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It's the curious case of the vanishing iPhone sales as Huawei grabs second place off Apple in smartmobe stakes


Apple prices are mad

Still using an iPhone 6S and have no plans to replace as frankly I don't like the direction Apple has gone with its hardware or its prices and a new model every year and accessories priced at a disgusting piss take price...where's the incentive.

As well as all that I do think Android is better in many ways, if Google sorted out Wear OS it would be perfect. Huawei make amazing phones, shame the ban happened, maybe someone can come up with custom ROMs in collab with Huawei themselves ;)

Post-Brexit plan for .EU tweaked: No dot-EU web domains for Europeans in UK, no appeals, etc


This kind of behaviour just fuels anti-eu pro-brexit attitudes. Consistently the EU behaves in this rather juvenile manner. I can buy any domain anywhere, yet apparently, only the EU is so super sensitive to the location of domain owners.

Can we retaliate and make it so that all .co.uk europeans also have to go through the f....... admin I will have to go through to fix my .eu domain problem??!!

London Gatwick Airport reopens but drone chaos perps still not found


One thing that is absolutely certain in all of this, is that yet again peoples names have been released and published with no charges having been brought. Clearly the press has learnt nothing and been taught no long lasting lesson. Now these two people that were arrested and released without charge have had their names and photographs widely circulated by the press for something which they have nothing to do with. I hope they sue, they have every right.

As for drones, we need a change in law and we need a register with every drone having a unique number and that being registered against the owner with retailers legally obliged to see a drone registration card and register that drone with that person at the time of sale. In addition I think every airport needs to have a Rafael Drone Dome on-site with personnel on-site 24/7 who can be immediately deployed with the system to defend the airport against such events in the future. This is 2018 and this is the price of progress and its also an early warning of what may be to come and now is the time to react.

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits


Lots of people outraged about people being outraged about people being outraged.

Nothing new here. Apparently the last bastion of Britishness, being able to complain, is being removed in exchange for lethargic illogical tolerance.

Imagine if the company in question has 6.5 BILLION in revenue and the supplier to that company had over 200 Billion in revenue....yet the fact that software in SGSN's worldwide was due to expire and shut everything down wasn't detected or dealt with prior to that expiry date. Stupid idea coding expiry into an SGSN anyway.

Also, for all those complaining about people complaining, its not just people struggling to get onto Snapchat and Facebook, a lot of key services use the O2 network, because of its claimed resilience. The fact that there wasn't some degree of fault tolerance built into the O2 network is poor show considering their operating budget.

Complaining may annoy people, but its those people complaining which have pushed providers to improve their resilience, so you should be thanking them everyday for reduced power cuts, improved mobile coverage and people being held accountable.

The moment we go quiet and stop complaining is when we should start complaining.

'My entire company is without comms': Gamma's Horizon cloud PBX goes DOWN


As I've said many many times, Cloud Tel systems are inherently flawed. When it goes down it all goes down and you can forget any portal access / call redirection failover. Its fine under certain conditions (remote workers/DDIs/cheap calls) but for mission critical its really hard to beat copper with solid failover options at many levels.

Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads


Apple lost me after ios 9, in fact my iPhone 6S+ is still running ios 9, and when that finally fails I wont be buying another. What attracted me to Apple is no longer present. They used to be the one software creator who recognised the value of simplicity, a clear quiet peaceful path through the woods to your goal with no noise to distract and a beautiful UI. And now....well, now nothing works properly and the new versions of iOS are full of annoyances; annoyances that cannot be turned off. It is less intuitive, slower than iOS 6 or 7, and whilst boot time has been cut, the actual time of full functionality is increased. So I will make the shift to Android, because whilst Android is also not perfect, notifications and the option to root and actually own the device wins and I can buy a generic Chinese brand 8gb ram dual camera high spec processor phone for under 250. With an SD card slot. The Apple is definitely rotten.

Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing


I have just moved the last of my domains away from 123-reg and wont be going back. VOTE WITH YOUR FEET!

London's Gatwick Airport flies back to the future as screens fail


Absolutely no failover consideration when this job was speced? These job sites will have consultants and project managers all earning decent money and none of them thought about the "What if..". Its a complete joke.

UK to block Kodi pirates in real-time: Saturday kick-off


1: Who still watches football - aren't they just less skilled and seriously overpaid than players of 20yrs ago.

2: VPN, DNS etc etc hahahaha.

3: I say get some people at the actual matches with 4K GoPros and just stream it via Periscope!

4: Greedy TV companies and overpaid players - the best thing everyone could do it stop subscribing and tuning in to these matches!

CloudFlare CEO blasts Anonymous claims of ISIS terrorist support


It's a lot of hot air from Anonymous. Instead of taking down sites

(Which anyone can do with a few downloaded tools), they should

focus their efforts and skills on tracing Isis members and assisting

law enforcement with their capture.

More real results, less drama and pr bs.

Look out, fanbois! EVIL charger will inject FILTH into your iPHONE


If this is the case why is there still no jailbreak for 6.1.3??!!

Apple users: Only Apple can track us! Not Google


Get A Grip People

People really need to chill out. So what if someone tracked the crap you are looking at. Unless your an agent you really dont need to worry, and if you are an agent chances are you are working through some proxy or not even using a device like this.

Get a grip people!

Ex-Soviet space gunboats to be FOUND ON MOON


SCARY - 1970s Kit going into space - Expensive Suicide?!

If the trip was free, count me out.

Looks like they are taking a leaf out of British Rail with crappy old transport methods and high ticket prices.

Expect the arrival to be late due to a signal failure.

El Reg in email address blunder

Black Helicopters

The Register aka Angus Deayton

1 - The Register hasnt yet posted the name of this "someone". At least 3,521 people would like to know it. So come on DATA LOSERS...COUGH UP!

2 - Wasnt it The Register that accused the ICO of weakness? Oh yes indeed it was back in February of this year. ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/02/ico_worse_than_usual/ )

I'm sure 3,521 of us hope that the ICO has taken on board The Registers comments back then and upped its competence levels.

In the words of Alex Hanff from same article "Christopher Graham has, in essence, now created a Data Protection regime where companies will not be held responsible for the actions of their staff."

Lets hope thats changed since then because I for one am sick of changing email addresses because of blunders by companies who then go through some kind of expensive assessment process designed by the ICO to placate those concerned, with the end result always being something along the lines of "lessons will be learned" or we have asked the company to "make procedural changes". cough-bull-cough-shit.

In the words of Jim Royle..... "my arse".

Pirate Bay appeal failure spawns more DoS attacks


Governments are out of touch and out of their depth

They are fighting a battle that will never be won. In fact they have probably only made it worse.

Once upon a time Torrents were limited to just a few in the know, then through these campaigns more and more people came to know of torrents and sites just like the Pirate Bay.

When The Pirate Bay is forced to close, 10 will spring up to replace it. In fact I can think of 10 other Torrent sites right now.

I can think of at least 2 which are special membership - supported by small donations...

It will never end and governments and record companies etc will never win.

Files have always been shared and always will.

=- -=

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?


Insulting or Ignorant...

I'd say insulting. Hugely. Apple are treating its customers as if they are stupid. I love the functions of the iPhone, I love the Apps, and I love how it looks. But, from day one, even going back to the first iPhone in 2007, signal has never been its strong point. Back then, it was just about bearable and as a second phone I could live with it.

However this latest device has a very obvious flaw. Its been documented on videos on Youtube and many users, including myself, have experienced the fault, which results in not just a drop in signal, but in some situations a complete loss of data, awful call quality, or a dropped call.

Apple, in traditional arrogant style say, hey customers you are "holding it wrong", but if you are not happy we will "allow" you to return your device to get your money back. Gosh...wow, how generous. Still no apology for wasting our time due to your poor Quality Control process though and still no offer of a free bumper.

Sorry Apple, but I cant be so precious with my phone I have to treat it like some fragile doll when I hold it, its just so very very uncool. What next...a white Apple iGlove for holding the phone? All a bit 80s Duran Duran isnt it??

AND I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth. Its one thing for a manufacturer to release a product with a fault, none of us rational people think you are perfect, but its quite another to lie and treat your customers like something you stepped in.

Goodbye Apple, hello Google Nexus One. At least I can hold that any way I like...


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