: *inconceivable* 20 years ago, now it's starting to happen.

I agree.

I know they been working on making replacement ears and the such. The issue has been making the latices to allow the cells to grow.

Seems like very positive technology. I know someone who lost their nose through cancer, this type of stuff could really change their lives for the better.

No idea why someone down voted you.

Swollen Reg reader recounts FALSE WIDOW spider HORROR


Re: Doesn't look anything like a spider bite

"I haven't yet seen a single False Widow related story where the spider has been identified by someone who knows what they're talking about or where the injury has been identified by someone who knows what they're talking about."

I'm not disputing your statement. It is saying that really, you need:

- video evidence that the initial bite was that of a spider

- spider captured so it can be correctly identified as said spider species

- analysis of whether afflicted human maybe prone to an allergic reaction

- spider health check to see if its not carrying any bacteria

- person health check to ensure their hygiene habits may not be conducive to infection

Basically you saying causal association of getting a major inflammation where person had none before and visual identification of "similar" looking spider is not sufficient, regardless of the number of occurrences.

I understand.


Re: That's not a false widow.

Yeah I think you will find its a male spider in the picture. The female is bulbous at the back and looks almost a different species.

I had (probably still have) a colony Steatoda Grossa in my garage , all females that I noticed, they same shape but different markings on their back. Took a bunch of pictures of them until i realised what they were and went on a crusade to get rid of them. That was 18+ months ago before they made the headlines.

False widow spiders in guinea pig slaughter horror


Re: Identifying the false widow

"The photo accompanying this article looks more like a common house spider to me."

That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the pic but then I realised that its a male and they dont have the same proportions as the female that look damn right scary.


We have a bunch of False Widow spiders

We have a bunch of false widow spiders, although ours are Steatoda grossa, essentially the same with slightly different markings on their backs.

When I first found them in our garage I thought they looked awesome even though I dont like spiders. Took a bunch of marco photos. The females are quite impressive. Then I researched what they were. This was 18 months ago before everyone got excited. I did find out however in my research that they actually do give a really nasty bite. Common quotes being it may make you feel sick for a week or cause a massive inflammation.

At that point I decided to remove them all from the garage. I imagine I didnt get them all but I did get rid of a rather large colony. Told the family not blindly fumble for things amongst the shelves in the garage just in case.

Since then there been lots of news in the South Coast (we live near Poole) of people getting bit with nasty repercussions.

Fujitsu: Sayonara, London Stock Exchange... You're not worth the money


You are still a shareholder. You will need to sell your shares on a different market I believe. Never quite understood the mechanics of cross listing but shareholders will be protected and be sent information.

'You're BEAUTIFUL when you're angry' 'You SEXIST PIG!' Xbox One's fresh brouhaha


I think its hilarious

As Stretch said, complete sense of humour failure. I dont care for the Xbone or Microsoft but see the campaign for what it is, a bit of cheeky banter. The fact it drew on knitting is just extreme nonsense. Remember it equally stereotypes men/boys with "best multiplayer service that filters out jerks" .

I'm sure this will get many feminist back up, but frankly I'm f*****g fed up sexism and equality issues being raised when they arent any.

Equally fed up with the emasculated men who try to fight for women's rights. I will let my wife loose on you, she will kick your sorry ass.

PS-PHWOARRR: We review Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4


I will get one because....

I want a PS4 because its new and shiny. I'm a Sony fan-boy. It is a bit difficult to justify though.

As my 6 year old 50" plasma HDTV has no media capabilities my PS3 has been an excellent media center, initially also used as a bluray player and of course a game console. Its been quite frankly indispensable.

But if I purchase a PS4 I can expect the wife to say "so what does it do different?". I need to come up with some justification other than its new. So far the only reason i can think of is the new version of Assassins Creed which my son likes (but hold no interest to me).


Nothing to SNIA at: Not dissing storage specs now, are ya?


Is SNIA relevant?

"David Dale of Storage Networking Industry Association, who told me that companies that have never been interested in standards are suddenly becoming interested in standards"

Really? I think most storage companies dip and then back out of SNIA at some point in time. Publicly all will say good things about SNIA, privately SNIA is seen as an irrelevance.

Lots of problems with SNIA as I perceive it. Firstly a standard normally only comes to play when its good for the vendors, not the consumer. But if a standard is being promoted by one main company, then it is likely to fail as the other vendors don't want it to succeed. So everyone signs up so they look like nice industry players but as @jackofshadows said "embrace, extend, extinguish."

The second problem as I see it is SNIA is run by tired old men. You know your career is in demise when you become the SNIA guy for your company.

The third problem is that to be in the fold as a vendor , you need to pay. Even if you are quite small. It's bad enough for the fresh minds not wanting to expend energy but when you have to justify the costs it reduces to the usual suspects and the few companies that are banking the farm that a standard gets released.

Lastly, SNIA track record is just appalling.

I have to say, I stopped looking at them a few years back so please correct me if in the last 2-3 years things have moved on......

Apple Schill-er: 'I was shocked - SHOCKED! They went and copied the iPhone'


Re: Dont forget the iPhone name

Brings me to the root of the Apple name too, owned by Apple the record label. The Beatles' record label.

They was an agreement that Apple computers could use the Apple brand as long as they didn't go near the music industry. And of course Apple computers did with first the use of MIDI for music sequencing and then the iTunes store.

Apple uses trademarks, concepts and designs from other companies, always has and continues to do so. I think evolving ideas and concepts is ok and that doesn't really bother me that Apple has done this. What annoys me is how hypocritical they when they legislate over quite trivial stuff.


Dont forget the iPhone name

Forget the iPaq , Apple's use of the iPhone was a major copyright infringement. It was originally owned by Cisco. Apple used it and then had to clear it up later.


Cisco actually were quite reasonable about it. Contrast this with how Apple tries to sue anyone that has an "I" in the product name. Again , despicable company.


Re: Pathetic lawsuit

Really..... get a life.

Rounded corners and a few visual cues don't make innovation. The idea behind a touch screen PDA Phone is older than Apple iPhone. Check Palm etc for earlier phone/PDA devices. Sony dropped their PDA and bought Ericsson with a press release saying they didnt think there was a market for pure PDA.

Apple stepped in at the right time. Batteries were better, screens were better, mobile cpus were great. On top the technology and Jobs relentless in getting the format he wanted. Thats good , no great design but not innovation.

How exactly did Samsung copy Apple? Oh they made it rectangular with round corners. Big DEAL.

I LIKE APPLE DEVICES, no question, spent $$$$$ on their stuff and not complaining.

But wont except that Apple have been innovators , ever. All they have ever done is take ideas from other places and do a better job than other people . Started with their iMac being a copy of Xerox Palto Alto Labs innovation.