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Extreme porn now illegal north of the border

Boab Chipeska
Paris Hilton

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I believe it was Jimmy Carr who asked: "If you were a necrophiliac, a paedophile and a zoophile, then would you fuck an egg?". If someone actually videotaped it, then would it be considered 'extreme' porn? For the love of some delusional non-existent omnipotent being, why cannot I watch a midget transvestite sucking off a horse while playing the vuvuzela?! Who exactly am "I" harming? Of course, it is rather disgusting, but hey, who doesn't have fetishes they'd rather not have anyone find out about? Besides, that's why the Internet was invented. To look up sick and disgusting shit that you wouldn't dare to try for yourself.

Paedophilia is another matter...

Paris just because it's ironic.

P.S. Yes, I am aware there are two sides to every story, but I just bloody hate censorship.


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