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Apple's Time Machine now works as advertised

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@Bob Bobson

VSS is a completely different, whilst very useful technology.

Time Machine is incremental backup using a fancy interface, file and directory linking and some meta data.

VSS allows disk writes to be buffered and managed so consistent disk images can be taken.

To all the OS warring people, you should be happy that any of this technology works at all. Marvel at the fact that hundreds of thousands of electrical wiggles a second allow you to blow smoke up each others arses constantly on this tired and boring debate. Then go outside and get some fresh air.

Government wants every English child on 'secure' database

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Terrible idea...

...of no benefit, and great cost.

That 45 million would be better spent on education at pre-school level, to provide better facilities to encourage people to believe in education and educating ones self later in life, as they'll need it given the lack of facilities at higher levels.

MS Explorer foundering after UFO strike

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I don't rely on it, but if you see 'unknown vuln penetration' you're going to look twice...

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Seriously guys, you might of been down the pub already but some of us have to work for a living. We have to keep an eye out for that zero day strike, specially as the bad guys know that us hard working techies like to slack off on a friday and so are starting to attack more on friday evenings.

Regardless of that, the article read worse than Holy Moly at their vaguest.

123-Reg takes weekend off

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It wasn't hardware

Must of been software... I spotted this'd happened to one of our domains on Saturday evening, and I logged into the control panel, it was claiming that it did hold the name servers for the domain. Obviously it did still however...

To fix it, I unlocked the domain, changed the name servers to themselves again to get it to rebuild the zone in their system, and updated the details again in the zone. Luckily it was a very simple zone we had there.

It started working within about 5 minutes of me making those changes, so it must of been a totally software based screw up.

B3ta served DMCA notice for Photoshop Prince challenge

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The artist formly known as "I've got too many hits" prince

I did actually go see a show during his recent stint at the o2, why not I thought, someone had gotten the tickets and he supposedly does a good show. I've never really followed his music and was surprised by how many I recognised.

But half way through the show when he spent 20 minutes playing about 30 second intros to his songs whilst constantly harping on about 'having too many hits' I realised he's just a tosser.

He also 'gave away' his most recent album because it made him more money that way then the direct sales of his previous album. He got something like half a mill from the papers he sold it to in each country, when his last album only had 50,000 sales in total.

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

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WSUS2 auto-approved it

I just got back in the office, after a day out and found a machine I was half way through configuring prompting to patch. So I checked it out, and found this... then as I'd never approved any form of Windows Search through our WSUS I checked the settings there.

It'd been automatically downloaded, and approved for installation on all my machine groups without any intervention by us. If we'd had it set to install patches every night, then I'd now be having to clean it up.

That's what people should be annoyed about, the fact that MS bypassed the reviewing stage that any serious sysadmin would go through with any changes to their systems. That they took it on themselves that this would be an improvement to hundreds of servers who never have anyone on the console and so never even use it.

If it had gotten loose, I can imagine it would be currently using a hell of a lot of cycles indexing the TB of data it would now of found.

Google shivs server crowd with PeakStream buy

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So what startup should I start to get myself some of that lovely google cash...

given they're buying up pretty much anything it's time for some vapour-ware and a good PR spin!

I'll be minted by lunchtime...

iTunes Plus - plus user details that is

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If it worked

I signed up yesterday, upgraded, bought an album... and as of right now it's still not downloaded. I've managed to get one track of 14... I keep getting download errors.