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Windows 7 'I'm a PC' man quits Microsoft


Life without walls?

You have to be kidding me.

Windows is the dam wall!

Adobe Reader browse-and-get-pwned 0day under attack


Yet another...

...reason to use HTML5.

MS to unveil fresh Flash challenge next week?

Gates Horns

No Thanks.

We don't need proprietary junk thats restricted to one platform. The only thing that's going to be replacing flash is HTML5. All silverlight is, another way to force people to use windows.

Firefox update plugs 9 security flaws

Thumb Up

nothing special

As much as i love firefox, i've also been using chrome (or rather chromium) on my box recently. Firefox is getting a tad too slow for my liking. I'm talking about launch times, not necessarily page loading times. I have to wait almost 20seconds until it actually runs lol.

I just hope they sort out the speed issues for the whopping 4.0 release

Final Ubuntu 10.10 and first Drizzle beta in release duet


My eyes are bleeding

I used to love the dirty brown themes (with that hint of orange). When ubuntu was at it's best a few years ago. I don't really see what the problem is with the "coffee ring wallpapers", i thought it was unique and eyecatching.

Bring back the sexy good old ubuntu look. This "close up mould in a petri dish" wallpaper isn't very nice to look at.

Now how long until its officially renamed to macbuntu?

RIP ubuntu.

Google's 'instant' search springs keyboard controls



"First, we’ve introduced keyboard navigation to help you explore your Instant search results using just your keyboard, with no need for a mouse or touchpad."

So i can be elite for pressing my page down key.. Because nobody else knows how to?!


Adobe auto-launch peril not fully purged, researcher says


Reminds me of flash player

They can't even update their 64bit flash player for linux, leaving us stuck with 32bit wrapped flash players (which aren't the kindest of things). Sure theres gnash and swfdec, but they just don't work for youtube.

I say we should all look forward for html5, google + youtube seem to be pushing it forwards. In fact the only adobe product i will ever use is flash player. Yet i only need it for watching youtube videos because i have no alternative. Begone with adobe! 90% of mac + linux crashes are due to adobe software.

Adobe just seem to be spreading potential back-doors to almost every system available lately.


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