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Bitcoin's governance bungles stain the blockchain's reputation


You are highly misinformed. Anyway, controlling a github doesn't mean you control Bitcoin. Changes are made by consensus of the network.

Google taking orders for Kansas City gigabit fiber network


Asus-made Google pad set for June debut


Re: The thing is...

I believe cell phones are also encumbered with necessary patent license fees.

Online advertising isn't creepy enough


Seems to be a misunderstanding of how these ad platforms work. It's not Google that decides whether to serve persistent or tailored ads to you, it's the advertisers. In an Adwords account, you must intentionally set these features up and manage them. Not all companies even know this is possible, nor can many afford to hire services to perform these tasks.

The web has only just begun serving tailored ads based on user behavior, most ads are not using that much personal info other than the keywords you typed at the moment.

Google guru blasts Android virus doomsayers as 'charlatans'



Feels like they are just drawing attention to themselves and taunting people to write some "real" viruses.

Logitech CEO: Google TV a 'gigantic mistake'



This CEO is a fool for so many reasons.

1. Making the mistake in the first place.

2. Calling out Google just when they are rolling out updates

3. Undermining the product by giving up

4. Sabotaging their position on the ground floor of Google's current TV initiatives

Maybe he should own up to making mistakes because Logitech all they know about is keyboards and mice. No one said it would be easy to get into new markets.

Hands on with the Motorola Xoom 2 10.1in Android tablet



Those disproportionate corners are so hideous, only users with poor taste will snatch up this cheap-looking freakshow.

Samsung demands iPhone 4S source code in Aussie row


Just make a deal

They should just get in a room and make a deal that covers all current and future lawsuits concerning currently released products, and any new products using tech from pre-existing ones.

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'



Reading this brought me chills...

ASA bitchslaps Motorola on 'most powerful' Atrix boast


Not that it matters

Who cares? It's not like people buy things just because ads say they are the best, right?

Aussie vendor pledges to ship 'first' Chrome laptop this week


Stop the presses

Is that a "Windows" key I spy? Also, no super-cool "Search" key instead of a Caps Lock?

Apple to lead fanbois 'Back to the Mac'


How about the obvious

"Mountain Lion"

... you heard it here first.

AMD to dump ATI brand


From a branding standpoint

There are two more factors to consider, both help minimize any risk in this change.

1. They aren't changing the look of the ATI brand, which means their similar name, AMD, will hot-swap easily.

2. The still have the equity of the individual brands, Radeon & Firepro.

All they are really losing is the a T and an I, traded for a M and a D. Current fans will barely notice. AMD fans will get more easily introduced to AMD's graphics efforts. And ATI haters might reconsider thew "new" ATI.

A sound decision, imo...

Firefox joins Microsoft in uncool kids class

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As with everything

The best browser will be the simplest one that has has the most adaptability.

No one will be able to compete with google in the development dept, and thus chrome will take the crown.

Firefox doesn't have the marketing outlets that chrome does, and will fall by the wayside, only kept bouyant by the numerous plugins and other customizations people were just getting used to.

Ultimately, people won't care if google is watching their surfing habits, other than the paranoid alpha geeks (not that they're wrong) ...at least until google gets caught being evil with the data (inevitable)

Microsoft already got porked for being insidious about leveraging it's OS to force use of IE, so unless they make a sincere attempt to both out-market Google, and copy Chrome's features as quickly as they are implemented (since MS can't innovate without copying), IE will fade out as well.

Nevermind all the effects of a web-based world that doesn't need Windows, or the fact that if Google wanted to, they could turn android into a desktop OS and pat MS on the ass.

Google has the power already, it's just a matter of time.

Why we love to hate Microsoft


Get in front of the wave

The answer to the question is simple. MS needs to be an innovator not a copycat with a spotty success rate on major offerings... Windows Me, monopoly, Zune, Vista.

If they wanna be high end and have fans, they just need to live up to it.


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