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Seagate to close Northern Ireland plant

David Dunwoody

Very Strange Indeed....

I live just down the road from this plant, and have many relatives and friends working there.

Seagate got the plant for nothing, and have received lots of grants in addition, Since then, more public investment has gone into specialist drainage systems, and access roads in and around the plant.

They state that they will save £15m per annum by moving to Malaysia, which to my mind is very small beer compared to there global revenue. In a rural area of unemployment such as here, this will mean a lot of people on the dole for a long time, costing probably much in excess of the abovementioned £15m pa.

So we, the tax payers, again pick up the tab, one way or another, for the fat cats!


Tiscali rained off in marathon email snafu

David Dunwoody

Not Just Tiscali Users!

It would appear that Pipex Homecall users are also caught in this botch-Up!

None of my emails have arrived since last weekend, and I discovered that Pipex Homecall from where I live is routed through Tiscali.

At least Homecall have a recorded message on their Technical Support line, but again, there has been no mention of it by inbound email, or on thier website.

As of today, Thursday, I am without email service. (Thank God for GoogleMail)

David Dunwoody